A squirrel in a tongue wheel, or a tool that promises a jet orgasm

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A squirrel in a tongue wheel, or a tool that promises a jet orgasm

Warm hands slid over the knee, already touched the thigh, went up, and a shiver seized her body, when the fingers suddenly broke off and flew away – and they were replaced by the tip of the tongue.

Wet and firm. Suddenly narrow and slightly rough.

The closer he strove to the labia – and he strove, burned with the desire to eagerly cling to them – the more his tickling roughness felt …

Is this how it usually happens? While the tongue slides up, he gets tired, and if he snuggles somewhere, then only for a moment. And fingers again come into play.
It seems to be not bad either, but the tongue …

How it was

In the very early 2010s, the industry merged a toy electric motor, a plastic case, and a wheel like a water mill. And the blades of that wheel were made of silicone – like tiny tongues. Painted with delicate pink.
Sqweel was the first successful device invented by an online store. London-based Lovehoney at a time when its managers felt they felt the market better than any manufacturer. 

How is it done

A true British pun: between squirrel and squirt. And practically no cheating. The little silicone tongues on the wheel spin like an electric squirrel inside. And the jet … What a jet! It is far from always a liquid with pressure, sometimes it is just a light spray. What is also called a jet orgasm, squirt.

What does he look like today

Lovehoney did not become confined only to their virtual showcase and released the toy to the world market. Small shops sold the watermill for the clitoris in the hundreds, and the large ones in the thousands. It was a resounding success.
In seven years the passions have subsided, and the Sqweel has only gotten better: smaller, with a rechargeable battery inside. And it didn’t become too good – it didn’t get any extra functions, color music and luxury packaging with Swarovski crystals. You can still buy it at an affordable price.

What else is there?

But Chinese innovators were also involved here: Boris from Pretty Love. It turned out that if you take out the power (batteries) and control buttons to the remote control, and leave only the motor part and the mill wheel for the device, but the price is reduced by four times.   

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