How I used an anal rhinestone

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How I used an anal rhinestone

A shiny anal rhinestone appeared unexpectedly in my set of sex accessories. A wumbling trainer (female intimate gymnastics) said that anal toys are an express way to narrow the vagina “for the impatient”, while the exercises have not yet yielded results. I left the training with a small but significant purchase.

Description of anal rhinestones. Personal impressions

My butt plug is made from surgical steel – the most popular metal for sex accessories. This alloy does not cause allergies, is friendly with water and any kind of lubricants (including silicone). The toy is small (half a palm in length), but unexpectedly heavy – the kitchen scale showed 160 grams. At the end there is a large plastic rhinestone of a noble dark purple color. Thanks to the combination of the luster of the silvery metal and the colored “pebble”, the toy looks more like a precious piece of jewelry than an anal device. To add sophistication, a black velvet storage pouch is included. My partner and I use it to play outside the home.   

Immediately after the purchase, we decided to try the toy with my man. Before inserting the plug, it must be generously lubricated with lubricant , since the rectum does not have its own lubricant. The main part of the toy is ribbed, due to this it enters gradually. At the widest point, the diameter of the cork is 3 cm , after which there is a thin leg and a wide plug with a rhinestone – the cork will not slip out or fall through. For me, a ribbed surface gives a more interesting feel when inserted than a smooth one. The plug turned out to be easy and not painful to insert due to its small diameter.  

What is anal rhinestone for?

The role of anal accessories in classic vaginal sex boils down to the fact that an object through the rectum stimulates the back wall of the vagina, making sensations brighter for both partners. Indeed, having sex with a man and a rhinestone in the right place, I noticed that I feel “narrower” than usual. All movements of the partner inside are felt stronger, plus a pleasant feeling of double penetration. My man was pleasantly surprised, in his words – “as if you are making love with a virgin ” He noted that the ribs on the toy are felt even through the vaginal wall and add pleasant friction. In addition to the indirect purpose, the rhinestone can be used directly – for anal sex or preparation for it. The idea of ​​doing anal stimulation has been in the air of our bedroom for a long time, but still has not found a way out. Preparation seems too difficult, painful and killing spontaneity. However, the appearance of a beautiful anal toy made me reconsider my attitude to anal sex. No, we did not immediately practice double penetration at every opportunity. But I like to wear a toy from time to time in order to gradually prepare my sphincters for the penetration of first fingers, then a more voluminous organ. Usually, I wear a cork during the day, and in the evening during foreplay or traditional sex, my partner additionally stimulates me with his fingers through the ass. After the toy, such caresses ceased to be unpleasant, I became easier and more excited, and my man is experiencing a more vivid discharge.  


Pros and cons of using anal rhinestones

What we liked:

  • Small size – painless to insert, ideal for beginners, easy to take with you. 
  • It looks noble – metal, shiny rhinestone, velvet bag. If I were a man, I would not be ashamed to give such an elegant accessory to my girlfriend. Such a toy dispels all stereotypes about “dirty” anal sex. 
  • Gives new sensations – even ordinary vaginal sex has become different. With the plug, I feel all the movements of the penis inside, the partner likes the tight contact and the ribbed wall. 
  • The first step to experimenting – I once bought a small phallus for anal stimulation, but it did not take root in games. Despite the sparing size, it turned out to be painful to take two members at once (an artificial one and a partner). Rhinestone is ideal for the initial experience of anal sex with a partner and preparation for it. 

What did not like:

  • Temperature – the metal is cold, it turned out to be unpleasant for me when the tip of the toy touched the heated body. If you hold it in your hands for a while, the cork heats up and the temperature difference is not felt. 
  • Inconvenience for a partner in some poses – by experience, we found out that in positions such as doggy- style, the edge of the rhinestone (where a plastic stone) presses on the partner’s pubis and even touches the penis. My man is distracted by this, the first time I had to change positions several times so that both were comfortable. 

I definitely liked the toy. She encouraged our couple not to stop experimenting in bed and gave unusual sensations during normal activities. Hopefully in the future we will use the plug for its intended purpose – for anal sex.

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