Masturbation in the family bedroom. Unusual experience

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Masturbation in the family bedroom. Unusual experience

Masturbation is not always a process that occurs alone. Similar actions can be helpful in the family bedroom. And watching masturbation, mutual caresses can make a difference. They are very useful for better recognition of each other and for unusual sensations. How to introduce masturbation in family life?

Masturbate advise sexologists

Specialists in the study of sex and psychology often recommend that clients do not give up masturbation. And sometimes they even prescribe it for studying the body, searching for new experiences and the path to pleasure. It happens that they recommend using masturbation in pairs.

For example, a woman can stimulate herself in front of a man. This will not only excite both, but also help him to better know what touches she likes best, how to act to bring her to orgasm. Masturbation is recommended during periods when sex is prohibited. For example, with various diseases or some physical limitations. Then this process can become a substitute for another contact. And it will cause sexual release. 

Therefore, masturbation in the conjugal bedroom is a normal occurrence. And you can and should resort to it if you want something unusual. 

How to masturbate in front of a partner?

How to show another person a very personal process? For some, this is a simple question, for someone a difficult one. But there is a simple rule: it should be interesting to both. This may be embarrassing , but there should be more curiosity in this. It is worth discussing whether a partner can intervene and participate. It all depends on the game and on desires. Sometimes you can start to masturbate, and then continue together. Or you can reach the finals and demonstrate the whole process. How to overcome fear? An eye mask can help. It creates a sense of detachment. But at the same time, it deprives contact with the eyes, which is very exciting. 


How to realize mutual masturbation?

You can stimulate each other with your hands simultaneously or alternately . At the same time, it is worth agreeing that there will be no transition to habitual sex. For example, genital massage will not go into oral caresses. If there is a transition, then this will not be masturbation, but a prelude. To caress another person is interesting with hands and different objects. Masturbation involves exposure to the genitals and other powerful erogenous zones. At the same time, you can and should use grease or massage compositions so that the touches are pleasant and the movements are smooth. In the process, it is worth observing the reaction of the receiving party, excluding what you didn’t like and repeating what “entered”. Hints to each other will not be superfluous , so that the pleasure is maximum. 


How to diversify the process of masturbation?

No need to think that masturbation in pairs and alone will give similar feelings. Usually, everything is completely different. It is emotionally that everything happens differently. And with mutual touches there can still be something “not perfect”. But this is still a very interesting experience that is worth a try.

To make the process brighter and more fun, it should be diversified with sex toys. With them, orgasm can be easier. And there are tons of things that are perfect for such experiments:

  • Vibrators. Excitation of the device excites. Any vibrating thing can touch the nipples, abdomen, crotch to cause a pleasant response. Such effects are suitable for any gender. And at the time of maximum excitement, it is better to use such a sex toy for the clitoris or head of the penis. 
  • Masturbators. Male sex toys giving a feeling of penetration. Beloved person can hold and direct the device. This will make the process unusual, but vibrant. 
  • Exciting creams. Special formulations that cause a rush of blood to the genitals. And this enhances sensitivity, makes all touches very intense. An orgasm with such creams comes faster. 

Masturbation is always different with sex toys. And in a pair it is important that it is never boring. Using intimate things, it turns out to always experience something unusual.

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