Help Yourself: Masturbation Thesis

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Help Yourself: Masturbation Thesis

Let’s not be cunning, there is no better way to know your body than to study it yourself. Masturbation is one of the best ways to relax, relieve stress, get to know your erogenous zones, and revitalize your sex life. According to statistics, three out of four women are systematically self-satisfying. In addition, the orgasms they achieve during masturbation are often brighter and more intense than those that happen (if you’re lucky) as a result of traditional sex.

This is not surprising, because, left alone with herself, a woman can completely relax, get rid of psychological clamps, complexes or obsessive thoughts, not think about how she looks or about whether she was able to satisfy her partner. The reason masturbation is so enjoyable is because it only depends on one person. And he knows exactly how to please himself.

Despite all the delights of this occupation, self-satisfaction has always been a controversial topic, causing negativity, prohibitions, embarrassment, shame. And, of course, over the centuries masturbation has been surrounded by a huge number of unfounded (and sometimes ridiculous) myths. Fortunately, these “dark” times are behind us and today we live in a world that not only does not condemn the act of self-gratification, but even approved the whole International Masturbation Month (for those who do not know, this is May).

If, for some reason, you still consider this occupation shameful, harmful or wrong, we have collected interesting information, research results, important facts, useful tips that will help you relax and, finally, realize that masturbation is a normal part of intimate life. each person. 

It’s not a shame to masturbate

For many women, talking about an act of self-gratification is like confessing to stealing a stick of sausage from the store. It seems, and not murder, but all the same, something very shameful, which will surely brand you in the eyes of others. Undoubtedly, such an attitude is associated with the long-term isolation of sexual topics among the public and a number of myths that certainly accompanied them. Nowadays, masturbation is not considered something shameful and, moreover, it is widely recommended by sexologists to obtain true satisfaction during intimate relationships, because stimulation of the clitoris helps to achieve the desired orgasm. You can help yourself during sex or explore your body alone – in any case, this process should not leave you feeling ashamed or guilty.  

Masturbate as often as you like

You can turn anything into a habit, even a passion for exploring your own body, but sexologists claim that an irresistible craving for constant self-satisfaction is very rare and requires the advice of an appropriate specialist. A great way to check if masturbation has become a habit is to reflect on whether it harms you in your daily and intimate life, whether it interferes with having an orgasm in bed with your partner. If not, then there is no cause for concern. Caressing your own body has a positive effect on the health and mood of a woman and contributes to the achievement of an incredible orgasm, so if you self-satisfaction only when you passionately desire it, and not out of habit or compulsion, do it to your health, you are all right!

Menstruation is not a hindrance to masturbation

It’s no secret that a woman’s level of sex drive changes depending on her menstrual cycle. Some of us experience increased arousal precisely during menstruation, right after it starts, or during ovulation. This is due to hormones, which suddenly begin to “naughty” during this period. In addition, a number of other factors, both psychological and emotional, can affect a woman’s libido during critical days. So if you are experiencing a surge of incredible excitement during your period, and there is no partner nearby, you can safely retire to the bathroom or bedroom. But do not forget about the safety rules: pay special attention to the cleanliness of your hands and sex toys, and before inserting a vibrator into your vagina, make sure you do not forget a tampon there. 

You cannot get an STI by masturbating

Is it okay to masturbate while treating sexually transmitted infections or get infected with these infections while enjoying yourself? 1. You can. 2. You can’t. Gynecologists and infectious disease specialists expose one of the most common fears of women and argue that masturbation can be completely safe, provided that the toy you are using only caresses you. If you share it with someone else, be sure to use a condom. A condom is also useful for you during the period of treatment for infections: if you are using a vibrator and at the same time are being treated for STIs, wear a condom on the vibrator, otherwise, during contact with the toy after treatment, it can return your infections back to you. It is better to refuse mutual caresses with a partner at this time, but it is not forbidden to look at each other during self-gratification, it is exciting and safe.

Masturbation is good for women …

You will be surprised to learn how much a woman benefits from this simple and enjoyable activity:

  • relieves menstrual cramps;
  • prevents infections of the cervix and urinary tract;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • eliminates depression (due to the release of endorphins and the hormone cortisol);
  • strengthens the pelvic muscles;
  • improves sleep;
  • helps in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions;
  • … and even reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes (according to a recent study by the University of Sydney).

So, masturbate to your health, it’s nice and healthy!

… and for men

Men are more relaxed in relation to masturbation, they like to watch porn, experiment with positions in sex and, of course, see nothing wrong with periodically bringing themselves to orgasm (moreover, much more often than women). And this is great, because masturbation brings health benefits to men as much as women. Scientists found that men who ejaculated more than 21 times a month reduced their risk of developing prostate cancer by 33% than those who ejaculated at least 4-5 times in the same period. Many sexologists recommend masturbation as an exercise to help prevent sexual dysfunction and cope with premature ejaculation. Synchronous self-gratification in the company of a partner will help to better know each other’s erogenous zones, to establish and diversify sex life.

Keep your feet together

And here is a little life hack for you that will make the pleasure during independent caresses even more vivid: cross your legs and squeeze your thighs as tightly as possible. This will increase the pressure on the genitals and clitoris, and also activate the most secret erogenous zones. Thus, orgasm can be brought closer even without additional stimulation of the genitals, only by alternating relaxation and tension of the hips. The type of orgasm that appears as a result of such simple manipulations has its own name in medicine – myotonic . For Myotonic orgasm is not all gynecologists are positive, considering that overreliance on this kind of sexual techniques in the future may affect the desire to receive pleasure in a standard way. And, nevertheless, a huge number of women who experience all types of orgasms (including myotonic ), both during traditional sex and alone, successfully refute the fears of doctors.  

Find the right sex toy

The sex industry offers a huge selection of toys for adults that will help you explore all the most sensitive areas on the body and give yourself (or your partner) an unforgettable pleasure. If you are not too familiar with this topic and are ashamed to go straight to the store, read profile sites and forums, read the opinion of women who have already had the good fortune to choose and test various intimate goods. A vibrator, a dildo, a clitoris stimulator, a butt plug, a vibrating egg – already during your acquaintance with such a huge number of exciting devices, you will certainly want to test some of them in practice. There is also no need to go to the store for a purchase, you can safely order delivery to the nearest post office and after receiving the toy you can confidently open a new page of your intimate life. Just do not forget about the safety rules: carefully study the instructions, be sure to monitor the cleanliness of your favorite intimate devices and, if necessary, use a lubricant .

Masturbate in the bathroom

The bathroom is the perfect place for self-indulgence. This secluded corner seems to be created for privacy: a door that can be locked from the inside will help you spend enough time away from prying eyes, aromatic foam or essential oils will instantly tune your body to a relaxing wave, and the sound of running water will drown out the sounds of pleasure. In addition to the standard way of masturbation by directing a stream of water from a tap or shower to the clitoris, you can experiment with a variety of sex toys that are suitable for use in water. For example, a dildo with a suction cup is perfect for such an undertaking. By attaching it to the bathtub wall, you can independently adjust the angle, depth and rhythm of penetrations, which will bring maximum pleasure and enchanting orgasm. 

Penis ring for masturbation

Male masturbation today is a quite common topic, accessible and is considered a personal matter of each person. But men who lived in the Victorian era were less fortunate. There, addiction to self-satisfaction was considered a terrible disease called spermatorrhea. All healers of that period were unanimous in the opinion that every orgasm depletes the male body, therefore masturbation is a terrible evil and absolutely harmful, immoral, unacceptable occupation, which was subjected to compulsory (compulsory) treatment. This treatment consisted not in taking pills, herbs, massage or mental conversations with a doctor, but in more extreme methods. The “patient” was put on a ring with notches on the penis, in order to extinguish an erection in the bud. There were other, no less “torture” devices, but in this article we, perhaps, do without them.

Twain’s speech on masturbation

The famous prankster Mark Twain used to attack pretense and bombast with satire. In the second half of the XIX century. in one of the Parisian clubs, he gave an unusual lecture, which many perceived ambiguously, and this small speech received its printed version in the form of an essay in a limited edition only in 1943. In “Reflection on the Science of Masturbation” M. Twain, in his characteristic manner, ridicules the censure of society process of self-satisfaction, noting that “… signs of excessive enthusiasm for this destructive pastime are easy to notice. This is a predisposition to food, drink, smoking, funny meetings, laughter, jokes and obscene anecdotes, and most importantly – the desire to paint pictures.” Twain’s lecture was to the liking of the audience, who gathered that evening in 1879. in the club, because, basically, these were creative figures (writers and artists) who loved to have indecent conversations, enjoying a plentiful drink and generous snacks. It is surprising that some contemporaries take “Reflections …” by the famous writer quite seriously as a speech denouncing masturbation, as certainly a pernicious and immoral occupation.

Masturbation does not diminish libido

Perhaps there is no more occupation that would be shrouded in so many myths and fears than intimate self-satisfaction. Let’s remember the most common misconceptions about what masturbation threatens, which we inherited from our grandmothers:

  • blindness;
  • hairy palms;
  • impotence;
  • curvature of the penis;
  • low sperm count;
  • infertility;
  • mental illness;
  • physical weakness;
  • weakening of libido;
  • unwillingness to engage in traditional sex, etc.

All these myths have long been disproved by science, and every year there are new studies that prove that there is nothing scary and dangerous in masturbation, many couples continue to do it both alone and together with each other, and, moreover, find this the process is a very enjoyable part of your intimate life.

In this article, we have repeatedly used the word “masturbation” and we hope that the embarrassment you experienced at the beginning of the text has completely evaporated by the end. After all, in it we gave convincing arguments that destroy numerous stereotypes artificially created around the process of self-satisfaction. Sexologists, scientists, gynecologists unanimously assure that masturbation is not a disease, one should not abstain from it, one must enjoy it.

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