Interesting ideas for foreplay before sex

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Interesting ideas for foreplay before sex

Over time, sex life becomes insipid and monotonous. The prelude before intimacy helps to bring new colors into it. For the most part, it is important for women, because in order to achieve a bright orgasm, they need to be well aroused. Foreplay helps men to revive their former passion, to begin to experience tender feelings for a partner.

Why do we need a prelude, from the point of view of physiology?

The sexual act is divided into stages:

  • plateau – direct excitation;
  • intercourse;
  • final caresses.

For arousal, men need 2-3 minutes, and women need at least 15.

Sociological studies have established that the average duration of sexual intercourse of married couples is from 4 to 6 minutes. Of these, only 1.5 minutes is foreplay, which is not enough for women.

Physiological changes to prepare for sex:

  • the hormone dopamine is released into the blood – it helps to prepare psychologically for intercourse;
  • a woman begins to produce lubrication, blood flows to the clitoris, increasing it;
  • the vagina narrows – this exacerbates the sensitivity of both partners;
  • in a man, the scrotum is reduced – the testicles rise higher, an erection appears;
  • nipples swell and harden.

Many mistakenly think that only girls need introductory caresses. This is not true. Foreplay brings no less pleasure to men. They solve the problem of premature ejaculation, make relationships with a partner more trusting.

Foreplay Ideas for Girls

Men secretly dream of foreplay, but don’t limit your fantasy to just oral sex. If you excite him correctly, then the quality of intimate life will increase significantly. There are several ways to bring a partner to ecstasy:

  1. Massage. The easiest way is to stretch the muscles of a man with your hands. Simple strokes on the back can relieve stress, relax and set in a positive way. After such a massage, your partner will feel better, be able to respond to caresses. Don’t limit yourself to just your back. Diversify the massage by adding aromatic oils with a stimulating effect, working out the muscles of the chest and buttocks. Undress and smear your body with massage oil – rub it on the man’s back and stomach.
  2. Oral caresses. If you have not included them in the program of your sexual intercourse, then it’s time to do it now. Blowjob – the most common male fantasy, you should not deny it to your boyfriend. When you satisfy your partner orally, watch his reaction to the techniques used. Do not limit yourself to the same type of scenarios, use a gentle technique in combination with a harder one, constantly alternating. Do not forget to pay attention to the scrotum and the area around the penis. Their stimulation with hands, kisses and tongue can turn a man on as much as a deep blowjob. Guys don’t know about this.
  3. Binding. BDSM culture is gaining more and more interest as it breaks the stereotype of the male hunter. Even modest women should try on the main role in bed, this will help to liberate themselves. Tie the man’s hands or fasten them to the headboard, let him relax and enjoy your actions. In this case, he will feel like an amputee in bed or your prey. For most guys, this is a new and uncharted role. You can choose the scenario yourself – gently caress his body, bringing it to a frenzy, or add “peppercorn” to the caress. If you decide to play Mistress, then you need to determine in advance the line that cannot be crossed.

This guide will help a woman bring new colors to her sex life. Additionally, you can choose underwear, makeup and other accessories that will allow your partner to look at you with new eyes.

Ideas for men

The skill of a man does not depend on the size of his penis, but on the skills that he uses in sex or during foreplay. If caresses before sex will take enough time, your partner will achieve orgasm during each contact. She will have no complaints about your skills. To pass for a great lover, you should use the techniques:

  1. Kisses. One of the surest ways to get a partner, set her up for a sexual wave is long and passionate kisses. Please note that in most Hollywood films, it is after them that the characters end up in the same bed. Don’t give up on them in real life. Kiss the girl passionately, passionately, impulsively, long, affectionately and demandingly. As soon as she relaxes, shift your attention from her lips to her ears, neck, chest and stomach. Do not strive to move to the genitals as quickly as possible, increase the intensity of passions slowly.
  2. Massage. Not only men love touching the body, women quickly relax under the strong hands of their chosen one. To set up your partner for sex, apply aromatic massage oil to her skin and start manipulations from the shoulders and back. Change the intensity of the impact. When there are no muscle clamps, ask her to roll over on her back. Slowly massage your chest, touch your stomach and thighs. Take your time – the session should last at least 10 minutes. It is worth lighting candles in the room and putting on music, then the girl will relax faster.
  3. Change of tricks. Women’s skin is thinner and more delicate, so during caresses it is worth touching it more often. Pay special attention to the nipples, they can be caressed in different ways: first kiss gently, then bite. If you are stimulating your breasts with your hands, start by stroking your nipples and then lightly pinch them. After causing mild pain, return to gentle movements. The correctness of your actions will be confirmed by goosebumps. The combination of roughness and tenderness can also be used during the stimulation of the buttocks: change their strokes for gentle blows.
  4. Do not hurry. Did you remember that a woman needs up to 15 minutes to achieve maximum arousal? That is why the main idea of a quality prelude will be the lack of haste. Play with the girl, constantly changing the intensity of passions, using different tricks. You should wait for the moment when the partner literally begins to ask to start the act itself.

It is important for partners to remember that sex is not a one-sided game. Both should participate in the foreplay, even in a situation where one is tied.

What can be done together?

If you only receive or give pleasure from foreplay, then the problems in the sexual sphere in your couple will not disappear anywhere, but will only get worse. Everyone is responsible in their own way for the pleasure of their partner. If you’re tired of bringing novelty to relationships alone, offer to implement one of the ideas together:

  1. Shower. Take it together, washing away the remnants of a hard day. Rub each other gently with a washcloth, paying special attention to the chest and buttocks. After that, you can already proceed to other types of foreplay, sitting on the bed. Kiss and hug right under the shower, and then move on to mutual oral caresses.
  2. Role-playing games. Don’t think it’s funny and stupid. Take your time, play the selected scenario from beginning to end. A modest woman in the role of a sexy nurse can overcome stiffness, do what you have been waiting for from her for so long. You should not try to quickly move on to the most important thing – role-playing games are needed to make you seem like a stranger to your loved one. Drop the complexes and get used to the role so that this experience is positive.
  3. Watching porn together. If you are embarrassed to show that you are interested in films of this genre, then you can start with a light erotic film that you turn on with a glass of wine. In the process, it will be easy to switch to intimate topics in a conversation. This is the time to share your innermost desires and get turned on. When the degree of desire goes off scale, start repeating the actions of the actors. At the same time , notice new positions and techniques for yourself.
  4. Position 69. This is an alternative version of sex or one of the ways foreplay. If you, before taking it, pay enough attention to the stimulation of erogenous zones, it will be possible to achieve orgasm. Then do not limit yourself to oral sex. After a short break, you can repeat the act in the classical way. On such an evening, you will prove to each other that your sexual relationship has not become obsolete. They can still be taken to the next level. This idea is good when you have nowhere to hurry and you are in the mood for a long stay in bed. Do not resort to it if you are tired after work or cannot spend a lot of time on sex. Position 69 with repeated intercourse after it will help to cope with the problem of premature ejaculation in a man. The second entry will be longer and more pleasant for the woman.
  5. Joint masturbation. Guys in long-term relationships often engage in self-pleasure. This helps them relieve stress when there is no way to have a full sexual intercourse. Women are less likely to satisfy themselves, usually this happens with prolonged abstinence. More often they use dildos or other sex shop toys. Using mutual masturbation during foreplay is simple: sit opposite each other and begin to satisfy yourself in your favorite technique on your own. The main rule that will add spice to the situation is that the partners in this game cannot touch each other. But you can find out what technique your partner prefers and get 100% excited by watching him.

It is not necessary to engage in foreplay according to the described scenario. You can change the rules of the games based on the preferences of your couple. Look at the partner’s reaction to choose the right tactics.

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