Clitoris stimulation from A to Z

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Clitoris stimulation from A to Z

The clitoris plays one of the main roles in getting a woman to orgasm. Being a kind of several times reduced analogue of the male member, he is independently able to excite a woman and bring her to a violent orgasm, without involving other erogenous zones in this process.

The excitation of the clitoris is an important factor in the sexual life of partners.

What is it?

Before you begin to find out where the clitoris is located, you need to understand its purpose and the features of this organ. Previously, the high sensitivity of this zone was attributed to the labia, and its role in the processes of obtaining pleasure was significantly underestimated.

However, time has put everything in its place, and today its role in the development of the female orgasm has already been scientifically proven.

Moreover, numerous historical facts speak of knowledge of the effects of this female organ on sexual processes – since the time of Ancient Egypt, there have been dildos with special growths, feathers that stimulate the clitoris.

Anatomically, this organ is not a fully developed male penis, and in some cases it is comparable in size, but its sensitivity is much higher. However, these cases are considered deviations from the norm, and are quite rare in practice.

During arousal, this organ, like the penis, “raises its head”, protruding from the hood, the function of which is comparable to the function of the foreskin in men.

Its protrusion occurs as a result of a rush of blood to it and swelling, while lubrication begins to be abundantly released, including that that falls on the clitoris.

Scientists have identified one rather curious feature – the sensitivity of the female organ does not depend on the desire of the woman. He can begin to be excited even under absolutely unsuitable conditions for this.

This speaks, first of all, of a direct connection between the clitoris and the pleasure center in the brain, and this connection is absolutely autonomous. A fairly familiar phenomenon for men, isn’t it?

Applicable to men, this is an analogue of spontaneous erection, which also often appears at the most inopportune moment. But it is much easier for women to hide this piquant fact than for men, given the size of the genitals.

The size of the clitoris does not matter at all – the number of receptors located on it does not depend on the size, and, as a result, a lady with a large clitoris can hardly be called sexier than a girl with a “pea”.

How to find the clitoris

It is located in the place of fusion of large and small labia, at the same time being the upper point of the vagina. Its such a good location provides contact during sexual contact with the penis in almost any position, which gives a woman a lot of pleasure.

In a relaxed, unexcited state, it is quite difficult to find it, as it hides in the folds of tissue, which in its composition resembles the cavernous tissue of a male penis. And only the excitation, which provides a rush of blood to the vagina, makes it increase, which makes it easy to find it.

This truly invaluable organ allows you to practice a fairly wide variety of techniques in sex, not limited to using the penis.

Nature has endowed man with the ability to enjoy sexual intercourse, and therefore it is necessary to fully use the gift provided by her.

And the clitoris, more than ever, is suitable for these purposes – the right stimulation can provide a woman with a worthy replacement for sexual intercourse with penetration.

Features of the caress technique

If you are tired of standard sexual relations between partners, it’s time to think about something new and previously unknown. The fairer sex is much more sensitive than men, and the erogenous zones are not concentrated in the vagina, but are located throughout the body.

Sex is not based on a consistent change of various positions, but on various techniques of preliminary and main caresses, which can be auxiliary or be a worthy alternative to a full-fledged sexual intercourse.

The excitation of the clitoris will be especially relevant for men who have certain problems with potency or rapid ejaculation – this will help to give pleasure to the partner, allowing her to also achieve orgasm.

Women need more time to have an orgasm, and clitoral stimulation can be a sexual foreplay that thoroughly warms up a woman, and then an orgasm can most likely be received by partners at the same time.

You can stimulate during cunnilingus , with your hands or with your penis, using a special position. Men mistakenly consider the tongue and lips to be their main weapon, however, there are many other ways to please a woman.

Skillful use of fingers and hands will help to provide significant stimulation of the vagina, in which a woman can absolutely get an orgasm. At the same time, the possibilities and variety of caresses are not inferior to oral sex, and often even surpass it in quality.

It remains only to figure out how to properly caress a girl, delivering maximum pleasure. It is the clitoris that will help to cope with this task – it is not for nothing that nature endowed them with the weaker sex.

It is only necessary to adhere to certain rules, otherwise there is a high risk of causing discomfort or pain to the partner.

And this certainly will not have a positive effect on the further development of relations.

Basic Rules of Stimulation

There are 3 basic rules that must be strictly observed:

  • Before caressing the clitoris, hands should be kept warm – and these are not just beautiful words about health. During caresses, it is necessary that the temperature of the hands and fingers fully correspond to the temperature of the partner’s body or should not be lower. What happens to a male erection when you touch a penis with icy hands? The female sex is no different from the male – in most cases, the excitement simply disappears. Of course, there are instances that this can excite even more and bring a lot of pleasure, however, this is a rarity. Before caresses, you need to take care of the temperature of your hands.
  • Actively use oils and lubricants. Dry touch will not bring the partner anything but unpleasant or even painful sensations. The skin of the hands is many tens of times rougher than the skin of the vagina and contains several hundred times fewer receptors. Even frictions that are indistinguishable to the hand can cause great discomfort to a woman. You can use store- bought lubricants or even plain oil – the main thing to remember is that there is no such thing as too much oil.
  • Maintain contact. This is especially necessary for a couple practicing such caresses for the first time. After all, it will be quite difficult for a beginner to figure out whether the partner’s movements are pleasant for the girl or cause her inconvenience. Therefore, it is necessary to agree in advance on some system of signals, so that later you do not have to solve the riddle on the topic “does she moan from pain or pleasure”?


Before you start caressing the clitoris, you should warm up your hands well and, without sparing, lubricate them with the material you like. The most common practice of stimulating this zone is as follows:

  • A girl with legs wide apart in a position on her back, and a partner applies oil to her stomach and thighs, paying special attention to the inside.
  • Then the oil is slowly rubbed over the entire surface, but should be limited from touching the genitals. After the partner gets used to the movements, it is necessary to keep her in anticipation of caresses as long as possible and increase the excitement – this will provide more vivid sensations.
  • When rubbing the oil, it is necessary to gradually approach the genitals, then lubricate the hand as abundantly as possible and put it on the clitoris.
  • You should stop stimulation for some time, then gradually swing your arm to the sides or make circular movements. It is necessary to pay attention to the palm – it should not slip, but make movements with the partner’s skin, while providing maximum stimulation of the clitoris.
  • Then you can change the movements to light strokes, while alternating palms and stimulating not only the clitoris, but also the partner’s pussy.
  • After the woman has received maximum arousal, you can begin to caress this female pleasure center with your fingers. For this, both one and two fingers are used, and it is most productive to act on this tubercle through the hood that covers it. The female sex is distinguished by a very sensitive head of the clitoris, and direct contact with it can cause pain.

Ignoring this leads to a decline in arousal and further refusal of partners in such caresses.
To enhance the pleasant sensations, you should also try to caress the partner’s pussy.

This can be done without ceasing to actively stimulate the clitoris – with the fingers of your free hand, you need to gently stroke her labia.

  • Then you should place your finger opposite the entrance to the vagina, and make circular movements with it, touching the small lips, which will give the partner a lot of pleasure. An abundant release of lubricant from her womb will immediately become noticeable, and you can insert a finger into the vagina.
    In this case, it is necessary to keep the palm turned towards you – this position of the hand will be most convenient for both partners. Rubbing the vagina from above, you can feel a slight bulge, which becomes larger as orgasm approaches. This is the famous G-spot, which brings the weaker sex into an indescribable state of pleasure. Caressing this point with your fingers, you can simultaneously insert a second finger into the partner’s vagina, making the same movements, but with two fingers.

Do not be afraid of experiments in sex – the weaker sex is by nature more inclined than men to receive pleasure, and this can be achieved in different ways. Unlike the male penis, the clitoris has incomparably greater sensitivity, and skillful handling of it guarantees enjoyment.

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