What is sex for men, or how to spend a romantic evening?

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What is sex for men, or how to spend a romantic evening?

would like to turn to our dear men. What is sex for you? It seems to me that for men sex is an opportunity to be discharged. And for women – rather the opposite. A man after sex needs rest in order to recover. And a woman after sex feels “in seventh heaven.”   

Often, everything happens as usual in the family: come, have dinner, standard sex and sleep. Why standard? Yes, because everything is as always, nothing new, if only to satisfy your needs, otherwise – a simple physiology …  

We women need a certain prelude in sex. We want more romance and beauty. A man, unlike us, does not need this at all. If he wants a woman, then he just tries to get it. This does not mean that the man has absolutely no idea about romance. He can create it, but sometimes he is just lazy or shy, thinking that this is the lot of weak men.

It is on such an evening that I want to emphasize. Why do n’t you pamper your chosen one? Evening, relaxed atmosphere, easy music. We need a moderate, increasing pressure. “Yes, a glass of wine, yes, good, but let me kiss my shoulder.” And here, and more. Oh, yes, the candy is tasty, but you need another candy too … “Gradually burning yourself and it, raise the heat to the desired level. 

Here is a beloved woman in beautiful lingerie (after all, it is important for you how she will look). Do not talk about work or other problems. Pay attention to each other: gentle words, light touch of hands, cling to her chest. Kisses and caresses will pour heat on her body. If you are able to experience orgasm several times in one sexual intercourse, it’s great, your sex will be vivid, you will have time to try a lot of pleasures … And if not, then this is not a problem, nowadays it is full of different disposable drugs that are suitable for such an evening, because for ordinary sex you are happy with everything.

No need to drag a woman straight to bed! Lead her to the window, admire nature, hug, kiss the neck, shoulders … The woman has an erogenous zone – her whole body. Caress her, enjoy … but do not meanwhile to fall below the tummy, leave it for later. When a woman reaches a certain arousal, let her know that you want affection, believe me, she will gladly answer the same … do not go away from the window … the woman will begin to kiss you slowly descending to the innermost … and here she is at your feet.  

An important role is played by the spontaneity of this act, that is, doing “THIS” lying at home on the bed before going to bed is commonplace … It is on this evening that something unusual needs to be done, it will only excite you more. Oral sex gives a man more than pleasure and satisfaction. Having oral sex, a man feels that he is truly loved and appreciated. Do not hold back and get complete pleasure, you will relax a little, and your woman will become even more aroused from this. 

Press your beloved against the wall or sit on the table, hug her, whisper pleasant words in your ear … And now your woman is already at its peak. Now it’s your turn to make the woman pleasant. The most important thing is to do it carefully, gently, rudeness is inappropriate here, otherwise your whole prelude will be in vain. Let the woman get full satisfaction from your caresses. By that moment, you yourself will begin to get excited again … Well, in fact, now you can take your beloved in your arms and carry to bed to continue enjoying each other.

If you like anal sex, yes health! Only you need to do everything very carefully, completely “a little bit.” Confidence in the actions of a representative of the stronger sex is needed. Everything must be done with grease. It can be either a special one, bought at a pharmacy, or a natural lubricant, although a special one is in a sense better. Do not forget about kisses. Make it clear to the woman that you want such personalized sex at this moment, do not try to silently take and enter into it, whisper to her affectionately how her elastic ass excites you. Lean against her from behind, let her feel your hot masculine flesh. And if you do not rush, the result will exceed all expectations. Do not be shy to make moans, the woman is “going crazy” because the realization that she gives you a lot of pleasure, even more places her to any new products.

A man who wants to become a skilful lover for his beloved must know where her erogenous zones are, spend enough time studying them. The partner’s turbulent orgasm, her admiration will be a worthy reward for studying this mystery. Sometimes it’s appropriate to apply a little rudeness; light nibbling and slapping really excite both partners. The main thing is not to overdo it! The effect can be stunning. 

Dear men, after you both received a new dose of orgasm and your romantic evening comes to an end, do not immediately turn away. It’s clear that you are tired. Women are excited longer, but also slower to part with excitement.

Scientific fact: “After orgasm, the cervix remains ajar and decreases for another 20-25 minutes.” At this time, the woman wants affection. Hug her, kiss her, tell her how much she is dear to you, thereby she will slowly come to her senses and she will tell you “Good night.”

And finally: if you sincerely love each other, do not deny yourself your desires, your erotic fantasies. Share your thoughts with your loved one, and I’m sure you will find a middle ground. Life is so fleeting. Love and be loved!

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