How to increase pleasure in 5 basic sex positions

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How to increase pleasure in 5 basic sex positions

Do you want to spice up sex and have more fun? Then don’t miss out on these helpful tips that will change your attitude towards familiar positions. You will learn how to transform the most popular positions so that both partners get maximum pleasure. Let’s look at some examples?

Pleasant sex is not only the achievement of the final climax in the form of an orgasm, but also the very process of receiving pleasure. Changing the angle of penetration, speeding up or slowing down the pace, additional touches – all this will help increase the thrill from intimacy with a partner, increasing arousal and brightening the orgasm. Let’s look at some examples of basic positions transformation?

1. Missionary position

Despite the fact that many couples often have sex in the missionary position, it can hardly be called popular. Often women admit that it is hard for them because of the weight of their partner, that they do not experience an orgasm. Men are also not all enthusiastic about the missionary position, since they have to not only maintain their weight during the whole process, but also move, as a rule, alone.

But do not rush to give up on the missionary position, because it can be transformed. If a friend puts a pillow under the buttocks, then the angle of penetration of the penis will change, and at the same time the sensations will change. In addition, the partner can squeeze her legs together so that the man encompasses her thighs with his legs, and does not sit between her thighs. This will tighten the penetration and increase the stimulation of the clitoris during movement.

2. Pose “Horsewoman”

Many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity love the positions of the “Girl on top” category, since they allow you to feel power over your partner and at the same time make it possible to independently control the process in all the little things. In particular, the options for the “Horsewoman” or “Horsewoman” pose have had great success . You can increase the pleasure by leaning slightly towards your partner. So his penis will stimulate the G-spot, while increasing friction between the man’s body and his girlfriend’s genitals. It’s no secret that most women are more likely to experience clitoral rather than vaginal orgasms. So, when leaning forward, the clitoris will rub against the man, from which pleasure will increase and orgasm will be guaranteed.  

3. Pose “Doggy-style”

A popular and passionate position that men are crazy about, because they are allowed to be alpha males, violent lovers. This pose evokes a truly animal passion in people. But not all girls can experience orgasm in the knee-elbow position. What can be done?

Try experimenting with flip flops first. There is no dispute about tastes, but polls show that sonorous spanking turns on women. They don’t have to be painful. When slapping, the muscles contract not only in the buttocks, but also in the holy of holies. In such moments, the man’s penis is felt stronger, and the guy will feel a pleasant compression. Sex can also change dramatically depending on how the partner bends. Try lifting your buttocks, spreading your legs wider or squeezing them, arching your back. At the same time, a man can stroke his girlfriend on the back. In general, you just need to choose the most successful version of the doggy-style pose for yourself . 

4. Pose “Spoons”

The wondrous position is one of the most popular sex positions. Partners in it are located on their side, slightly bent knees: the man lies behind his girlfriend, entering from behind vaginally. This is ideal for those who like to fall asleep immediately after sex or prefer morning sex immediately after waking up. But this version of the pose can be made even more pleasant.

Blindfolds can help enhance sexual sensuality. By depriving ourselves of the opportunity to see, we sharpen other senses. In this case, all attention will be focused on touch, on the sensations from touching the partner’s body. A man can enhance his girlfriend’s enjoyment in several ways. With your lower hand, you can grab your friend by the neck, slightly strangling her. It is no secret that asphyxiation enhances orgasm due to the release of adrenaline. Just be careful not to injure each other by playing Strangler! With the other hand, you can stimulate the clitoris or play with the woman’s breasts. A friend, in turn, can bring her upper hand behind her back, stroking her lover’s buttocks. Another way to change your posture is to lie perpendicular. This will radically change the angle and depth of penetration, at the same time the man will be able to move faster.

5. Pose “69”

Probably every couple has tried this pose at least once. Not all oral sex lovers like this situation. The classic 69 pose (in which one partner lies and the other is on top) is often inconvenient for the lower partner. And even with a dominant position, you have to monitor your posture so as not to put on too much weight and not cause discomfort to your loved one. But the pose can be made more enjoyable. You just both need to sit on your side with a jack. This will make it easier for you to lie down without straining. An added bonus: it will be easier to stimulate your partner’s intimate areas.

The main problem with the 69 position is that it is simply uncomfortable to deliver oral stimulation at the same time. You can act differently, alternating your actions. While the partner caresses the girlfriend orally, she can caress him with her hand. Then the partner gives the man a blowjob while he pleases her with his hand. This will make it easier to focus on both your actions and your feelings.
In addition to the ways we have mentioned, it is worth experimenting with the edging technique, as well as diversifying sex with the pompur technique. Believe me, new and vivid sensations await you! Wanting to make sex spicy in an effort to achieve brighter orgasms, many first of all decide to abandon the basic positions in sex. There is no need to look for something like that, making tricks in difficult positions. Basic poses can be cool too with some tweaks.  

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