Instructions for use Atarax

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Instructions for use Atarax

Atarax is an anxiolytic and sedative, which is a blocker of histamine H1 receptors. The substance belongs to piperazine derivatives, has an average m-quinoline blocking activity, decongestant and antiemetic effect.

Release form and composition

The drug Atarax is available in 2 dosage forms – in the form of an injection solution and tablets:

  • The solution intended for intramuscular administration is a clear liquid in ampoules made of colorless glass, 2 ml each. Ampoules are enclosed in a plastic cell package of 6 pieces on a pallet. There is 1 pallet in a cardboard box. 2 ml (1 ampoule) of Atarax contains the active substance – hydroxysine hydrochloride and auxiliary components – sodium hydroxide, injection water.
  • are white, enteric coated, have an oblong shape, on both sides at risk. In a cardboard box is a foil PVC blister with 25 tablets. The composition of the tabletted preparation includes the active substance – hydroxysine hydrochloride and auxiliary components – lactose monohydrate, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, colloidal silicon dioxide. The shell consists of titanium dioxide, hypromellose and macrogol.

Instructions for using the product with detailed information on the indications, contraindications, dosage, composition, side effects, etc. are enclosed in a branded cardboard pack of any form of the drug.

Pharmachologic effect

Like analogues of the active substance, Atarax has a bronchodilating and antihistamine effect on the human body. Effectively eliminates any kind of allergic reaction in the form of urticaria, skin itching, eczema.


The main active ingredient of Atarax is hydroxyzine dihydrochloride (a derivative of diphenylmethane). The tool does not have a depressing effect on the central nervous system, however, it can inhibit some processes that occur in the subcortical zone of the brain.

The active substance of Atarax is rapidly absorbed from the digestive tract, reaching a maximum concentration in the blood, no longer than 2 hours after taking the drug. With oral and intramuscular administration, the bioavailability of the substance is 80%.

According to the reviews of patients who underwent treatment with Atarax, the tool effectively and quickly eliminates the main manifestations of the diseases listed in the indications for use. In addition, there is an improvement in sleep and general condition.


When metabolized, hydroxyzine hydrochloride is transformed into cetarizine, which has the properties of a histamine receptor antagonist. In this form, the substance easily penetrates the placental barrier, accumulating in large quantities in breast milk. Therefore, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, Atarax can not be an indication for the treatment of any types of pathologies.

The metabolized substance is excreted from the human body unchanged in the urine. In patients suffering from serious kidney disease, there is an increased content of metabolites in the blood plasma. To prescribe the correct dosage of the drug should consult a doctor.

Indications for use of Atarax

Tablets and solution for intramuscular injection Atarax is prescribed:

  • with depression – a mental disorder, manifested by a decrease in mood, a loss of the ability to enjoy any life situation;
  • insomnia – asomnia or insomnia, expressed in a sleep disorder (of insufficient duration, intermittent, etc.);
  • neurosis – a neurotic disorder that occurs against a background of various psychological, psychophysical injuries;
  • menopause – a period in the biological life of the female body, characterized by the extinction of sexual function that occurs at a certain age;
  • osteochondrosis – a degenerative change that occurs in the intervertebral discs, vertebral body, joints and ligaments, as a result of which their ability to function normally is lost;
  • a hangover – the post-toxic state of the body resulting from abuse of alcohol-containing drinks, accompanied by uncomfortable psychological and physiological effects;
  • epilepsy – a chronic disease of the neurological type, manifested in convulsive muscle contractions.

To relieve itching and other negative skin manifestations, 25 mg of the tabletted drug per day is sufficient. The maximum allowable dosage is 100 mg per 24 hours. In the form of a solution to eliminate the above symptoms, Atarax is prescribed in an amount of 1 to 2.5 mg per kilogram of patient body weight.

Panic attacks – inexplicable, painful for the patient attacks of severe anxiety, accompanied by causeless manifestations of fear in combination with other autonomic symptoms. The standard dosage is 50 mg (2 tablets) or 25-100 mg per day in the form of injections. In anxiety disorder – a syndrome characterized by general persistent anxiety associated with certain objects or situations, a similar standard dosage is indicated. In especially serious cases, the maximum daily dose of the solution can be increased to 300 mg.

In any of these cases, the drug is prescribed by the attending physician, who is able to adequately assess the indications and contraindications for use, correctly calculate the dose and, if necessary, adjust it in the future.


Atarax is strictly contraindicated in case of porphyria and the presence of allergic reactions to the main components of the drug. In addition, contraindications for use are:

  • malfunctions of the heart rhythm, including arrhythmia and the body’s predisposition to it;
  • violation of the urinary system – difficulty urinating;
  • myasthenia gravis, characterized by rapid fatigability;
  • increased intraocular pressure;
  • prostatic hyperplasia;
  • difficult bowel movements;
  • dementia of the acquired type.

One of the main contraindications is the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Side effects

With the course of taking Atarax, a number of side effects may occur:

  • on the part of the heart and blood vessels: hypotension and heart palpitations;
  • organs of vision: decreased clarity and accommodation of vision;
  • gastrointestinal tract: dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, constipation;
  • immune system: anaphylactic shock (rare);
  • urinary system: urinary retention;
  • respiratory organs: choking, bronchospasm;
  • neurology: drowsiness, migraine, sleep disturbance, cramps;
  • skin: itching, redness, rash, swelling.

Other side effects include general weakness of the body, fever, a feeling of strong, persistent fatigue.


With excessive intake of Atarax, the following effects are possible:

  • decreased cholinergic activity;
  • depression or increased activity of the central nervous system;
  • the appearance of involuntary muscle contractions;
  • nausea, vomiting reflex;
  • uncoordination of movements and the appearance of hallucinations;
  • malfunctions in the heart rhythm;
  • lowering blood pressure;
  • involuntary trembling of the limbs;
  • cramps.

When taking a high dose of the drug, it is indicated to rinse the stomach, induce vomiting, and use symptomatic treatment. The patient should be under the supervision of a doctor until the negative manifestations disappear.


The combined use of Atarax with other drugs can significantly distort the therapeutic effect of taking both drugs. Therefore, before prescribing a medicine, the doctor studies the picture of the disease in detail, recommends the drug, based on the general state of the patient’s health and the possibility of combining the course of treatment with taking previously prescribed drugs.

  • Atarax and Phenazepam. The effect of the drug on the human body is enhanced in case of joint administration with drugs that depress the central nervous system. Selection of doses for effective therapy should be carried out only by a specialist.
  • Atarax and Corvalol. Both drugs help lower blood pressure, so their uncontrolled use can lead to loss of consciousness and poor health.
  • Atarax and Grandaxin. Both drugs belong to the category of anti-anxiety drugs, their effect is almost the same, therefore, the use of drugs in combination is possible only under the supervision of a doctor. Joint reception of funds significantly enhances the action of both.
  • Atarax and Glycine. Both drugs have a calming effect on the body, so a joint dose can only be prescribed by your doctor.
  • Atarax and Concor do not interact with each other, therefore, they can be prescribed for simultaneous administration without harm to health.
  • Atarax and Amitriptyline are drugs from the same interaction group, so in most cases the doctor prescribes one of them. Variations of combinations are sometimes possible, but only under the supervision of a physician.
  • Atarax and Afobazol. Both drugs have the same spectrum of action on the human body, so the joint prescription of drugs is not recommended. As a result, you can get the opposite effect to the desired effect – overexcitation.
  • Atarax and Mexidol. Both drugs are able to lower blood pressure, so the combined use of funds should be strictly dosed and caution when prescribed.
  • Zoloft and Atarax. In combination and with the right dosage, these drugs have an effective therapeutic complex effect on the nervous system.

In combination with drugs based on H2-histamine receptor blockers, cardiac glycosides, antihypertensive drugs, alkaloids and atropine, Atarax can be prescribed without fear.

It is not recommended to combine the product with the following groups of substances:

  • depressing effect on the central nervous system;
  • narcotic or alcoholic components;
  • tranquilizers;
  • barbiturates;
  • sleeping pills.

You should refrain from taking alcohol-containing substances during treatment with Atarax.

When taking substances that cause arrhythmia, there is a risk of increasing the symptom and developing ventricular tachycardia.

Analogs of Atarax

Atarax analogues are drugs that are similar in active substance and spectrum of action. The main ones include:

  • Hydroxyzine canon;
  • Selank;
  • Afobazole;
  • Elzepam
  • Stresam;
  • Adaptol;
  • Paglüferal;
  • Tsipralex;
  • Zoloft;
  • Clopixol-acufaz;
  • Valerianachel.

Which is better: Atarax or Grandaxin?

Both drugs belong to the group of tranquilizers, are used in the treatment of anxiety disorders, have a moderately optimal ratio of effectiveness and safety. However, these are drugs that are different in composition and mechanism of action.

Grandaxin belongs to the group of benzodiazepines, is available only in the form of tablets, the active substance is tofisopam (a derivative of diazepam). The mechanism of action on the body is associated with exposure to the GABA-benzodiazepine complex in the central nervous system, which leads to inhibition of GABA on nerve cells.

The appointment of any of the drugs should be entrusted to the attending physician. Atarax is considered a tranquilizer that has a mild effect on the body and is used for mild anxiety disorders. Grandaxinum is a powerful drug prescribed for more serious mental disorders, requiring a carefully considered dosage and a preliminary comprehensive assessment of the patient’s condition. If Atarax can be included in complex therapy, then Grandaxin is prescribed exclusively as a single agent.

Which is better: Atarax or Phenibut?

Phenibut is a representative of the nootropic pharmacological group, so we can safely say that the drugs, without interacting with each other, perfectly complement each other. Phenibut is available in the form of tablets and powder, the nootropic and tranquilizing activity of the drug is determined by the active substance – the phenyl derivative of gamma-aminobutyric acid and phenylethamine, plus defominopositive components.

Phenibut relieves anxious feelings, has an antiplatelet, antioxidant and psychostimulating effect, reduces fear, restores normal sleep, stimulates brain activity.

Both drugs have almost the same effect on the body, have a calming effect on the central nervous system, while not inhibiting it. However, Atarax does not cause irritation of the intestinal mucosa when taken orally, but does not help with chronic insomnia. Phenibut has a prolonged effect in cases where it is necessary to increase concentration and improve memory, but unlike Atarax it does not help with itchy dermatitis.

Which is better: Atarax or Theraligen?

Teraligen is an antipsychotic, antihistamine, hypnotic and antispasmodic. The drug has a blocking effect on the receptors of serotonin, adrenaline, dopamine receptors of the brain, has a slight sedative effect, suppresses coughing attacks. The tool is prescribed for somatic mental disorders, excessive irritability and bouts of unreasonable fear.

Teraligen is used for neurosis, depression, mental illness and allergies. In this case, Atarax eliminates only skin dermatoid manifestations, while Theraligen from any allergic reactions. The action of substances is different:

  • Atarax is predominantly indicated for psychomotor agitation;
  • Teraligen is an antipsychotic drug designed to treat a large number of pathologies.

The price of Atarax is approximately 280 rubles, Teraligen – 450 rubles.

Which is better: Atarax or Phenazepam?

Both drugs are used to treat an obsessive feeling of anxiety and anxiety, and cope with panic attacks.

Phenazepam is a tranquilizer that has a complex effect on the body, popular for its effectiveness in treating emotional instability and other pathologies that occur against the background of an imbalance in the nervous system. It is used to treat insomnia, alcohol withdrawal, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, neurosis, psychosis, convulsions, etc. The danger of the drug lies in the ability to cause dependence in patients, therefore, the drug is prescribed for no more than a two-week course of therapy.

Among the side effects you can list dizziness, drowsiness, coma. Exceeding the dosage means is fatal.

The active substances of drugs act differently. In any case, Phenazepam is considered a medicine, much more serious in terms of its effect on the body. However, it does not eliminate the cause of the disorder, but only suppresses the symptoms for a certain period of time. In addition, in most cases, patients who take Phenazepam courses for a long time may experience a withdrawal effect – that is, after stopping the drug, the symptoms of the disease increase with renewed vigor.

As a general comparison, Phenazepam is a more effective drug than Atarax, while the latter is much safer.

Which is better: Atarax or Afobazole?

Afobazole is an anti-anxiety agent with a neuroprotective effect. The active substance of the drug is fabomotizole, which is able to restore nerve cell receptors damaged by nervous stress and prevent their further destruction. Afobazole reduces anxiety, relieves stress, restores normal sleep, is used as a sedative in the premenstrual period, effectively fights a hangover, and helps to quit smoking. The substance is not addictive, is well tolerated by the body, is safe to use.

Afobazole, unlike Atarax, is milder, while it effectively affects the causes of pathologies, does not cause drowsiness or lethargy. It can be used even if a person spends a large amount of time behind the wheel. The drug can be combined with alcohol.

Atarax, unlike Afobazole, has numerous side effects, while both drugs have a prolonged effect on the body.

Which is better: Atarax or Adaptol?

Adaptol is a tranquilizer used in symptomatic treatment. It effectively restores sleep, increases the tolerance of the patient’s body to antipsychotics and other tranquilizers, and is used in the treatment of neurosis. You can use the tool even during the day, during exams.

Medications are similar in effect on the body, on the concentration of attention and the ability to cause negative reactions from the central nervous system. Moreover, they differ in indications, composition, contraindications, age restrictions. Atarax is prescribed to children from 1 year old, Adaptol – from 18 years old.

Which is better: Atarax or Stresam?

The drugs have a radically opposite spectrum of action. If Atarax has an antihistamine effect, then Stresam acts through the GABA system and allopregnanolone. Stresam is often used for menopause, during menopause, being, in a sense, a substitute drug. The effect of taking the drug appears after a few weeks of course treatment.

Stresam is available in the form of capsules with the active substance etifoxin hydrochloride. It is mainly used to eliminate anxiety, fear, internal stress, irritability, low mood, it is especially often prescribed for pathologies of a cardiovascular nature.

Unlike Atarax, which eliminates dermatoid manifestations on the skin, Stresam can cause skin rashes, hives and Quincke’s edema.

Which is better: Atarax or Sonapax?

Sonapax is a tablet-produced drug with an antipsychotic, sedative effect that eliminates the effects of depression. The main indications for the use of Atarax and Sonapax are similar, up to the elimination of dermatological problems. However, when applying the latter, the probability and number of side effects is much greater. For example, as adverse reactions, anemia, obesity, sudden changes in appetite occur.

If Atarax is prescribed to children of one year of age, then Sonapax is recommended for use by children no earlier than 4 years old. During pregnancy, in some cases, it is possible to prescribe Sonapax in reduced dosages.

Which is better: Atarax or Spitomin?

Spitomin is available in the form of tablets, the active substance is buspirone hydrochloride. The drug is a tranquilizer that has an antidepressant effect. Like Atarax, it is used for panic disorders, autonomic dysfunctions, a hangover, as an adjunct therapy for the treatment of depressive syndrome. However, Spitomin has practically no side effects. Usually they appear at the beginning of the course of treatment, and then disappear. A special contraindication is a severe form of renal failure.

The effectiveness and spectrum of effects on the body of the substance are almost the same, so the decision on the appointment should be left to the attending physician.

Which is better: Atarax or Hydroxyzine?

Hydroxysine is the main active substance of Atarax, therefore, the spectrum of action on the body, indications and contraindications for taking drugs are identical. Prescribe a course of treatment for each of these funds can only be the attending physician.

Atarax for children

Atarax is recommended for use in babies from 1 year old, exclusively in the form of a solution for intramuscular injection. The tablet form of the drug can be prescribed from 3 years. Without prior consultation with a doctor, taking the drug is strictly prohibited for children.

Atarax with alcohol

The drug has a relaxing effect on the human body, the manifestations of which are very similar to the effects of alcohol. Therefore, the combined use of these funds can cause a number of unpleasant side effects, up to loss of consciousness and coma. The medicine can only be used as a restorative for a hangover and only with the appointment of a doctor.

Atarax during pregnancy and lactation

The active substance of Atarax easily penetrates the placental barrier and is able to accumulate in large quantities in breast milk. At the same time, it has been scientifically proven that in the child’s body, hydroxyzine hydrochloride accumulates to a much greater extent than in the tissues of the mother’s body. Therefore, the reception of the drug is completely excluded.

Terms of sale

Atarax in any dosage form in a pharmacy can be purchased only by prescription.

Storage conditions

Atarax tablets and ampoules should be stored at a temperature not exceeding + 25 ° C, in a place protected from direct sunlight, away from children and pets.

Shelf life

Atarax tablets and injection are suitable for use 5 years from the date of manufacture indicated on the package.


Atarax is made in Belgium by Laboratoires Thissen, S.a. The Russian representative office is YUSB Pharma S.A.

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