9 sex tips no one dared give you

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9 sex tips no one dared give you

In order to diversify your sex life, you must not be afraid to experiment. A Spanish independent publication surveyed its readers in long-term relationships about sex. Namely: what unconventional advice they could give for maintaining mutual understanding and sexual attraction in a couple? All answers were summarized in 9 points, and we are happy to present the results to you below. You can consider them as a guide to action.

1. Look at your partner when he is masturbating.
Break the established taboos, forget about embarrassment, if you are with a loved one you trust, and you will discover the secret of indescribable pleasure. If you’ve already tried masturbating alone, touch yourself as usual, because you already know what leads to pleasure. Believe me, your significant other will certainly appreciate such frankness. Well, if you find yourself “on the other side of the screen,” that is, you have the happiness to contemplate how your partner opens up to you, do not skimp on emotions and show what you really feel. Your bedroom will get very hot even on a cool day or evening!

2. Play sex scenes from your favorite films
For couples who enjoy spending their evenings listening to their favorite movie and who, for sure, have several memorable erotic scenes, it is worth trying yourself as directors. Why not?! While watching some episodes, you can get so excited that you can’t watch the film to the end. If this is about you, then rather remember, in the role of which film star you most often imagine yourself or your partner – and to work! Think over the details, revise your clothes and accessories. A little creativity hasn’t bothered anyone yet. Sometimes it’s just enough to be frank about your desires and talk about them out loud to awaken sexual fervor.

3. Breathe
“Breathe deeply,” seems like sexual advice to me, but it’s incredibly effective. A few relaxing breaths can help you refocus your attention on sensing when you are mentally distracted or worried. Breathing can also increase feelings of arousal and cause more intense orgasms. When in doubt, take a deep breath and pay attention to how your body is feeling. Breathing is the most underrated of sex tools. Try it and see for yourself.

4. Do not think about orgasm during oral sex
You can use various sexual fondles with your tongue to arouse your partner. This includes using long tongue movements, light and gentle sucking on the penis, and exploring your partner’s body with your lips. Take your time and don’t need to focus on orgasm. Instead, concentrate on the pleasant sensations you give your partner and enjoy yourself.

5. Look at the relationship from the dirty and perverse side
Very often in long-term relationships couples lose the depraved approach to each other, the one that they used during their first lovemaking. Many call this the transition from passionate sex to romantic love. But, in fact, this is because you stopped thinking of your partner as an object of indescribable sexual desire. You endowed him with other qualities: a respectable family man, a wonderful father, etc. Let it be so, no one takes these hypostases from him in other areas of life, but in your bedroom he should remain the same sexy stallion with whom you spent nights all night long, and you did not want to sleep at all.

6. Cultivate your uniqueness as a couple
It is safe to say that if your partner is your husband or you are in a long-term relationship, then he definitely has a zest that makes him the best in your life. He thinks the same about you. You are each other’s best lovers. Think about what you love most about sex with your partner, and do it often, with small changes and new conditions each time. Think about it: only the two of you are fluent in a certain language full of hot secrets!

7. Have sex in unusual places The

monotony of your room or your marriage bed can kill any sexual activity. Try changing places: within the room, instead of a bed, you can sit on the floor. Or, before you sit down with your family for dinner, retire to the bathroom. Even a trip to the pantry for conservation can be crowned with an extravaganza. This is not about the fact that you need to bring the matter to the end every time if you find yourself with your partner in a new, sometimes inconvenient place. The key here is to create an immersive and risky experience that will fill you with fresh sexual energy. 

8. Stop thinking and let your body take over.
Stop the endless stream of mental torture and stop constantly worrying about whether you are having the right sex. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to have sex. Just listen to your body and get ready to explore your partner and have erotic pleasures.

9. Calm Down Too many couples are already horny when they are about to have sex. The happiest partners know how to enjoy increasing feelings of arousal together, even when there is no time or opportunity to have sex, simply because they feel good about each other and be together. Do not fill yourself with excitement, learn to catch happiness in the moment when you play with your feet under the table in a restaurant. Let these 9 bold tips get you thinking and looking at your long-term partner in a new way, as well as raise the temperature in your bedroom to the highest level. Not sure where to start? Take advantage of our selection of 10 super easy sex fantasies and get started right away . 

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