Fetish is not a diagnosis: how to fulfill your fantasies and diversify sex

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Fetish is not a diagnosis: how to fulfill your fantasies and diversify sex

We are all a bit fetishists. Stop before trying to prove to me that you are “normal” and “do not even think about anything like that.” Evaluate your preferences from the outside.

For example, I am crazy about thin men with high cheekbones. If at the same time a guy has a guitar and he knows how to play it, then with a probability of 99.99% we will find ourselves in bed on the very first day of our acquaintance. Following the logic of sexologists, I am a hardened fetishist.

Many people think that people with passions and fantasies are sick in the head. There is an opinion that erotic arousal from specific attributes is the first step to the status of a serial maniac. The myth is debunked by the American sex therapist, and part-time specialist in alternative sexual behavior, Scott Jacoby 

“The theft of clothing items, the chaining of lustful subjects and other antisocial actions are extreme manifestations of fetishism. In fact, extreme behavior is very rare. There is nothing terrible or shameful in specific desires. Let us recall at least a fairly widespread fantasy of erotic bondage. She’s also part of fetish culture. “

Samantha Lee Allen , Ph.D. from Emory University, supports a colleague:

“Fetishism is not synonymous with going to extremes. You don’t have to be tempted by baby panties or severed feet. Sexual tastes begin to form in childhood and include eye and skin color, height, weight, and even the scent of a partner. “

Let’s look at the most common manifestations of fetish and learn how to realize sexual fantasies with the least consequences for your everyday life.

1. Shoe fetishism

Description. The shoebuy.com site conducted an anonymous survey among its readers. As it turned out, 20% of women surveyed consider buying brand new shoes more joyful than sex. Conclusion – 1 out of 5 girls is a shoe fetishist. I think there is no need to once again prove the long-rumored fact that many men take their breath away at the sight of hairpins. How can you implement. If we discard the masturbation with worn shoes, then the most banal way remains. The man should offer the girl to choose a pair for her, corresponding to his erotic fantasies. Every time she puts on her shoes and goes on a date with him, he will feel pleasantly excited and know that she wants more.   

2. Foot fetish

Description. The next popular type of fetish is an extraordinary love for ladies’ feet. A man can nervously swallow and cast greedy glances at his partner’s feet, knees, calves and thighs. It is not for nothing that the International Journal of Impotence Research has included this passion in the TOP of the most widespread in the world. According to various sources, it is “sick” from 60% to 85% of the strong half of humanity. How can you implement. Unlike most specific inclinations, foot fetish does not intimidate decent girls. To make a dream come true, it is enough to purchase oil for erotic massage and arrange a relaxation session for the chosen one. Alternatively, you can dress your legs in sexy stockings and let your partner pull them off with your teeth.    

3. Bondage and other attributes of BDSM

Description . Various elements of domination and submission have become so firmly embedded in the bedrooms of ordinary people that they can no longer be considered sexual deviation. I won’t be too mistaken in saying that every couple has tried bondage, swearing, and / or rough intercourse. Quoting Mylysheva : “This is the norm!” How can you implement . A cart and a small cart have been invented for BDSM . A huge assortment of sex toys opens up unlimited scope for the realization of fantasies. Here you can find both light fluffy handcuffs and hard electric stimulators that deliver a non- weak discharge of current. 

4. Voyeurism

Description. The staff of the Archives of Sexual Behavior prompted 10% of the men surveyed to admit that they had spied on someone else’s intercourse at least once in their life. This did not include porn viewing. 73.4% of respondents expressed a desire to watch sex in real life. Psychologists associate this desire with the tabooing of the topic of intimate relationships in modern society. As you know, the forbidden fruit is sweet. How can you implement. You don’t have to go hunting with binoculars and peep into neighbors’ windows, frantically satisfying your base needs. It is enough to ask your soul mate to masturbate . To heighten the effect, let the girl use a vibrator or dildo, and the man look through the crack of the slightly open door. If a lady acts as a voyeur, then let her give her lover a masturbator and enjoy her partner’s solo performance.    

5. Deification of the female breast

Description. Dina Enikeeva in her book “The Sexual Life of a Man” draws a parallel between an unhealthy passion for the female breast with a fetishist’s bad relationship with his mother. In clinical cases, this is indeed the case. However, the usual excitement that occurs at the sight of nipples is a consequence of the prohibition to expose this part of the body. It all depends on the type of culture. In countries where clothes without long sleeves cannot be worn, an erection can even be caused by an accidentally exposed wrist. But in African tribes, men calmly perceive the breasts of women. How can you implement . If a guy has an increased love for this erogenous zone, then let him pay more attention to its stimulation. No girl will resist the extra foreplay, which includes gentle strokes, kisses and light bites. Many girls will agree to try special sex toys – vibrating fingertips , pumps, clamps, massagers.  


6. Passion for priests

Description. While the lion’s share of fetishes is considered acquired, a passion for priests, according to Scott Jacoby is an innate phenomenon. We inherited it from our distant ancestors and is tightly sewn into the genetic code. The lean male buttocks symbolized a good hunter capable of chasing prey for a long time. Wide female hips complete with an elastic bottom are a sign of readiness to conceive and bear healthy offspring. How can you implement. With the right approach, it is quite possible to turn the fetish into a tool that can please both partners. The lover of buns will enjoy his manipulations, while the subject of passion catches a high from what is happening with his 5th point. In the case of pygophilia (this is how the name of this deviation sounds scientifically), I recommend placing anal sex toys in the bedside table .   

7. Trichophilism

Description . The term ” trichophilism ” is called excitement up to orgasm, obtained by sight or contact with hair or wool. According to statistics from the Institute for Sex Research , this type of pure fetish is more often found in men than in women – 15% versus 5%. However, opinion polls show that 9 out of 10 guys like beautiful and well-groomed women’s hair, and three girls out of a dozen fall for beards. How can you implement . Short haircuts are now at the peak of popularity – they look younger and save you from the hassle of styling. If the length of the strand of the second half does not allow realizing the fantasy of having sex with Rapunzel , then wigs will be an excellent alternative to expensive extensions. 

8. Fetish crossdressing

Description. For dessert, I left you with the strangest fetish in this collection. Ray Blanchard identifies two types of transvestism – homosexual and non-homosexual . In the first case, a person cannot come to terms with his own gender and, through dressing, wants to correct himself. In the second case, he experiences sexual arousal from the very fact of putting on things of the opposite sex. In many countries, transvestites are kept in mental hospitals, but not so long ago, gays and lesbians were “treated” with lobotomies. Admit it, you also measured the loot of your loved one. Now I am writing an article in my boyfriend’s T-shirt and it is pleasant for me to think that his scent surrounds me. How can you implement. Very often, the craving for dressing up indicates a desire to change roles once, and not latent homosexuality or the desire to humiliate a beloved man. Try strapon sex . It will become a serum of truth that will dot the i’s. When a crisis is brewing in my girlfriends’ relationship and they are thinking of ditching the pink flags, I recommend that they roast their boyfriends well.   

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