Sexual experiments: how to keep a man during pregnancy?

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Sexual experiments: how to keep a man during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is one of the most interesting periods in a woman’s life. But is this a reason to refuse sex? Especially when your faithful practically ceases to be interested in you, obviously upset that the expectation of the baby thus reflected on your figure. A little more, and he will begin to turn around after any pretty girl. Do you need this ?!  

To some extent, he is glad that all this – toxicosis, a rounded tummy, increased irritability, moodiness – did not happen to him. But some of the men, even rejoicing in the unborn baby, are not at all going to give up their habits. In particular, from daily sex. And if a woman, even if pregnant, begins to refuse to be close to him, then he has similar symptoms: he reacts nervously to the slightest remarks, is prone to unreasonable outbursts of anger, more often than usually reaches for a glass of beer or a glass of vodka, or even disappears from home for a long time.  

How to keep a man? How long can I have sex without consequences for the baby? What intimate dish does the missus prepare so that he again, as some time ago, lost his head in anticipation of meeting you?

Let’s start with the main thing : pregnancy is the happiest period in the life of any couple. It was at this time that neither the man nor the woman had a headache about how best to protect themselves. That is, you can very well refuse protected sex, which most often enhances feelings. 

The second point is the best time for sexual experiments, for methods and poses for which you had certain taboos up to this point. Do not be afraid to let the man a little more than before. In the end, there is a considerable detachment of dandelion men who are blown away by the wind right after you announced your pregnancy. And the fact that your knight is nearby and is not going to wash off anywhere – why is there no reason to treat him with a “piece of sugar”?  

What should women know before embarking on the most important thing, given their condition? Firstly , the fact that at certain stages of pregnancy you need to act with increased caution. For example, in the first three weeks after conception and the last three weeks before childbirth. But even that, this mainly applies to those women who have problems with bearing a child who have had a miscarriage or premature birth. The rest, especially with the first pregnancy, are hardly worth bothering with, especially at the beginning of pregnancy. However, for some girls this is irrelevant – they themselves will find out that they are in an “interesting position” much later than three or four weeks.    

Previously, doctors advised avoiding intimacy in the first three and last three months. In fact, one or two weeks before giving birth is quite enough. The fact is that the male seed contains substances that can provoke contractions. Therefore, there are two options: either use not quite traditional types of sex, or remember the good old friend of women – product No. 2. 

Secondly , it is better to refuse oral care from a man for a while. The fact is that on his lips there may be practical imperceptible signs of developing herpes, and you obviously do not need this happiness. This acute viral disease can even kill the baby in the womb of the mother or cause intrauterine infection.

Thirdly , use all the advantages of the situation, for example, the factor that your breast a few weeks before birth increases by one or two sizes without any plastic surgery. True, explain to your man that she should be handled with extreme care …

And finally , when choosing a position for intimate communication, make sure that the penetration is not too deep, I can’t at all. Although this is unlikely to hurt an unborn child — it is protected quite reliably — but a man can forget himself and hurt you.   

Some tips for men. Firstly , you need to know that at this time the woman’s need for tactile contacts increases: gentle caresses, stroking, hugs, massage. Your girlfriend’s body is full of female hormones, which increases arousal. That is, she has more chances (in the case of complete looseness) for a full orgasm. It is practically not the reason for triggering the mechanism of labor, but it has a rather beneficial effect on the baby, who is very responsive to the emotional state of the mother. 

Secondly , when making love, avoid those poses that will lead to pressure on the stomach of a pregnant woman. You can lose control of yourself, and this can lead to undesirable consequences. This is not a reason to refuse even a missionary position, but it is important to carry out everything with outstretched arms.

Third , let the woman determine the frequency and number of love “battles.” During this period, it is easier to “make”, so even if you are met with slight resistance at the very beginning – it is always easy to overcome it with increased tenderness and care. 

And, finally, try to spend more time with your woman : extinguish emerging fears, dispel anxieties, “walk” her more in the fresh air. I am sure that the most coveted reward awaits you for such an attitude towards her – any daughter of Eve knows what is the most coveted confirmation of love for you.  

A man can have only one favorite! In males, the number of women is virtually unlimited. There may be ten, and twenty, and several hundred in a lifetime. But the child is much more rare. And you need to be able to seize the moment. After all, as the song says: “This never repeats” …

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