Want some good sex? Do not get carried away by work!

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Want some good sex? Do not get carried away by work!

Sex therapists joke: “Labor made the monkey a man. And then turned into impotent. “

Unfortunately, there is a fair amount of truth to this joke. Recently, sexologists have sounded the alarm. Firstly, they are approached by the wives of workaholics, exhausted so much in a day that the thought of sex does not even occur to them. And, secondly, husbands themselves come to the specialists. They complain not about impotence in the truest sense of the word, but about the lack of desire.

Experts say that such situations have become a landmark in modern times, not only in Russia, but also in the USA, and in any other developed country. Business, work is sucked in like a drug, and all human energy, including sexual energy, is wasted (psychoanalysts would say – sublimated) for the main hobby. The growth of one’s own professionalism is carried away like a game of chance, the concern for prestige, the increase of one’s own “rating” in the eyes of colleagues and competitors captures literally all the thoughts of a workaholic. 

Work and only work can bring him true pleasure. Many modern men have actually forgotten how to relax and switch from one kind of activity to another. After a busy day, during which a man sometimes has to take risks, manipulate his competitors, he cannot tune in to the wave of true closeness and trust that are so necessary for a full-fledged sexual relationship.

Even worse – a workaholic does not find time for sex, even going on vacation. While his girlfriend is sunbathing and splashing around in the pool, a slave of his own business negotiates on a mobile phone, works with papers or scribbles something on a laptop. And in his free time from basic activities, he simply falls asleep, because it turns out that vacation for him is the only time when you can afford to sleep soundly.  

There, you understand, it’s not up to love games with long “forewords”, caresses, kisses and the like. This problem has another aspect. Workaholics get used to working and living at a frantic pace: quickly negotiate, move in space, view the press and, of course, make love. Five minutes of monotonous gestures – and sleep. There is no time to think about partner’s feelings. But quick spontaneous sex is good as a spicy condiment to an established relationship.  

If an act is always short, then what about its quality! But sex has great relaxation capabilities. Intimacy gives a strong surge of positive emotions and restores physical strength. Men who “can”, but do not want, sexologists advise overpowering themselves. Otherwise, desire may disappear forever, and the workaholic will become impotent.

According to recent studies by American psychologists, business women in their sexuality are far behind homemakers. The explanation is simple: the one who is busy with work and career simply does not have time for the rest. Many working women complain of physical and mental exhaustion and lack of sexual desire. In fact, modern active women have a harder time than men. They must work, build a career, conquer and retain men, give birth and raise children.

The free time of such a woman is strictly dosed and distributed between “getting in order”, “visiting friends”, “chatting with the child” and “watching the video”. After all this, it remains only to fall onto the bed, thinking with horror: “Is it really necessary to fulfill these damned conjugal duties!” Psychologists believe: the more things you do in the diary, the greater the likelihood that desire will disappear. 

Conclusion: do you want good sex? Do not get carried away by work!

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