Female orgasm: theories and facts

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Female orgasm: theories and facts

For men, the female orgasm is in many ways a mystery, over which they have been fighting for more than a dozen years, trying to find magic points and positions that would guarantee one hundred percent satisfaction of the partner. But, to be honest, women themselves are in some prostration and the power of illusions, not fully understanding the whole truth about the peak of female bliss. According to statistics , many of them never experience real pleasure in their entire lives, imitating pleasure every time. Are you sure you know everything about this rare phenomenon? 

Theory # 1: A woman’s real orgasm is possible only through intercourse.

Facts: Only a third of all women are able to reach orgasm more or less regularly. The rest either do not experience it without additional stimulation, or experience it, but not from direct coitus, but in other ways.

Theory # 2: Only frigid ones do not experience orgasm. 

The Facts: Only five percent of all women on the planet are medically frigid! Everyone else just doesn’t know how to achieve it. In addition, stress, fatigue, potent medications and a shallow partner interfere with getting full pleasure from sex .

Theory # 3: The man is to blame for the woman’s lack of orgasm. 

Facts: Not everything depends on the partner! A woman’s orgasm is largely influenced by her mood, emotional attachment to a man, environment and other factors. First of all, the woman herself must know her needs in an intimate way, and then she must demand from the partner the fulfillment of his mandatory program.

Theory # 4: Orgasm depends on the G-spot.

Facts: Numerous medical studies have shown that all women experience orgasm in different ways: some from clitoral stimulation, some from tactile caresses, and some from painful sensations (BDSM) or passionate kisses. So it is not logical to speak unambiguously about the mythical G-point. Moreover, some experts doubt that it exists at all.

Theory # 5: Multiple orgasms are rare.

Facts: Multiple orgasms are considered to be a series of moments when a woman experiences the greatest pleasure from intercourse. Each subsequent orgasm is brighter and more intense than the previous one. And this is not such a rare occurrence, as they say. Exactly half of the female population is capable of experiencing such an orgasm, especially women over 40. It is at this age that ladies know how to relax and enjoy the intimate process.

Theory # 6: Condoms prevent orgasm. 

Facts: Rubber products have no effect on female orgasms, sometimes even vice versa – thanks to additional lubrication, fragrances, tendrils, thorns and other additions, they only increase the likelihood of bliss.

Theory # 7: The sign of orgasm is moaning.

Facts: Orgasms in all women are accompanied by various manifestations of emotions: someone is crying, someone is moaning, someone is screaming, and someone is silently rolling their eyes – here you cannot derive a general formula.
No matter how many doctors study the nature of female orgasms, only a woman herself can thoroughly know her feelings and needs for sex. This knowledge helps her create the necessary conditions and direct her partner in the right direction. Our body is different from that of men, and not necessarily every sex should end in a violent orgasm. The main thing is not to get hung up on the result, but just enjoy the process.

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