Jelqing : technique and results

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Jelqing : technique and results

Dissatisfaction with the size of the penis has become the main reason for the development of various methods to increase the length and volume of male dignity. This is jelqing , which allows you to adjust the size of the phallus, to positively affect the quality of sexual intercourse in general.  

What is jelqing ?

Jelq is a kind of massage for the male genital organ. It involves performing movements that are similar to milking. The technique is borrowed from the Arab countries. Gives jelqing results are comparable only with the use of special preparations, but everything here is complete without the use of chemicals.

The exercise allows you to:

  • disperse blood in the vessels, tissues of the penis;
  • get rid of problems with erection, potency;
  • eliminate the imperfection of the size of the penis.

Experts compare movement to the high stress that muscles receive when exercising in the gym. The fibers are strengthened and grow naturally. This principle is absolutely relevant for the whole body, a member is no exception.

Correct and regular training in a special technique stimulates the growth of the soft tissues of the penis due to the healing of microcracks resulting from stress. An erection is improved by the flow of blood to the corpora cavernosa.

Types of jelqing

There are two main options for massaging the phallus to improve erection and resize – no lubrication and wet. The first is aimed at changing the length and volume, while the second has a versatile positive effect. Both techniques are gradually combined to maximize the benefits.


Not widely used. The advantage is that there is no need to use creams and ointments. It requires a lot of patience, since you have to massage the phallus as carefully and carefully as possible.

This jelq is recommended for experienced representatives of the stronger half. It is better to start classes with the use of a wet variety, and after a few weeks master this one. It allows you not to achieve a strong erection, and, therefore, more efficiently load the organ.

It is better to massage the penis without lubrication in the morning. This will avoid discomfort. The hardest part is for uncircumcised men.

With lubricant

Wet or wet jelq is most widely used due to the fact that it is made using a greasy lubricant. This improves the degree of stretching of the epithelium. Ideal for beginners.

In numerous forums, it is advised to even use petroleum jelly. Andrologists recommend using hypoallergenic lubricants . This is a much more correct decision. You should choose a product that does not dry out for a long time. Otherwise, you will have to constantly renew the lubricant.

How to do it correctly?

The exercise is done after preliminary preparation. This reduces the risk of injury. Perform jelqing exclusively to erect 50-70% member. It is impossible to massage the phallus with a strong erection. The fabrics will not stretch well and be damaged. If he is too relaxed, the blood flows slowly, that is, it will not work to enlarge the penis.

The number of approaches directly depends on how trained the man is:

  • The first month of jelq is carried out every other day for 100-150 approaches. This prepares the phallus for a higher degree of stress.
  • The second month, gymnastics is done according to the 2: 1 scheme. Two days of training, a day of rest between them. It should be exactly 24 hours.
  • For the third month, the organ is completely ready for two versions of jelq . They alternate. The organ is sufficiently trained, requires more impact when tightening the grip. Otherwise, the load will not be practically felt.

Important! The presence of damage is a contraindication. Wait until they heal completely.

The exercise begins to be performed only after preliminary warming up of the phallus:

  • rinse your penis with warm water;
  • wrap the phallus with a towel soaked in hot water;
  • dip your penis in warm water for 5-10 minutes.

Steaming makes the fabric more elastic. Ointments, creams are applied only to dry skin. The phallus is dried with a towel ironed on both sides, which is wrapped around the male organ.

There are several ways to do this exercise. Each has its own characteristics. The choice depends on the desired goal.

Jelq varietyExecution
WetOption 1. After preparation, an erection of 55% is achieved, lubricant is applied, which is renewed as it dries, with the index and thumb of the right hand, grasp the base of the phallus, gently squeezing. It is carried out in a “ring” until the end in about 3-4 seconds. Change hand and repeat the same action. The total number of repetitions should be 500 approaches, and the training time should be up to 10-20 minutes.
Option 2. It is done using a lubricant applied from base to head. Grabbing the penis in the way described above, the penis is stretched first down, then a little to the side. Movements should be strong but neat. Hands are changing.
DryOption 3. No slipping due to lack of lubrication. Otherwise, the design is similar to the first option. The main thing is to act very carefully. The movement allows you to increase the length of the penis. The impact on volume is not as pronounced.
Option 4. Repeats the first method of jelqing with the use of lubricant, but the movements are much slower. At the upper extreme point, they linger for 10 seconds. Such massage manipulations stimulate blood flow to the head, which becomes larger in volume.

If you have questions or unclear points, you can always watch video lessons of any jelqing option from professionals. They will help you understand exactly what the movements should be.

Potential danger

The method brings invaluable benefits for the phallus, libido, but it can be harmful. Incorrect execution leads to injuries:

  • capillary bleeding;
  • red dots on the phallus;
  • loss of skin elasticity;
  • stretching of the epithelium;
  • blood clots;
  • the appearance of corns.

Negative consequences are manifested in the refusal of lubricants, oils. If small nodules are found on the phallus, it means that classes are stopped until complete recovery or they turn to a specialist.

Important! Jelq should not cause discomfort and pain. The presence of such feelings indicates violations when the basic rules and recommendations are not followed. To prevent this, you should focus on your own well-being.

Jelqing results : before and after

On various thematic forums and sites, you can find not only verbal reviews, but also photos. They show progress from jelqing to exercise and beyond as a few months pass. Many representatives of the strong half of humanity are impressed by the result:

  • an increase in the length of the phallus from 3 to 7 cm in 3-4 months;
  • increased sensitivity of the penis;
  • increased potency, erection;
  • stable libido.

Such comments from those who have experienced miraculous movements find quite logical justification. The penis can be pumped like any muscle. It can become larger in size, and due to the stimulation of blood flow, the sensitivity and degree of reaction of the nerve endings are normalized.

Final pros and cons

Should you resort to this technique? To answer this question, one should analyze the advantages and disadvantages of such “gymnastics” for the male genital organ.

change in length and thickness by 10-30 mmrisks of corns, bruising
stimulation of potency and erectionsores and redness
improvement of tissue flexibility and phallus functiondamage to the integrity of the skin
control of erection and ejaculationviolation of morning erection and libido
increased endurance during intercourse 
improving the sensitivity of the penis 

The disadvantages are manifested with excessive effort, pressure, chafing and neglect of the number of recommended approaches. A lot is not good. Any tool works, but only if the measure is followed.

Contraindications to such exercises

Training for the male genital organ is not allowed for everyone. Do exercises jelqing is contraindicated when there is:

  • curvature of the penis of the second and third degree;
  • thinning of the walls of blood vessels;
  • venereal diseases;
  • skin injuries on the genital organ;
  • cancerous tumors in the genitourinary system;
  • polyps in the urethra.

Caution should be observed in those who have suffered a stroke or heart attack. The stress in the first two weeks should be minimal. It is recommended to start with 50 approaches.

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