8 myths about vaginal balls

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8 myths about vaginal balls

Kegel simulators and vaginal balls are used by thousands of women around the world to prevent disease and increase sensitivity. But there are people who doubt their effectiveness and spread dubious myths about exercise machines. Let’s figure out what is true and what is not.

Myths about women’s training are many. They arise due to ignorance of the human body and the principles of the simulators. We found the most common misconceptions, and decided to tell the truth.

1. Vaginal balls do not work

So say those who did not have the patience to complete the course of exercises. Only with regular classes can you see the result. It will take at least 2 months of training for 30 minutes each. And their frequency is at least 3 per week.

Low efficiency is possible with the wrong model. If it is too large or light, the effect will manifest itself to a lesser extent, but it will still be.

2. Wearing balls does not bring results

Just walking with balls is possible, but not too effective. To “pump” muscles, they need to be strained and relaxed. Alternating movements for the result is required. If the woman does not make movements with the balls, but simply places them inside, and does not even feel them in the body, then the effect does not occur.

Need a quick result – choose a course of exercises and do it regularly. Train your muscles, as in other parts of the body. And just wearing is relevant if the ball is very heavy and you have to constantly support it with your muscles so that it does not fall out.

3. Female exercise equipment cause inflammation

It’s a lie. If the toy is properly looked after, there will be no problems. It is important to wash the vaginal balls after each workout, and keep them away from contamination. This will not allow unnecessary substances to enter the body. Inflammation is possible with improper lubrication. If vegetable oil, baby cream or shower gel is used, then diseases are possible. To avoid infection, buy a special lubricant with the simulator that does not harm the vaginal microflora.  

4. The ball does not increase the load, you can do without it

Exercises for the vagina can be done without a simulator. But it fits at the entry level. Then the load will need to be increased, and vaginal balls will help to do this. It’s like in the gym – you need to gradually increase weight, and this is what balls are used for.

Gradually, the simulator will have to be changed, increasing its weight and reducing the diameter. Therefore, it is sometimes appropriate to buy a set of balls so that you do not have to constantly select a new option. 

5. Exercise machines cause drooping organs

When omitting organs, vaginal balls are prohibited. Therefore, if such diseases are suspected, consultation with a gynecologist is required. The doctor will tell you what kind of simulator is needed, help you find the optimal load that does not worsen the condition.

Classes with vaginal balls from a young age are the prevention of prolapse of organs and the occurrence of urinary incontinence. Muscle strengthening is good for the body.

6. No need to splurge, you can use homemade balls

Special simulators do not injure the delicate mucosa, are easily cleaned. Homemade products may not have these properties. For example, an egg from a kinder surprise is created from material that cannot be inserted into the body. And it will never vibrate like a professional simulator.

You need to take care of your health, and you should not put it at risk using inappropriate items. Vaginal balls are inexpensive, they serve for many years. It’s better to spend some time on a simulator than to be treated for a long time after using improvised materials.

7. Before delivery, Kegel simulators are not needed

The muscles of young women are in good shape, they do not need training. But today, the age of birth is shifting, more and more children are having children after 30 years. And training after 25 years helps to prepare for pregnancy, prevent breaks during childbirth.

Exercises with balls enhance sensitivity, allow you to experience much more pleasure during sex. And this effect is not associated with childbirth. Any girl can start exercises to learn how to relax and experience orgasms more often.

8. You do not need to pump vaginal muscles

There is a myth that the muscles of the pelvic floor do not need to be strengthened, because “our grandmothers did not do this, and we do not need to.” But life expectancy increases, and its quality becomes important. The use of balls allows you to avoid urinary incontinence, and it occurs in 40% of women after 50 years.

Balls activate blood circulation, prevent the occurrence of congestion in the pelvis. They help to feel the body better, learn something about the anatomy and features of a particular body. And after regular use, orgasms become more frequent. Grandmothers did not think about this, but medicine and technology did not stand still, and a simple thing is able to give an excellent result to every woman.

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