How to hide stretch marks during sex

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How to hide stretch marks during sex

When it comes to sex with a new partner, some girls are very shy about their bodies. Stretch marks, cellulite, scars seem terrible to them, they cannot relax, fearing that this will push the man away. But there are simple ways to mask imperfect body features.

Proper lighting

Subdued light hides many flaws. You can create it using a night lamp or a floor lamp, and the main light is dimmed. Side dim lighting allows you to see the silhouettes, but not the details. Using candles also makes a difference. Everything seems more romantic. And many details remain invisible. Candles should not be placed next to the bed, but in the distance. This will ensure safety, during a passionate copulation they will not fall to the floor. There should not be too many of them. A room of 20 square meters is enough 2-5 candles, if the goal is a disguise. Of course, this advice is suitable only in the dark. In the afternoon, you can close the windows with blackout curtains. But this will not provide the necessary twilight, but only dim the light.  


Beautiful underwear

There is underwear that does not have to be removed during sex.

  • Ketsuit. This is the finest jumpsuit that adorns the body. In the crotch area, holes are provided so that you do not have to remove it during proximity . Stocking on the body perfectly mask stretch marks, scars or other irregularities of the body. It is especially useful if you need to hide the tummy with traces of bearing a child.  
  • A stocking belt also covers the problem area of ​​the abdomen. But you need to choose exactly a high belt, which is attached to the waist. And when donning, it is important to consider that first stockings and a belt, and then panties, so that when undressing you do not have to remove the entire structure. 
  • Panties with access. This is linen, in the crotch of which there is a slot. During intimacy, a man enters this hole without taking off his clothes. But such a thing is not always ideal for the first sex, more often it is bought in order to diversify intimacy. 

Emphasis on other parts of the body

Men love to look at the female body. But their attention can be redirected using useful accessories. For example, if you need to divert attention from the thighs with cellulite, it is concentrated on the chest. This can be done using a harness or a sword belt, sometimes the decoration is called “straps”. Straps or ribbons that gracefully accentuate the curves perfectly adorn the body. They are created for different sites. You can highlight the chest, waist, shoulders, hips. And pulling attention, they do not allow a man to pay attention to the “problem” areas.  

Choosing the Right Pose

In the “horsewoman” pose, he has a beautiful view of his chest, but not of his hips. In the “doggy style” he does not see his stomach at all, but only his back and buttocks. Scars from a cesarean section are invisible in the pose of the “spoon”. When choosing a position, think about whether his eyes will be focused on the problem area. If so, choose a different pose for pleasure.


If the embarrassment is too strong, you can blindfold the man . A special tape or mask will deprive him of the opportunity to see something for a while, he will have to navigate by touch. This can be taught as an exciting game, and many representatives of the strong half of humanity will participate in it with pleasure. You can blindfold both partners, such an experiment will allow you to examine each other with touches, and this is very exciting. 

But it is worthwhile to understand that one day he will still see all stretch marks, scars and cellulite. All camouflage tips are just a way to delay the time until he finds out about their existence anyway. And most often it turns out that such nuances are less confusing for men than for women themselves. And they choose a companion not for perfect skin, but for emotional comfort next to her.

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