8 myths about anal sex

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8 myths about anal sex

Many couples who have had an active sex life for years do not dare to try anal sex, most often women are opponents of this type of intercourse. And this is quite justified, because such an unexplored part of intimate life, like anal sex, is entangled in a web of myths, gossip and delusions. We decided to dispel all myths.

Myth # 1. It will hurt a lot

The unpleasant sensations of a woman are associated with the fact that the sphincter muscles are less elastic than the vaginal muscles, which significantly complicates penetration, precisely because of the increased stimulation, men are eager to penetrate the holy of holies. Plus, there is no natural moisture in the rectum, since there are no glands that produce lubricant.

With the right approach, you can significantly reduce or completely eliminate pain. A man should be gentle and attentive, and penetrate his partner, being careful, not making sudden movements or deep jolts. For additional hydration, it is better to purchase a special lubricant designed for anal sex, but it is better to give preference to those lubricants that have anesthetic. This will make the process much more comfortable.

Myth # 2. Anal sex is dirty

Many girls refuse anal for fear that their partner will get dirty. In principle, this is possible, therefore, before indulging in the sin of voluptuousness, you need to make a cleansing enema. Any physical intimacy requires certain hygiene measures and anal sex is no exception. An enema with a volume of no more than 300 ml is required to eliminate all possible troubles. And if such a procedure is impossible, then why not use a condom? It will not let you get dirty.

Myth # 3. Anal sex is penis stimulation.

Partly true, but only partly. Anal stimulation can be performed orally (rimming), fingers and even toes (fisting), as well as various sex devices (anal plugs, balls, dildos, etc.). The use of a sex toy can be useful in preparing for a dick immersion. For example, a small sleeve will allow you to get used to the feeling of an object in the anus, relieve tension. After wearing it for 10-15 minutes, the sensations from anal sex become more interesting.

Myth # 4. You don’t need a condom during anal.

Many couples refuse to use a latex friend because they believe that getting pregnant during anal sex is impossible. A condom is not only a way to avoid unwanted pregnancy, but also a means of preventing partner infection. Being confident in the decency of a loved one, you should not refuse a condom, because the bacteria living in the intestines have not been canceled, and they can cause inflammation in the man’s urethra and lead to various unpleasant diseases, including prostatitis.

Myth number 5. Pregnancy during anal sex is excluded

From a theoretical point of view, this is true, but there are exceptions here. With unprotected contact, part of the sperm can leak out and enter the woman’s vagina, and such cases are not uncommon. Not many people know that 0.1% of women have a feature in which there is an opening in the wall separating the rectum and the vagina. Despite its relatively modest size, the hole can also cause unwanted pregnancy. Sperm can enter the vagina using a transfer method, when the couple alternates between anal and vaginal penetration.

Myth number 6. A man will stop respecting his partner.

Come on! Having fulfilled the dream of his life, he will look at his woman with disdain or rush to quickly collect things? Unlikely. On the contrary, this little adventure will become a shared secret and strengthen the relationship between partners.

Myth # 7. Only men like anal

And again by. According to the results of Internet surveys, it was revealed that many women during anal penetration experience multiple orgasms, which are not inferior in strength and brightness to vaginal ones.

Myth number 8. Once you agree – you can forget about traditional sex

Men admit that during anal penetration they feel like a kind of macho and alpha males who have conquered a new peak and, naturally, will not refuse to do it again. But anal sex is a dessert, and it is only appropriate after dinner. Anal sex is not scary if you approach it correctly. It is important to take your time, find a comfortable position and buy a quality anal lubricant. The process can be very pleasant. If you forget for a while about shyness and fear.

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