Sets of sex toys. What is it, who needs it?

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Sets of sex toys. What is it, who needs it?

In sex shops today you can buy a set of sex toys. These are several intimate products put together. Such a kit allows you to realize dozens of fantasies, try many new techniques. At the same time, the price for packaging is not high, it is much more profitable than buying each item separately. 

What a set of sex toys consists of

The set items are always different. The composition can be from 2-3 to 15 items . There are options with some kind of bias, for example, BDSM sets. There are options for those new to sex toys. Often the kit includes a number of similar items: anal plugs, cock rings, lubricants. In such cases, it is helpful to understand which is the best fit. A set is an opportunity to determine the size, shape or flavor. The set is often packaged in a gift box so that it can be used as a presentation. Therefore, it looks original and interesting. By the way, you can give this to anyone. Even the boss will like a selection of cosmetics. 


Who Should Choose Sex Toy Sets

There are people who definitely need to buy several items in a sex shop at once, and not just one. Who will enjoy the created collections?

  • For beginners who don’t know where to start. If you really want to experiment, but what exactly to do is not clear. Multiple items will push you to different experiences, and it will be quite fun. You will like something, some not, but then you will understand what to choose next time. 
  • Those who want to save money. Several items are cheaper than all of them separately. Usually the difference is 10 to 50%. And this is very beneficial. But it is important to understand that many kits do not consist of the most interesting things. Unique models are always sold individually. 
  • Lovers of aesthetics. All items in the set are made in the same style. Usually, one color is used and things complement each other. It looks impressive, looks good in photos. 
  • Those wishing to master some techniques. For example, there are bondage kits. These are several items for fixing a person. There are options for anal sex, there are different plugs, Christmas trees, stimulants in the package. It is a help in mastering new experience, it is exciting and very convenient. 
  • Those who cannot decide on the size. For example, it is difficult to understand the diameter of an erection ring that will support an erection well, but not overtighten the body. And it’s easier to buy several options at once in order to try on and find the best. They also choose butt plugs. 
  • Choosing a good gift. Couples will especially like the set. It is pleasant to present it for a wedding, anniversary or other celebration. Looks expensive and will really be fun. 
  • For lovers of long distance sex. Today eats sets of devices for virtual sex. The devices are synchronized with each other, the movements of one are transmitted to the other. These are expensive sets, but using them feels like a real adventure. 

Kits are a good solution for any person. Several toys will not be superfluous, with them it will always be possible to come up with some kind of activity that gives pleasure.

How much is a set of sex toys

There is no single pricing policy for the set, the cost is different. Small sets of cock rings cost from 500 rubles to several thousand. A set for virtual sex will cost tens of thousands of rubles.

What determines the price of a sex kit? Immediately from several parameters: prices, manufacturer, country of manufacture, material, number of things. 

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