Sex in the summer heat without taking off your clothes? Our three and a half scripts

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Sex in the summer heat without taking off your clothes? Our three and a half scripts

The hottest week of July begins, and you already miss the autumn coolness?

Do not do like this!

Get the most out of this sun. Already now – open to its rays and accumulate. And we’ll show you how to turn these joules into a real heat in bed!

Our three and a half clothed sex scenarios:

The director enters the frame

Put on your actress lace panties with free access to the crotch under a light summer dress. Take your camera (and your phone will do) and head to the park to shoot a new film by Tinto Brass. At the last moment, you will receive a message from the casting director that the actor for the main role is not getting in touch. The director and cameraman in one person will now have to fix the equipment and enter the frame. And not only in the frame!   

Good fights evil with a strapon

Arrange a battle of comic heroes. Let the catwoman face Max Shrek, and who will win can be decided in advance and prepared.
If the villain, then stock up on handcuffs and attachments to enhance the effect. If Selena, then take a closer look at strapons.    

Oh, and don’t be too cruel: evil deserves punishment, but let him still be allowed anal relaxants !  

Password: easy access

Invite your friends and have a party in the fresh country air. Costumed. Indicate dress code in invitations: easy access. 

Yes, face control is mandatory. Let the guests prove their lightness to the guard (tip: be the guard yourself)! The heat, which is replaced by the evening coolness, will do its job. Of course, help this with drinks. Choose special distance shorteners: massage candles and aromatic oils. Play the prize of the evening: a gold cork with rhinestones. Call it Precious Tear of the Fallen Angel – just for beauty. 

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