Sexual types of men

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Sexual types of men

Nature has created us different and special, so it makes no sense to level everyone with the same size and try to drive us into the generally accepted framework. This is especially true of intimate relationships, where partners can be strikingly different from you in character, temperament and preferences. Therefore, it is worth knowing what type of man you are dealing with in bed in order to have an idea of ​​what kind of sex you are waiting for, and what to expect.

Sexual types of men


Outwardly, these men of this type are overweight and large, but this does not guarantee you unimaginable heights in bed, because, despite their large size, their genitals are not too elastic, and the list of positions for “elephants” is very limited.


This type of man is suitable for women who prefer to satisfy a man rather than take care of their pleasure. “Stallions” are not too concerned about what their partner is experiencing, their own feelings are much more important for them. Their sexual organ is large, but you will not have time to enjoy it, because these men are careless and then rushing in sex.

a lion

Ideal lovers who know how to please a woman and know how to do it masterfully. They have a strong and large member, which the “lions” are fluent in. In bed, they are tireless, courteous, attentive and hardy. But it is difficult to satisfy an ordinary partner. You have to try very hard to give the “lions” the pleasure they deserve.


In bed, “leopards” have no equal – they are tireless, energetic, light and hardy. These men treat a woman with gratitude and respect and take care of her feelings and sensations. With them, the partners are guaranteed to achieve ecstasy.


Strong, unceremonious, stubborn and assertive men who take what they want in sex, even without the consent of their partner and unnecessary persuasion. “Bulls” are ideal for women who prefer rough sex. With such partners, you should not count on long foreplay and caresses, but animal sex with them is guaranteed to you.


The average lover who, with the right approach, can be quite good in bed. For all his slowness and outward calmness, he stubbornly goes to the goal – to please his partner. The physique of “mules” is not large, but in sex they are hardy and are able to provide very long-term contact.
With proper observation, you can immediately recognize in your partner a “totem animal” and, taking into account the available information, skillfully use the beneficial aspects of any sexual type of man to your advantage.

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