What if sex is a routine?

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What if sex is a routine?

Sooner or later, a period comes in the life of a couple when both understand that bed life is bored, and no longer delivers even half of the former pleasure.
Seeking solace on the side is not the case. It is worth trying to establish an intimate relationship with your loved one. Fortunately, in our time there are 1000 and 1 way for this. 

Do you know your half?

Are you sure that you have studied your husband / wife to the last mole, that you know everything that he wants and what he thinks about? Forget everything you know! Imagine that you and him just have to get to know each other sexually. Behave differently, not the way you used to. Then you will see how the partner is revealed from a new side. 

 Take advantage of technology

Have an idea to add someone third to your intimacy, but can’t find someone who would be suitable for this role? Or does this thought warm the soul, but lack the courage to implement the plan? Buy or rent a dedicated VR headset with adult porn content.

Take a look at the sex shop

Adult stores are full of porn assistants. Everyone can find something for themselves. Walk with your partner in one or two sex shops, get a few toys that you both like – and sex life will sparkle with new colors. Do not forget that the products of these stores are not only for women. Let go of embarrassment and immerse yourself in pleasure.

To porn films, yes!

Pornography is a great way to awaken your fantasies. Watch a movie together, and then discuss it. Or, even better, try what you see on each other. It is possible that everyone will find a new source of excitement for themselves. Just choose the category of the movie that you both find appealing.

Erotic massage

Massage is an excellent relaxation tool in itself. And if it is done by someone naked and excited, then anyone will succumb to erotic fluids. Mastering nude massage is easy. Anyone can do it. Even if you have a very basic understanding of massage. The most important thing is to feel your partner. It remains only to stock up on a suitable gel, and – let’s go! 

Is this a ban?

Revisit themes in sex that were previously sealed. Maybe we should give some of them a green light?

After all, the conquest of the unknown and forbidden is very exciting … It is likely that both you and your partner will find a few more erogenous zones and discover a source of pleasure that you were afraid to think about before.

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