15 things all girls think about when they first have sex with a new partner

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15 things all girls think about when they first have sex with a new partner

Draw in your imagination a caricature of a “real hostess”. The woman lies on the marriage bed. A lover puffs diligently over her naked body, and the lady, meanwhile, recalls the recipe for stuffed cabbage or decides in what color to paint the ceiling. To be honest, such a phenomenon is not at all the fruit of an inflamed fantasy, but a harsh reality.

Girls do not stop their thinking process for a minute (although men like to assume that the weaker sex does not think at all). Beauties are unable to completely abstract from the surrounding reality and everyday worries. Even in moments of intimacy, a few extraneous thoughts still slip through.

It is especially hard to focus on the process of getting pleasure during the first intercourse with a new partner. We are simultaneously interested, scared and unusual. To madness I want to be on top and not screw it up! And although we are all different, everyone has a similar set of questions and internal dialogues in their heads. All of them postpone orgasm, turning it into an almost unattainable goal. Fighting thoughts is impossible, but, as experienced strategists say, in order to defeat the enemy, you need to study it properly. 


1. “It’s finally happening …”

Modern society has imposed on us a model of behavior in which a woman should not be the initiator of intimacy. Many still expect princes to act decisively and boldly. However, the brilliant performance of the role of an impregnable princess does not mean that the girl does not want sex. The very first thought is dancing the dance of the Papuans of New Guinea. To the incessant beat of drums, she periodically shouts out: “Yoo- hu , finally we will do it!”

2. “Didn’t I agree too quickly …”

As usual, happiness cannot last forever and an unrestrained joy is replaced by a panic attack. From the depths of the subconscious, the costs of education creep out onto the surface of the cerebral subcortex. Uncertainty is especially acute when the “Rule of 3 dates” is violated.

It is very important for girls to be decent in the eyes of the chosen one. It is believed that too early consent puts an indelible stigma on the young lady. My dears, do not worry, because it is not customary for adults to shout at every pole about their erotic exploits. Even if the relationship does not develop, then your frivolity is unlikely to affect your moral character (the main thing is that it does not become a habit).

3. “Did I give to that one?”

An urgent question for girls who have experienced a painful breakup. For obvious reasons, they do not want to repeat the negative experience and again go through the 9 circles of hell. It seems to me that each of us is familiar with a situation in which, after a careful analysis of all the advantages and disadvantages of a potential gentleman, a bit of doubt remains. What if it seems better than it really is? What if he breaks my heart? If he is the same goat as Sasha / Seryozha / … (insert a suitable name yourself).

4. “If only he had condoms …”

I don’t know what caused this trend, but women rarely carry condoms in their purses on a regular basis. These men are on high alert 24/7. As you know, there is a hole in the old woman, which we are all devilishly afraid of. Having sex with a new partner without using a rubber product is extremely reckless.

When it comes to foreplay, the girls discreetly cross their fingers and pray to all the gods for the boyfriend to have a condom. It is very disappointing to take a break before the most crucial stage and send your boyfriend to the nearest pharmacy. In order not to spoil the mood either for yourself or for people, it is better to stock up on rubber bands in advance.

5. “Look, he’s nervous too!” 

In an attempt to reduce the degree of stress, the girls perform a standard psychological maneuver. It helps to distract from worries by shifting attention from your own emotions to observing the actions of your partner. Rest assured, the boy is also frantically afraid of the first intimacy and commits a lot of missteps. One look at his trembling hands and drooping knees, and you understand the true state of affairs. The thought “Yes, he is also nervous” drips into the heart with a balm and begins to work like valerian drops.

6. “I had to go to fitness more often”

Cellulite and extra folds are present in 98% of women. If you are not a lucky 2%, then you are familiar with dissatisfaction with your own body. The realization of the fact that the beloved man will see you naked for the first time cuts to the bone. Already no push-up bras and corrective underwear will help to hide flaws.

It is incredibly difficult to find the right position to present a mistress in a favorable light. For example, you lie on your back – your chest will treacherously spread to the sides, stand in the knee-elbow – your tummy will sag like a hammock. If you only knew how many girls face such a problem! According to statistics, 57-70% of women (according to various sources) during their first sex take a solemn oath to visit the gym more often.

7. “I wonder what he’s thinking …”

You have been watching for half an hour how the chosen one works with a piston with concentration. Beads of sweat drip from his forehead, his teeth are clenched, and there is a deep crease between his eyebrows. It seems as if the partner set out to scare the enemy, and not satisfy the woman he loves. Indeed, what do men think at such a moment, after all, definitely some thoughts appear?

One of my ex said that he represents his college computer science teacher (the worst grandfather in his 70s). The maneuver supposedly allows him to hold out longer. But since the guy was a yap, I didn’t really believe his words. Conduct case studies and ask your man this question, maybe he will be more frank. If you’re not sorry, share your research results in the comments.

8. “How to say that I don’t like it”

Even couples in long-term relationships feel awkward when discussing intimate preferences, and what can we say about newly-made lovers. How to tell a partner who gives all 200% that his manipulations are unpleasant? Suddenly he will be offended and consider you a sated s *, oh sorry, a fastidious woman who knows the caresses of many men.

Doubt on this issue is too dangerous. It is categorically impossible to endure with silent obedience. Shyness has serious consequences in the future, and you don’t want your first sex to be your last. Believe me, the man will express his sincere gratitude for the tips.

9. “How many mistresses did he have?”

A very twofold point. If a partner manifests himself as an outspoken neophyte, then suspicion involuntarily creeps in, and not whether he is a virgin for an hour. Agree, it is a little unusual to meet a 30-40-year-old man who is lost and embarrassedly lowers his eyes at the sight of female genitals.

A diametrically opposite opinion is formed about an excessively skillful lover. If a guy pleases you this way, and that, and in a wrong way, then unreasonable jealousy is played. I would like to find out who taught him how to turn all these feints.

10. “My vagina is making strange sounds! Kill me!”

Squelching, farting and even grunting accompanies the lion’s share of sexual intercourse. When partners have already got used to each other, strange vaginal sounds will make both of them smile. But for the first sex, which by definition must be perfect, they are decidedly unacceptable. In such shameful moments, you seriously think about covering your flushed face with a pillow and pressing harder. Goodbye cruel world, you are too unfair to me!

11. “He’s much better / worse than my ex …”

We are decent girls, but by no means innocent angels. There is at least one partner left in the past (no one has the right to set the upper bar!). It’s okay to draw parallels between a former lover and a current lover. However, keep in mind that it is extremely impolite to find 10 differences out loud. So go over the list of key parameters that characterize your man mentally, make a conclusion about professional suitability and focus on achieving orgasm.

12. “Just don’t try to cum now!”

And now, finally, you managed to catch a suitable wave, you are determined to climb to the peak of pleasure, as the guy changes in his face and accelerates the pace. If the girl let out emotions at will, then the cry: “No-oo e is !” – would be scattered flocks of birds from all over the globe and trees brought down to the trajectory of motion of satellites.

Unfortunately, in most cases we are unable to influence the overexcited partner. There is a method of slowing down the frictions , but it negatively affects both participants in the action.

13. “What is he doing with his tongue ?!”

Again, an ambiguous point, manifested in two opposite guises. A boyfriend can transform into a vile slug and cover you with saliva from head to toe, or his tongue will flutter like a butterfly over erogenous zones and bring indescribable pleasure. I recommend to give him a good article about cunnilingus before erotic games “by chance” . 

14. “Where will he end up?”

Often times, sex with a new partner takes place on female territory. The girls are preparing to spend the evening with their beloved man, laying the best bedding and creating a romantic atmosphere. Some ladies are not fans of condom coitus. They prefer other methods of contraception (coils, pills, suppositories, ointments, etc.).

In this case, the question of where will he end up comes to the fore. On the one hand, the inside of the body is a little scary (suddenly the pharma will let you down), on the other hand, the prospect of manually washing expensive silk sheets is also not encouraging. I propose to agree and designate a target for a shot even before the start of the love game.

15. “Will he stay or will he leave right away?”

At the start of a relationship, many tendencies are formed, which will gain momentum in further life together. The period after sex in the initial phase becomes the foundation for building a strong spiritual connection between partners. Girls experience positive emotions and feel relief when the interest in communication does not subside. Only a callous and indifferent man turns to the wall or, much worse, tries to immediately retreat to his home.

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