8 signs of a woman’s dissatisfaction

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8 signs of a woman’s dissatisfaction

You have met your ideal: he is attentive, he is caring, exemplary, empathetic, economic, etc. But, as usual, every barrel of honey has its own fly in the ointment. You yourself cannot understand the reason for your irritability and grumpiness. This means that you need to pay attention to the following aspects of your intimate life.

1. You come up with reasons why you cannot have sex 

The first alarm bell. In the life of every person there are difficult days when, having come home, you want to lie under the covers and hide from everyone. Another question is if this desire becomes natural. You start to suck the reasons out of your finger: a headache, the boss got out on the robot, tired of household chores, etc. Perhaps you just do not want intimacy with the chosen one.

2. You are in a rush during sex 

Your partner begins to seduce you, and you are already dreaming about the end of sexual intercourse. Not having time to start foreplay, go straight to intercourse and help your loved one get an orgasm faster, absolutely not caring about your pleasure.

3. You don’t care if there is no orgasm 

Perhaps your significant other has ceased to give you the satisfaction it deserves. Of course, you have such an emotional attachment to this person that you simply cannot refuse intimacy. Therefore, you consciously agree to have sex, knowing that there will be no orgasm. 

4. You are in command in the bedroom 

If dominance is part of sexual pleasure, that’s one question. But if, due to your dissatisfaction, you constantly tell the young man what to do and how to behave, you should think about your compatibility. A satisfied woman does not feel the need to show her dictatorial tendencies in bed.

5. You don’t hug after sex 

A satisfied woman, after sex, will never jump up and run to do other things. At such moments, usually, you want to soak up the arms of your beloved and prolong the feeling of divine pleasure as long as possible.

6. You masturbate more than you have sex with your partner 

It’s one thing when you resort to masturbation for self-knowledge, expanding the horizons of bodily pleasure, or because a young man is on a long business trip. But if you prefer to indulge in self-satisfaction instead of being alone in the bedroom with your chosen one, this is a sign that you are not as good with him as you would like.

7. You compare your sex with the intimate life of friends. 

Have you already started making stinging remarks to your loved one? Do you use the personal life of your friends as an example? Think about it – this is a clear sign that the man is not giving proper satisfaction and you are switching to those around you .

8. Are you concerned 

Recently, during physical intimacy, instead of enjoying the process, do you think about how to solve the piled up everyday problems? Or maybe you imagine yourself at a noisy party surrounded by friends? In any case, this indicates indifference to sex with this partner.
Are these situations painfully familiar to you? If yes, then the answer is obvious: your intimate life leaves a lot to be desired. You just need to look for a way out of this situation, until you are finally disappointed in your loved one.

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