How do fat men have sex?

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How do fat men have sex?

The question of intimate games of fat people arises from many. How can a person weighing 150 kg make love? We decided to find out if there is a difference between thin and thick. And how are extra pounds reflected in pleasure?

Do fat men like sex?

Fat people love to make love, however, like everyone else. The presence of a fat layer does not affect sensitivity in any way . They experience desire, excitement, like everyone else. Only their own complexes can interfere with sex. Some women are ashamed of their bodies, so they do not dare to intimacy for a long time. Therefore, they are sometimes considered “cold”, but the reason is that she is simply afraid to disappoint her partner. Large men can also be complex. They do not give up intimacy, but they turn off the light or somehow mask their flaws in another way. 

Are all positions available to fat men?

No, fat people cannot master the entire Kamasutra. Somewhere there will not be enough stretching, but somewhere it will be scary for a partner or partner. If you do not keep your balance, all the weight will fall on your loved one. This is not always convenient.

It is important to understand that most of the classic postures for obese people are available . They cannot only implement the options “on weight”. But again, it is difficult to lift a big partner, but he can easily pick up a slender woman. If there are two fat people in bed, this is a little more difficult. Two big bellies are not one. And here you need to adapt a little. Pose “spoon”, “doggy style” is ideal. Missionary can be convenient, but if the man does not lean on the lady. The “rider” is feasible, but not everyone is comfortable in her, the lady is not always able to find the right fulcrum. 

What are the advantages of having sex with fat men?

  • A fat man, compensating for his figure flaws, can be a great lover . In order not to be rejected, he tries very hard to give the girl the maximum of pleasant sensations. Of course, this is true for 100% of large men, but very much for many. 
  • Overweight women are often condemned in our society, they are constantly pushed to lose weight, improve. Many of them suffer from an inferiority complex, and if you find the right approach to them, they will be very grateful. In bed, they can be very mobile , often go to experiments , but only with those people who love and accept them.  
  • Fat people forgive others’ flaws . They know that it is impossible to be perfect, so they will easily close their eyes to any flaws in their partner. They are used to focusing not only on appearance, and this is a huge plus of communication. 
  • Fat people in their lives face persecution and condemnation many times. And they know it hurts. A rare fat man himself will mock others. No wonder they are called ” good- natured” 

The size of the genitals in large people

There is a misconception that a fat man’s penis is smaller than that of a person with a normal physique. But this is a delusion. It’s just that in an unexcited state, he seems to “hide” in a voluminous body. The full pubis hangs over the penis, partially hiding it. During an erection, this does not interfere at all. The visual difference is huge. And it is worth dispelling the myth, the member does not get fat . No fat is deposited in this place. In women, excess weight does not affect the size of the vagina at all. You shouldn’t expect any “other” sensations. The only difference is tactile sensations. A soft, full body and a hard, thin body differ in touch, and here it is simply important to understand what you like best. Fat people love sex, they can have it without restrictions. Of course, difficult poses are beyond their strength, and sometimes shortness of breath occurs, but this is absolutely no reason to abandon the process. 

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