What kind of woman is she in American?

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What kind of woman is she in American?

All people are made from one “test.” And if this is a woman, then whether she is in America or in Ukraine, she also wants to live with dignity, love forever, and be indispensable both in society and in the family. But the local mentality, climate, and surroundings are such “components” that make quite noticeable changes in the composition of this “test”. So I asked a question to my classmate, a former Odessa citizen who currently lives in the USA: “What kind of Americans are they?”     

Appearance, love and sex. American women follow themselves very much, but only those who are educated and quite cultured. They do not crawl out of gyms and have personal trainers. I have many friends girls (women) who go to the gym three times a week for 2 hours and work there until the seventh sweat. They all eat and do not count calories. But very aggressive in sex. If a man tries to offer such a lady 5 minutes of love, he will be instantly thrown out of life.  

They value everything of high quality and treat sex as one of the aspects of life that should be on top. Love is another. It’s good when it’s together, but not everyone is lucky to have both of them, but everyone can have the first. This is their look, and therefore, wanting to sleep with men who they like physically, they look after themselves. 

At home. Here – like ours. There are those who like to cook and keep an eye on the house, and there are those who are ambitious and try to find themselves in a career. Unlike the former USSR, salaries are regularly paid here, and a female programmer can safely support a family of five and afford everything.     

Every woman is a mistress, it’s just that it has a different shade. It would never occur to anyone to roll up a bottle of tomato or drag a bag of potatoes from the market. The American mistress gets in a jeep and goes to the supermarket, where she buys everything she needs for dinner, including wine, candles and logs for the fireplace. And if she wants, then it’s all free to bring her home. Everything you wish can be ordered by phone. 

Who pays? Every woman can pay for dinner without prejudice to her condition. Here it does not matter. Imagine if you go on a date and want to buy a bagel. Does it matter to you who buys it? You yourself can buy it and not notice. So it is here. There are simply women who are not confident in themselves and they need confirmation that they are desired. And, as a result, in the relationship between a man and a woman they need to constantly see that they spend money on them without their participation.   

And modern working women prefer to participate in payment themselves if they see that the partner is not a millionaire. An evening in Manhattan with a restaurant and a trip to the show costs $ 200–250 for two. An ordinary professional, if he pays for everything himself, can afford it, on average, once a week. And a normal woman understands this. Therefore, if she participates in payment, this doubles their output.  

All my girls usually offer to pay for something. I do not expect this from them at all. It’s just for them this is a way to feel the sweet taste of independence and the feeling that they go to bed at will, and not at all because it is a way to go to a French restaurant and cabaret. They can do it without men. It’s just more pleasant with them.

About the gallantry of men. The fact that a Russian woman is more spoiled by the attention of men is complete nonsense. (I mean the external attributes of attention – to file a coat, open doors, light a cigarette , etc.) As elsewhere, it depends on the class of men. Movers from stores do not serve coats anywhere. If you go to a Manhattan restaurant, you will see gallantry in its purest form, like in a movie: men don’t sit before women and waiters observe certain rituals at the table. And, for example, my friend will not get into the car unless her boyfriend gets out and opens the door. It all depends on the people from which circle they are.    

Through the eyes of a Russian emigrant. I do not meet with Americans and I think it will not be necessary. Cultural differences are too great, and, besides, I did not get into the youth environment, and this is important. My brothers, who studied at local colleges, calmly communicate with them, live and even get married, however, later they get divorced anyway because of the difference in expectations from life and, mainly, in upbringing. 

It is rather difficult for our emigrant (if he does not attend bars and discos) to get acquainted with an American. You can try to meet online. Here’s what it looks like in America. Women who advertise for dating place their requirements in a specific framework and fall into very specific categories.  

The first is ads like: “Honey, I will surrender to you, the only one, well, where are you?” I think that not only me alone is this type of bewilderment.  

Another type of announcement immediately indicates that in addition to Alain Delon ’s appearance and Casanova’s abilities, they need a Mercedes, a helicopter, a yacht, and so on. So we get a span on all counts.    

Some of my comrades came to such women on a date. These girls speak English without accent. And they earn more than the president of the country (not on their backs) and do not hide it. But reciprocal enthusiasm is not visible in them. They just know what they want in life, and methodically achieve this. But the trick is that such women need even more advanced men.

I don’t want to meet ordinary women either. You get used to certain qualities of the spirit and lifestyle. The man who has been living here for several years and working as a salesman is surprising. There are a couple of familiar bisexual women. It’s very funny to listen to their stories about finding yourself in different beds …

Yes, dear ladies, “American Woman” sounds pretty exotic. But the “new Americans” miss us. And, I think, not without reason.  

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