7 tips for fulfilling your sexual fantasies

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7 tips for fulfilling your sexual fantasies

Each of us has hidden sexual desires and fantasies. Someone imagines himself in the role of a favorite hero, someone dreams of domination or submission. But not everyone dares to try to realize their fantasies in real life. Why? Many are afraid to be disappointed, some are afraid of misunderstanding, someone is afraid of sad consequences. To put your sexual desires into practice, follow these tips.

1. Take your time 

Most importantly, don’t listen to anyone and don’t make hasty decisions. Consider your sexual fantasy well. Are you really ready for innovation and experimentation? Answer yourself to the main question: “will you be comfortable”? Only after you are fully tuned in to the desired wave, proceed with decisive action.

2. Be open 

It is clear that innermost thoughts and secret desires can confuse even fantasies themselves. Most likely, you are afraid to pass them on to your partner’s judgment for fear of being misunderstood and ridiculed. Take it easy. We are all humans. Remember that your chosen one also has their own desires. Stop being shy and start a frank conversation. Let him be the first to voice his fantasies. If you can openly and with understanding perceive them, he will answer you in kind.

3. Fantasize while masturbating 

To make sure that you are ready to experiment, try to imagine your sexual fantasy in the process of self-satisfaction. This can be done using video or your imagination. If you were able to imagine yourself in the place of the main character without any problems and survive everything that happens, feel free to move on to its embodiment in real life.

4. Start with dirty talk 

Remember that the conversation can also be part of the foreplay. During the day, you can tell your partner whatever comes to mind. For example, what do you want to do with him or what he should do with you. Conversations of this nature will help you to dot the “i” and understand if you are ready for more.

5. Take small steps 

Did masturbation and dirty talk only fueled desire and increased sexual fantasy? It’s time to act. Just do not rush into the pool with your head. Try to plunge into the sea of ​​pleasure gradually. Talk to your partner, put everything on the shelves and come to a common decision, which is most pleasing to both. Now you can start implementation, adding new elements each subsequent time.

6. Identify your fears 

There are probably no people who are not afraid of anything. As harmless and safe as sexual fantasy is, there are moments that cause indecision and embarrassment. For example, you dream of intimacy in a public place, but the fear of unwanted bystanders interferes with its implementation. In this case, you need to think about how you can protect yourself. Think about where you can retire in a public place and avoid prying eyes. Any utility room with a lockable door and the like will do. Most importantly, don’t be in a rush to improvise. Communicate your concerns in advance and think about how you can avoid them.

7. Put safety first 

In any endeavor, safety should be a priority. Especially if your fantasy is about dominance or submission. You are a beginner, not an experienced player, so against your will you can give your partner a feeling of pain and discomfort. Do not exclude this scenario. In order to be able to stop on time and not aggravate the situation, first discuss with your partner “stop words” or other warning signals.
Do not be afraid of your desires, even the most secret ones. The most important thing is to correctly approach the moment of their implementation. Remember these rules that will help you in this difficult, but very interesting business.

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