10 reasons why anal sex might not be as satisfying

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10 reasons why anal sex might not be as satisfying

Anal sex can both deliver incomparable pleasure and cause discomfort or even pain. Especially a passive partner. And sometimes improper preparation for it or the process itself can cause people to abandon it, thereby depriving themselves of diversity in intimate life and pleasure. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to know about 10 mistakes that beginner partners make, as well as how they can be avoided.

1. Neglect of lubricants

This is the first and main mistake that most couples make. If, in the case of vaginal sex, intimate lubrication is used at will or occasionally, then in this case, it is the basis of the basics! And if you don’t want your first experience to be your last, make sure you have anal lubricant in your bedside table . In this case, sex will go literally like clockwork, and the first experience will not be painful and, possibly, the last. Remember – this is not a matter of choice, but an overriding necessity and guarantee of getting bright and pleasant realizations. Anatomically, the anus has no special lubrication and, moreover, it is quite narrow. And the lack of natural moisture can not only deliver painful sensations, but also lead to microcracks or other injuries to the rectum or penis. 


2. Savings on lubricants

This is not about the price, but about the amount of the applied drug. The principle works here – the more the better. Moreover, you need to lubricate both the anus itself and the penis.
It is equally important to choose the right lubricant. It is important to know that, as a rule, anal lubricants are made on a silicone base. Silicone components are poorly absorbed, and therefore stay on the body longer, guaranteeing a long process and long-lasting glide. However, silicone lubricants may not work well with some toys, as they can damage the surface. In this case, an alternative would be a special water-based anal lubricant, which is truly universal, compatible even with condoms, but requires more frequent application during sex. The same cannot be said about fat-based creams or lotions that destroy latex, silicone or cyber leather products. 


3. Tense partner

In the case of anal sex, most of the responsibility for safety and enjoyment falls on men’s shoulders, and much depends on mutual trust. Therefore, you need to show the woman that you care about her and help her to relax.

For this (except for caresses and gentle words), a butt plug is perfect, which a girl can use when going on an intimate date. Moreover, in this way she can not only prepare for sex, but also enjoy wearing such a sex toy. Together, you can use a special anal herringbone, which has a smoothly expanding base, which allows you to perfectly relax and prepare the anus step by step. As a last resort, you can and should use your fingers and use a lubricant. 

4. Ignoring foreplay

Every foreplay during any sex is a guarantee of more pleasure, and some couples consider it even the highlight of intimacy. It helps to get more excited, relax, tune in the appropriate mood and plunge headlong into the world of pleasure.

And if during classic sex foreplay can be a great additional option, then during anal sex it is simply necessary. No less than a lubricant. At the same time, a man must do everything so that his partner relaxes and confides in him, especially since this will make the penetration of the penis into the anus as easy and painless as possible, and the sexual intercourse itself will bring extremely pleasant and joyful impressions and realization.

5. Incorrect sexual posture

Naturally, anal sex presupposes not only pleasure, but also variety, so you can engage in it in any position, including those offered by the Kamasutra. However, during the first experiment (or two or three subsequent ones), you should choose the correct position not only from the point of view of convenience, but also so that the anus is as relaxed as possible.

The favorite here, of course, is the sideways position, in which a woman can tuck one or two legs, and also feel as relaxed as possible. Then you can try the option when the girl lies on her stomach, but this will require a certain skill and experience of the partner. In any case, you can take a knee-elbow position, which perfectly opens up access to the anus, is loved by many and allows a man to better control the situation. Further, when you have already become quite experienced in such an intimate activity as anal sex, you can not deny yourself anything and give free rein to your imagination.

6. The penis is not a means of foreplay

Haste and anal sex are incompatible! Therefore, a big mistake that can turn against themselves is made by men who love to move from place to career and are in a hurry to immerse their penis in their partner’s anus as soon as possible. Instead, you need to spend a little more time trying to first place one or two, or even three, fingers in the anus, doing this gently, gradually and carefully. In this case, be sure to listen to the feelings of your partner.

But it will be more correct and more interesting to use sex toys for these purposes. And such, for example, as a butt plug, will help not only to easily prepare for intimacy, but will also allow the girl to experience all the delights of double penetration or stimulation. Well, given the enormous range of such devices, amazing imagination, any couple can choose a device for themselves in accordance with their tastes and preferences. 

7. Incorrectly selected rhythm of frictions

As mentioned above, anal sex, and even more so the first one, requires special attention to the woman and the rules of elementary safety. Therefore, if you were overwhelmed by unbridled passion during the process itself, you should not forget and remember that the anus is not a vagina!

If you want to speed up the pace, then be sure to warn the woman who should give you the green light for this. And a girl should not go on about feelings and an inappropriate desire in this case not to offend her partner. If accelerated movements cause pain, then you should pause them and return to a comfortable rhythm, trying to increase the range of motion a little later or at another time.

8. Hard and unnecessarily deep penetrations

Such an ardent desire of a man to penetrate his partner’s anus to the full depth, and especially if he does it abruptly and unexpectedly, can affect the girl’s further desire to have anal sex or even cause her pain.

Excessive pressure and afterburner should be discarded. Even if the anus was relaxed or there was a butt plug, the penis should be inserted smoothly and gently, paying attention to what the partner is experiencing. Sometimes you can even pause for a few seconds and be especially attentive at the very entrance – at the first two or three centimeters. The main thing is to make the sphincter get used to the new volumes, and then you can experiment and increase the immersion depth. 

9. Use of anesthetic drugs

One of the most common and common mistakes made by newbies. The naive belief that artificial anesthesia will make anal sex easy and unforgettable leads to the fact that in the end after it the partner will experience great pain, since during the process itself she could not feel that something was wrong. In the worst case, chafes, abrasions, and microcracks will appear.

Instead, it is better to use classic anal lubricants or lubricants with a warming or relaxing effect. And lubricants with anesthetics are suitable for more experienced partners who practice extreme types of sex. Although even the actresses of the adult genre try not to use them, for the sake of their safety.  

10. The wrong sex toys

And, of course, when starting to practice anal sex, you should not overestimate your capabilities. In addition to being accurate and attentive to each other, it is important to pay attention to the correct selection of intimate devices.

First, it is not surprising and understandable that, for example, an anal dildo (or dildo) is much narrower than a similar device for vaginal penetration. As a rule, the pointed narrow head makes the insertion as easy and pleasant as possible. Secondly, these sex toys usually have a wide base. On the one hand, it can play the role of a comfortable handle, but most importantly, it prevents the toy from disappearing in the rectum, which, unlike the vagina, is not limited in length.

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