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Why you don’t need antibiotics for coronavirus

A patient with a coronavirus or some other viral infection needs antibiotics only when a bacterial infection also develops against the background of this disease.

As a rule, there will be no need for antibiotics during the first few days of the disease. For covid, the addition of a bacterial infection is not characteristic. Many international recommendations, as well as the latest recommendations of the World Health Organization, clearly state that before prescribing antibiotics, it is necessary to confirm the presence of a bacterial infection. The use of antibiotics from the first days of the disease is not supported by either logic or recommendations. This will not work, but can only bring harm, worsening the course of the disease.

It should be emphasized that even if pneumonia is diagnosed by computed tomography of the lungs, it has a completely different nature of inflammation than with bacterial lung damage, and is not treated with antibiotics.

What is the danger of taking antibiotics, in addition to side effects?

Antibiotics often affect liver function, heart function, some of them can depress the immune system, reducing the number of white blood cells (blood cells responsible for immunity) and the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, also responsible for immunity.

It is necessary to remind once again that if patients take antibiotics on their own without indications, and they do it often, then the bacteria acquire resistance (resistance) to the drug: they are able to exchange information about resistance with each other, which can eventually lead to sad consequences, namely, the lack of effect from antibiotics when it becomes vital.

How to determine that a bacterial infection has been added to the covid?

A doctor’s examination is very important! In order for him to collect an anamnesis: if there are any chronic diseases associated with purulent infection, for example, chronic bronchitis, tonsillitis, bronchial asthma, sinusitis, sinusitis, then the patient may need antibiotics, but also not always.

The delivery of tests is also important. Deciphering the formula of the general blood test, you can find out which infection the patient has — viral or bacterial. To date, even more modern biochemical parameters have appeared that allow us to determine whether there is a bacterial infection or not.

To make the right choice in the tactics of treatment and the choice of an antibiotic (you can choose the right antibiotic on the website, a comprehensive approach is needed, which only a doctor can implement! Do not self-medicate!

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