Rules of conduct in sex for girls

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Rules of conduct in sex for girls

Unfortunately, many women take a passive position in sex, believing that the partner should take on all functions: from seduction to physical execution. Such ladies only take attention and caress, condescendingly allowing the man to please them. Sexologists consider this behavior to be erroneous and hopeless. This is the main thing that, in their opinion, girls should do in bed.

Initiative and spontaneity

A woman should be active and emotional in intimate relationships so that passion never fades away and flares up with renewed vigor. To do this, change the scenery of your love pleasures: offer your partner sex in unusual places and at an unusual time for your couple (not only at night).


Surely, you should not remind that a woman should take care of herself under any circumstances. It is unacceptable for a lady to plant vegetation in the bikini area, walk with unkempt nails and an unwashed head. There are no strict criteria for hairstyles and manicure, but the main condition is neatness and hygiene. By the way, hair in the bikini area is allowed only if there is an intimate hairstyle.


Some women sin with an excessive love of perfume. This is bad in everyday life, and in bed it can even ruin everything. It is enough to take a shower before sex and let your partner enjoy your body scent. Otherwise, how does he sense pheromones?


Men don’t like cold women who are silent and emotionless in bed. Sex cannot happen in absolute silence. Do not hold back in the manifestation of feelings, passion, desire, pleasure. Moan, whisper affectionately, even growl if appropriate! A man should see and feel that you like the process, and you experience pleasure, and not just indifferently take sex for granted.


Don’t ask your partner to make love in pitch darkness. Drop all your complexes and let him enjoy your excited swaying breasts, rolling eyes with pleasure, rounded thighs and his hands on your naked body. Men are visualists , so consider their preferences at least occasionally and leave the lights on.
Sexologists say that women, first of all, need to learn how to relax in bed and not spoil the atmosphere with complaints about the imperfection of the figure, criticizing a partner or comparing him with his ex, as well as reacting to various distractions, such as the phone or messages on social networks. Be relaxed and unpredictable, and then you will have no equal in sex.

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