What is french love?

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What is french love?

“French love” is usually called oral sex, or rather, blowjob, or, in a scientific way, fellatio. This name implies that this way of getting pleasure came from France. 

However, historians have proven that they had oral sex in ancient Greece. In order not to acquire unwanted offspring, she preferred oral sex. In ancient Japanese, Chinese, Indian treatises on love, the technique of oral sex is described. Engaged if these primitive people? Not yet known.  

In Soviet times , this was not customary to talk about, but now the new generation and all sorts of prejudices are alien to him. Weasel cannot be “dirty”, otherwise it is something else. But sometimes the woman dislikes the very idea that IT will have to be taken in her mouth. There may be several reasons.    

The partner does not follow the rules of personal hygiene (it’s enough to hint to him tactfully) or that the woman considers the penis to be a dirty part of the body, because in childhood she was suggested that sex is generally dirty. Remember the famous “We have no sex!” Such an attitude is found in women raised in families with hypocritical morality. To overcome this brake, a peculiar game is offered: the penis is a kind of copy of a beloved, by caressing and kissing you show him your love.      

Maintaining personal hygiene is one of the most important factors affecting the consent or rejection of a partner 

For men, oral sex is often an important component of love games. Psychologists give this a very real explanation. The fact is that men consider the penis the embodiment of the masculine principle and the thoughts “insufficient size” and “will not rise” can cause an inferiority complex. Subconsciously, men identify the attitude to their genital organ with the attitude towards themselves.   

Oral sex is important and useful in sexual relations not only for men, but also for women. If the muscles of the face are weakened, instead of plastic surgery using oral sex, you can train the muscles. Even special Facial-flex simulators are available. Well, and here it’s completely free, of course, if a man does not cost too much.  

Well, if the throat is sore, but there is no means at hand, except for the beloved and unique … After all, sperm is a protein concentrate, remember that our grandmothers recommended to drink raw eggs for a sore throat. Due to its composition, the sperm mask has a light whitening and exfoliating effect, and proteins tighten pores and nourish the skin. But do not apply for a long time. Withered mask – a sight not very aesthetic.  

One French woman asks another: – Have you ever seen her husband’s eyes during oral sex? – Oh yeah! Somehow I was doing a blowjob … God, what kind of eyes my husband had when he suddenly entered the room!

There is a special conversation about the technique of oral sex. It is important to remember that a woman has sharp teeth and THIS is a delicate organ. 

And the last one. The use of condoms. It is believed that during normal sexual intercourse, the use of condoms is mandatory, but not for oral sex. Big mistake. The fact is that there are microtraumas, microcracks in the mouth – and the infection penetrates the body very quickly. The reverse situation: if a woman has a cold , the infection threatens the man. If you are not 100% sure – MANDATORY CONSERVATIVE! Better to use with a fruity flavor. They are specifically for these purposes and are issued.    

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