10 sex positions for yoga lovers

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10 sex positions for yoga lovers

Looking at the asanas from the yoga course, it is difficult not to notice some of their similarities with the popular postures from the “Kamasutra”. We became interested in how yoga can be applied in an intimate life. In our article, you will find an overview of asanas that can easily replace positions in sex.

Yoga is an ancient practice that strengthens the mind and body. Various asanas develop flexibility in us, infuse muscles with strength, increase endurance, give self-confidence and help us understand our own body. So it is not surprising that yoga classes have a positive effect on the quality of intimate life. Surely many of you came to mind poses from the treatise “Kamasutra” when you saw or took positions for yoga. Well, some of her asanas can indeed be used for sex. Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

1. Marjariasana

Marjariasana (cat pose) is considered one of the best exercises for strengthening the back. It’s funny that the cat’s pose resembles that of a dog in sex. Yes, yes, this asana is perfect for those who like doggy style poses. 

2. Halasana

Halasana (plow pose) will add a spicy variety to cunnilingus, allowing your partner to freely give oral sex to a friend. Lovely ladies should pay attention to this position, because it trains the muscles of the legs and will be an excellent exercise against belly fat.

3. Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana (cobra pose), which perfectly develops the back, will be an excellent choice for lovers of sensual sex. It can be used in variations of the “Iron” sex position, where the woman lies on her stomach and the man is on top.

4. Ushtrasana

Ushtrasana (camel pose) is a position to strengthen posture. By the way, it also perfectly tones the whole body. This is an option for flexible lovers to give oral sex to a man. Your partner will go crazy with excitement if you offer him this asana as a blow job or as a substitute for the 69 position. In the treatise “Kamasutra” there is a similar position, known under the intriguing name “Golden Gate”. Be extremely careful when caressing your partner in this position! This is a position for real aces in sex.

5. Urdhva Dhanurasana

Urdhva Dhanurasana (inverted bow pose) will perfectly prepare you for the Waterfall sex position. This position is rather difficult, but it has its advantages. A woman’s blood flow goes to the head, causing a slight euphoria. The pose guarantees deep penetration and will give pleasure if the partner has a member of modest size.

6. Paripurna Navasana

Paripurna Navasana (full boat pose) is great for strengthening the abdominal muscles. This option for girls with very developed muscles will help in sex positions for the most flexible ones. The analogue in sex is called the “Little Mermaid” position and is one of the options for the “Horsewoman” pose, representing the reverse type of pose. Honestly, I was a fiasco trying to make love like this. But maybe you are flexible and strong enough?  

7. Uttanasana

Uttansana translates into Russian roughly as “the pose of intense stretching.” The position is great for pumping blood, stretching the muscles of the thighs, buttocks, calves and spine. This position is suitable for those who like violent sex with deep penetration, wide range of motion and fast pace. In this case, the ideal would be a standing sex position, where the partner lowers the torso down. If you like limited movement, ask your partner to hold your hands – this variation in sex is popularly called the “Prisoner” or “Jailer” position. 

8. Ananda Balasana

Ananda Balasana (happy / contented child pose) is a successful asana for those who crave maximum deep penetration. By the way, in sex, this position is often used as a pose for conceiving children. In this position, the man’s sperm does not flow out, thanks to the partner’s legs raised up. 

9. Balasana

Balasana (child’s pose) differs from the previous version in that it is necessary to lie face down in it, and not on your back. This position gets its name because it resembles the position of a child in the womb. Balasana soothes, tones the muscles and strengthens the back. This asana can be used during vaginal sex in the “Woman on top” or “69” position.  

10. Pose of Shavasana

I must admit that the translation of the pose is not too sexy. Shavasana is the pose of a corpse. When doing it, you should lie quietly, spreading the arms and legs. Shavasana serves to relax, and therefore it is usually used to end a yoga course. This asana is ideal for fans of the missionary position and lovers of positions for slow sex. Shavasana pose in yoga As you can see, these asanas not only have a positive effect on health, but also make sex spicy. And we have prepared options for positions in sex for weight loss. Well, have you made you want to do yoga? 🙂 Experiment, try new positions and their variations. Love and be loved! 

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