Tears after orgasm – should you be scared?

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Tears after orgasm – should you be scared?

All people have different attitudes towards sex, so it is not surprising that different women perceive the moment of orgasm differently. Someone may scream with pleasure, while others begin to cry. Why is this happening? How to respond to such a reaction? Is it worth worrying about such tears?

The tears of the weak during such a moment can cause panic in men, because sex should bring happiness, and tears are associated with problems. That is why tears during intercourse can cause real shock, misunderstanding, and bewilderment in a sexual partner. There are several reasons why a lady goes into hysterics during orgasm. 

Tears after orgasm. The opinion of psychologists

According to experts, there is nothing terrible in women’s tears during orgasm , because for some women this is a normal reaction of the body to the pleasure received. Tears occur in most expressive girls who previously had some kind of sexual inhibitions by their parents or other people who raised her. If you learn the whole story of such a woman in more detail, it turns out that this is true, and she experienced strict control from her parents for kissing. Even if a girl is old enough to have her own ideas about sex, then in the subconscious there are still the attitudes that mom and dad set her. Tears during solitude with a man are a manifestation of the woman’s guilt in response to the fact that she violated all the prohibitions. 


Men cry after orgasm

It should be noted that not only women, but also men can cry after orgasm. However, there is no definite answer as to what may be the cause of men’s crying during sex . Sometimes, tears can be due to feelings of sadness and depression. Scientists have figured out the fact that sometimes sex can cause depression. Half of the surveyed students from one of the American colleges faced this problem. The quality of intercourse is not a key feature that contributes to depression after sex. It turns out that there is a certain percentage of people who feel terrible after intercourse every time. There are those who feel lost all day after sex. There is no exact answer to why this is happening. 

The reason for the tears is memories of the past

Nostalgia for something can be the cause of tears after orgasm . After receiving pleasure, each person may succumb to nostalgia, but because of what this happens, even the person himself cannot understand. Tears during sexual intercourse may not always be negative.  

The reason for crying after sex is hormones

Some scientists, along with sexologists, believe that crying after feelings of sexual pleasure is a good indicator that should not be intimidated. According to experts, this indicator is a sign of gratitude and appreciation to a partner for the happiness that he gave a woman during sex. This seemingly strange emotion is natural, so you shouldn’t take it personally. Tears can mean that all emotions that were experienced during orgasm have weakened. The seething hormones in the female body make themselves felt, thereby causing a stream of tears. For example, the level of the hormones oxytocin and dopamine after intercourse decreases significantly, so the girl becomes vulnerable and tearful. In order to somehow reduce the tearfulness of a lady, a man will need to devote some time to caress and tenderness after sex. You need to spend at least 5 minutes hugging and kissing after orgasm . Crying from one of the partners after sex can indicate both good and bad signs. In each case, it is necessary to understand the reason for this behavior on the part of a loved one. In no case should you take sobbing after sex as a bad thing.  

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