Anal sex on a first date. Should I agree?

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Anal sex on a first date. Should I agree?

When to try anal sex? Is it appropriate during the first sexual contact? Do I need to agree to such games on a first date? Simple tips to help you decide and at the same time feel safe.

There is no right answer when you can do anal. There are people who try such things many years after marriage. Others immediately begin a life together with anal sex. And everyone must decide for himself at what point to try. Those who already practice are easier. They understand what to expect, how to prepare, how to behave in the process, so that it is pleasant. With the first experiments, everything is more complicated, it is better to implement them with the person you trust. 

Who agrees to anal on a first date?

Anal on a first date is not uncommon. Increasingly, people are practicing this form of contact, as it can give very pleasant experiences and bring people together. Who more often agrees to such experiments?

  • There are men and women who are very fond of penetration into the anus. They understand that this is how they will receive maximum pleasure, therefore they do not delay with such actions. They have long found ways for themselves to enjoy, do not hesitate and do not deny them. 
  • There are couples who meet just for anal sex , and they also do not make sense to put off. Lovers find each other on forums or dating apps to do just that. This does not mean that there is no other sex between them, just anal remains a priority.
  • There are women who store virginity , choosing an alternative to anal sex. Of course, such girls may not agree at the first meeting, but in the future they will willingly come into anal contact, avoiding vaginal. This is especially true among deeply religious people, when it is important to observe traditions.
  • Same-sex partners can also have anal sex . A male couple chooses this type of contact or oral sex if there is mutual desire.

Any couple can start in anal sex. For example, such sexual intercourse is possible if she has periods, she does not agree to vaginal sex, and excitement is present. Then anal is a great way to spend time, experience an orgasm, not paying attention to circumstances.

Can I settle for anal for the first time?

No moral or moral prohibitions exist. A couple can do anything if only all participants like it. The important thing is not to forget about protection.

Anal on the first date does not guarantee anything . Even if such contact occurred, this does not mean that the relationship will continue. The future depends on the agreements and desires of partners. If there was no anal before, and this is the first experience in a host position , you should discuss everything with a new partner in advance. When people are still not very well aware of each other in bed, it is required to correctly identify the boundaries, talk about preferences. And if you have doubts about the experience, you can wait a bit. The first anal is better to implement with someone you trust.  

How to protect yourself during anal sex?

It is important to understand that infection is possible with any sex. Therefore, condoms are required . Without them, you should not experiment. But the transmission of bacteria is also possible through saliva. Therefore, with oral caress, a condom is also needed. And if anilingus is practiced, you need to do it through a latex napkin . It does not reduce the sensations, but it gives greater security. Before any sex, you need to understand that 100% protection does not exist. Even through kisses, infection can occur. Therefore, partners need to choose a trusted person. The risk of infection with anal sex is not higher than with vaginal if latex products are used. To anal went smoothly, you need a special lubricant. Do not replace it with improvised means, with them the sensations can be painful. A quality lubricant will protect delicate skin, make it easier to slip, and give you more pleasant sensations. 

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