10 reasons to buy a butt plug

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10 reasons to buy a butt plug

Why buy a butt plug? We found 10 reasons to buy! After all, this device is able to give new sensations, teach you how to get orgasms from anal sex and even start making love in crowded places. 

1. Feeling full

The cork in the anus gives a feeling of fullness. This is an interesting experience that is accessible to both women and men. Having experienced once, you will want to repeat again and again. For the first experiments, a sleeve with a diameter of 1-2 cm can be used, and it will already give the desired effect. Experienced users will like larger models.

2. New sensations during habitual actions

Making love with butt plug, you can experience new sensations. And although everything else will remain the same, it will seem that everything is different. This is a great way to diversify intimacy, add new notes to it.

3. Careful preparation of anal

A cork is used to prepare for another stimulation. She is appropriate before anal sex, because it helps to relax. And the sleeve is necessary for anal masturbation and for experiments in pairs, it makes the further introduction of large objects more comfortable and painless.

4. The ability to wear in crowded places

Butt plugs can be used not only at home. Many models are conveniently located between the buttocks, are not visible under clothing, do not constrain movements. And if there is also vibration with a remote control, then with such a little thing it will turn out to experience an orgasm, which is very interesting in unusual spaces.

5. Activation of nova erogenous zones

In the area of ​​the anus there are many sensitive endings, but they are rarely used by anyone to excite. And with a cork they can be found and used. This area suddenly begins to respond to any kind of affection, allows you to experience more vivid orgasms.

6. Stimulation of the clitoris or prostate

After administration, the cork presses on the intestinal wall. In men, there is a slight pressure on the prostate, which is pleasant and useful. This is a great prophylaxis of prostatitis. In women, the back wall of the vagina is stimulated, where the K point is located. It is believed that this is the way to stimulate the part of the clitoris located inside the body.

7. Extension of borders

When you want something new in sex, anal sex toys help. They give other sensations that are different from the usual ones. Especially useful bushings with vibration, with them you can conduct dozens of experiments that will appeal to all participants in the vicinity. This is a convenient thing for those who wish to realize their fantasies. The process of introducing, using, switching speeds is very interesting and not boring.

8. Simulation of double penetration

If you want to try the simultaneous stimulation of the vagina and anus, but do not want to call another partner, you can use a cork. It will replace a person, while giving a feeling of fullness. For a woman, these are completely different experiences that can really cause delight.

9. Vaginal narrowing

If the cork is in the anus of a woman, her bosom becomes narrower. This allows you to get more sensations during vaginal stimulation, the walls tightly wrap around a man’s penis. This is an ideal solution after childbirth, when muscle tone has not yet been restored. But just for the experiment it’s worth a try, it’s interesting.

10. Chic decoration

Modern corks can serve as decoration. Options with crystals or ponytails look very elegant, look great in the body. It is customary to present such an object as a gift, and choose a crystal of various shapes, for example, in the form of a heart or a flower.

Butt plug or sleeve is a very useful accessory for pair sex. It looks elegant, suitable for frequent use. Models with vibration give more pleasant sensations, but the usual options can enhance sensitivity and give fullness. 

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