Products that have a bad effect on potency

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Products that have a bad effect on potency

“We are what we eat.” It follows from this phrase that our food has an impact on our health. A healthy body should function normally, and this also applies to the reproductive system. 

For men, health lies in normal potency. It is not difficult to break it if you neglect proper nutrition. What foods have a bad effect on potency and how to reduce their effect.

Why isn’t all food safe?

There are products that negatively affect men, reducing potency. These include those that worsen the general condition. Cardiovascular diseases, glandular diseases, and digestive disorders affect blood circulation and the amount of hormones.

Due to the disruption of the work of the main organs, the level of testosterone decreases, problems of the sexual sphere arise. Some reduce the production of sex hormones, inhibit spermatogenesis, libido.

Products are enemies

One of the main enemies of men’s health is junk food.

Who are these secret edible pests?

Meat products. The bad thing is meat that is produced industrially, because it contains female hormones that affect the growth of animals. Junk food includes baked goods and smoked meats.

Excess blood sugar has a detrimental effect on male sexual health by promoting increased production of insulin, which interferes with the action of free testosterone molecules. Constantly elevated blood glucose ultimately disrupts the conduction of nerve endings, which also negatively affects a man’s sexual performance.

Sugary sodas tend to exceed your daily sugar intake. Excess blood sugar disrupts potency, contributing to increased production of insulin. Constantly elevated blood sugar disrupts the conduction of nerve endings, which negatively affects men’s health.

Soy protein, which contains phytoestrogens – plant analogues of female sex hormones. In small portions, soy will not harm, but if a man follows the now popular trend of replacing meat with soy, he risks earning a suppression of testosterone production.

Foods high in cholesterol. Its main source is fatty meats. Cholesterol is a participant in the synthesis of testosterone, but an excess leads to atherosclerotic vascular damage. This leads to a decrease in function, since the blood does not provide an erection for the penis. Therefore, you should not abuse fatty pork and beef, butter, canned fish, caviar, egg yolks, cheeses.

Foods rich in transgenic fats from fast food restaurants. It is not for nothing that they consider it harmful. Excess fat contributes to the disruption of the internal metabolism of fats, which affects the general condition.

Beer is another pest. It leads to hormonal imbalance, since it contains phytoestrogens. These estrogens are plant-based, but they also decrease testosterone levels. The consequence is a decrease in male strength. A beer belly is a direct indicator of low testosterone levels and increased estrogen production.

Caffeinated drinks. They decrease the amount of male hormones and increase the amount of estrogen. But caffeine is quickly excreted from the body. Therefore, the answer to the question – does coffee affect potency – is in the affirmative, but with the proviso that this effect is short-term.

Sausages and smoked meats are dangerous because they contain liquid smoke. It has a toxic effect on testicular tissue and causes a decrease in testosterone production.

Canned vegetables. The accumulation of salts affects the increase in blood pressure, stress on the work of the heart.

It is widely believed that mint has a negative effect on potency. This is partly true. She should not get carried away, since mint depresses the central nervous system, which leads to a decrease in sexual desire.


The effect of alcohol is ambiguous and depends on the dose and frequency of use. It changes the work of blood vessels, systematic abuse leads to disruption of the liver. Because of this, the exchange of hormones is disrupted. It is not worth talking about alcoholism, it is known that this disease leads to the complete degradation of all systems, in particular to impotence.

How does smoking affect?

Smoking can be roughly attributed to foods consumed by humans, and it also harms sexual function. Smoking promotes spasm of microvessels, which lasts 2-3 hours.

When smoking several cigarettes a day, the vessels experience overload, which leads to a decrease in sexual function. An excess of nicotinic acid disrupts the structure of the vascular walls. Avoiding smoking reduces the harmful effects of microcirculatory disorders.

What to eat?

What is a man without fear for his libido? Not all delicious food is banned. Most of the foods that have a beneficial effect on male strength fit into the concept of “tasty and healthy food.”

Healthy foods:

  • seafood (almost instantly increase male energy) – sea fish (flounder), oysters, shrimp;
  • honey and bee bread (in moderation), there is even a folk recipe for increasing potency based on a mixture of honey and nuts;
  • fruits (vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants contribute to the normal functioning of the body as a whole) – pomegranates, kiwi, figs, apricots, mangoes, avocados, pears, peaches, persimmons, citrus fruits;
  • green and red vegetables contain vitamins, trace elements (especially iron and zinc), antioxidants – celery, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, turnips;
  • lean meats;

pumpkin seeds, walnuts and pine nuts. The beneficial properties of nuts for a man’s sexual health are due to their composition: zinc, vitamins (A, B, C, E, K), manganese, potassium, phosphorus, protein. Therefore, they are used as a remedy that has a good effect on potency.

Zinc has the greatest benefit. A man needs at least 15 mg per day. zinc. This trace element is involved in the synthesis of testosterone. Vitamin C – helps to improve sperm quality. Regular use helps to maintain the quality of the sperm.

Vitamin E has a positive effect on sperm quality, can increase the quality and motility of sperm

Expert opinion

The opinion of andrologists is in the recognition of the fact that the inclusion of certain foods in the human diet can have a positive effect on potency. By following a diet, testosterone levels can be increased. This is possessed by the previously listed positions. 

In conclusion, we note that the health of one system is associated with health in general, so following the recommendations for healthy eating helps to improve your sex life.

Knowing what damages potency, adjust your diet in such a way as to minimize the use of negatively acting products.

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