The most erogenous zones in women

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The most erogenous zones in women

The quality of a girl’s sex directly depends on her excitement; without it, she will not be at the peak of pleasure. Therefore, men should know where the erogenous zones of a woman are. Their stimulation will increase your partner’s orgasm and allow her to liberate her.

All experienced lovers try to find especially sensitive places in order to achieve maximum excitement of the chosen one.

Main erogenous zones

Your partner’s orgasm depends on how much time you devote to her erogenous zones. If you do everything right, you will learn from your own experience what a squirtle is in women. With sufficient stimulation of the main sensitive points during orgasm, the girl will ejaculate. It is she who is called a squirtle . It is hard not to notice it, it is a sign of complete satisfaction of the partner.

nipples and breasts

The entire chest is responsive to caresses. The mammary glands can be slightly kneaded with hands, stimulated with lips, tongue. Breast size does not affect her sensitivity in any way, so caresses are suitable for everyone. You can understand that you are doing everything right by the state of the nipples – at the moment of excitement, they become harder, swell, increasing in size.

The nipples themselves can be stimulated with fingers and tongue. Such caresses provide the release of the hormone oxytocin, which provokes uterine contractions. Some women may experience discomfort from touching their nipples. By nature, the mammary glands are designed to feed offspring, so touching them during sex can cause negative emotions.

A small number of women can experience orgasms from breast stimulation alone. Focus on the partner’s emotions, if she is responsive to touch in this area, do not forget about her caresses during sex, especially when approaching the final of intercourse.


There are 8,000 nerve endings on the clitoris. It is rightly called the main erogenous zone. Caresses of this part of the body transmit impulses to the brain that cause a feeling of pleasure. But you should not touch the clitoris excessively, as the effect of such touching will be the opposite. Inept handling of it, rough pressure will cause rejection, soreness and a decline in excitation.

The best ways to stimulate the clitoris are:

  • lips or tongue during oral sex;
  • fingers moistened with saliva or grease;
  • light fluttering touches;
  • stroking with hands or special toys.

Inexperienced lovers do not know how to handle the clitoris and do not know where it is. Finding the center of excitation is easy:

  • spread your partner’s hips;
  • find the fold between the large and small labia – it is called a hood;
  • below it is the clitoris.

If you do not have enough experience, then you can judge the correct caress of the clitoris by its appearance. At the moment of excitation, it fills with blood, increases in size, becomes brighter.

Small labia

You can caress the labia minora along with the clitoris. Sexologists call this zone sleeping, as you have to be patient in order to evoke pleasant sensations from touching it.

Some girls do not feel anything when stimulating the labia minora. If your partner is one of them, then you can move a little higher to the point U (urethra). Her stimulation will cause pleasant sensations.


Nature does not provide many nerve endings inside the vagina and birth canal. This is done on purpose so that the birth of a child does not bring even more pain to the woman. But stimulation of this zone with the penis or fingers still brings pleasant sensations, if done correctly.

Many nerve endings are located just behind the labia, where the petals of the clitoris are located. The introduction of the penis is a particularly sensual moment of intercourse for a girl. Also inside the vagina is the G-spot, which is directly connected to the outer part of the clitoris.

It can be felt with fingers, stimulated by them. In postures when a man is located behind, the most sensitive parts of the vagina are in contact with the penis.

Scientists are still arguing about what an orgasm is like in a woman: is it possible to divide it into clitoral and vaginal. Some sexologists argue that the vagina does not have sufficient sensitivity to stimulate its walls to help achieve complete satisfaction.

Hidden or wandering areas of hypersensitivity

Some of the most exciting places on a woman’s body will have to be looked for, as they are not developed by everyone. One girl can quickly turn on from kisses on the neck or stomach, while the other will be unpleasant. There is only one way out – to study the body of your partner in order to find areas of increased sensitivity. Most often responsive to caresses of the body, where the skin is thinnest.


Massage of the scalp causes pleasant sensations in women more often than in men. He brings the girls into a state of slight excitement, relaxes. You can start a partner during oral sex by placing your palm on her head, but in this case, remember that you can’t put pressure and limit freedom – this will lead to the opposite effect.

The sensitivity of the head can be used during classic sex, giving it a light “pepper” in the style of BDSM. To do this, a man needs to lightly pull his hair during intercourse, and hair tied in a ponytail can be wrapped around his arm. Stick to the rule: do not pull on individual strands.


Stimulation of the auricles will please a woman if you choose the right technique. The lobes and the back of the ear are most responsive to caresses. You can influence them with your tongue, lightly bite or just warm with warm breath. You should not kiss your partner on the ear, as this will only stun her, causing irritation.

Men feel a surge of tenderness from ear stimulation. They are turned on if the partner bites the earlobes during frictions .


Some men out of bed rarely kiss their chosen ones, as they are excited by this process. For each couple, kissing can have a special meaning:

  • they accompany sexual contact;
  • help build trust in a couple;
  • switch to a sexual way.

Kissing technique depends on the partners, each couple likes their own way of stimulation. The options may be:

  • soft biting of the lips;
  • light touch;
  • assertive kisses with the tongue;
  • ranging from light touch to tongue penetration.

You can change the method of lip stimulation according to your mood: light touches are suitable for a romantic evening, and a deep and assertive technique is suitable for a passionate night. In addition to kissing, you can use stroking the lips with your fingers. Touches should be very light, a finger can be drawn along the lips themselves or their contour.


Touching the neck will surely give goosebumps to the partner. According to statistics, 100% of women are excited by them. This part of the body is covered with very thin skin, which can be stimulated by the lips, flying touches of the fingers.

Most often, men use kisses on the neck to give the chosen one a pleasant sensation during foreplay or play a little with her in everyday life. You can stimulate this area during sex, along with frictions and other caresses, the result will be amazing.

One way to speed up orgasm is to use hot breaths to warm the back of the neck, or to apply light pressure to the area with the palms of your hands. This stimulation is available in poses when the man is in the back. Ideally, if you touch the neck in doggy style or when the woman is lying on her stomach.


This place should be paid attention only if the woman does not experience complexes about her figure. Otherwise, she may regard touching her stomach as a mockery, or instead of liberation, she will begin to behave more tightly. From the complexes suffer, both full ladies and thin people. You should start caressing this part of the body when you know your partner well.

You can bring new sensations into sexual contact by keeping on the verge between tickling and arousal. This is achieved in the following ways:

  • explore this area with your lips and teeth (bite it lightly);
  • lightly stroke delicate skin;
  • during caresses, rise to the chest and go down to the lower abdomen, but do not cross the line.

Watch the reaction of the partner, if she becomes constrained and begins to be shy (strains her muscles, tries to turn away), then it is worth moving to another part of the body – the neck or chest. In such a situation, choose a zone that 100% causes a positive reaction in your chosen one.

Buttocks and inner thighs

Men during intercourse one way or another touch the inner surface of the thighs and buttocks. Due to the close proximity to the main erogenous zones, the stimulation of these parts of the body will cause positive emotions in a woman.

From light touches to the inner surface of the thigh, an unpleasant tickling sensation may appear. Therefore, it is best to replace gentle strokes with massage movements, they will ensure blood flow to this area, the genitals.

The buttocks themselves should be gently stroked, alternating with pats. You can add kisses and caresses to the area near the anus. These caresses are suitable only for partners who have been together for a long time and trust each other.

How to find individual erogenous zones?

Some women are aroused by any tactile contact, but this is an exception and not always pleasant. In girls, additional erogenous zones are located on:

  • feet;
  • big toes;
  • palms;
  • elbows.

They can only be found through experimentation. Your partner may respond to the caresses of the buttocks, but at the same time remain indifferent to the stimulation of the labia minora. Try different options and look at the girl’s reaction.

If you guessed right and chose the correct caress technique, then her breathing will become faster, trembling in her body or goosebumps will appear, her eyes will become cloudy or her eyelids will close.

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