When to sound the alarm, emissions – physiological and pathological

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When to sound the alarm, emissions – physiological and pathological

Ejaculation is a spontaneous ejaculation that usually occurs with the onset of puberty. This is a natural manifestation of sexuality, it speaks of the readiness of the male body to fertilize an egg. When wet dreams occur in adulthood, cause discomfort, men ask themselves if everything is okay with them. 

When do wet dreams occur?

The word “emission” has a Latin origin from the word pollution, which means to dirty, defile. Ejaculation is spontaneous and is not caused by sexual intercourse or masturbation.

As with normal ejaculation, wet dreams begin with sexual arousal, which leads to orgasm, but is not controlled by the person. Most often occur at night in a dream, or during the day due to sexual overexcitement.

According to the research of doctors, emissions during the night part of the day occur in 83% of men of different ages. Usually they occur in young people under 20 years old, and by the age of 30 they pass.


Most nocturnal emissions occur in young men and indicate puberty. By the beginning of permanent sexual activity, they pass, but they can return with a prolonged absence of sexual release. Boys begin to have wet dreams at about 12 years of age. At this time, the production of male hormones is activated, boys begin to show interest in the opposite sex, dreams and fantasies of an erotic nature appear. These stimulating factors lead to uncontrolled ejaculation.

But emissions are not only natural and in young men. Sometimes they are caused by pathologies and diseases of the male genital area. Such manifestations are often accompanied by discomfort, pain in the pelvic organs, lethargy and malaise.

Causes of painful symptoms:

  1. Neuroses.
  2. Strong arousal.
    Diseases of the pelvic organs
  3. Diseases of the prostate
  4. Congestion in the pelvic organs.
  5. Low threshold of arousal.

Types of pollution

The appearance of emissions coincides with the onset of sexual changes in the boy’s body. The body begins to take on a masculine form, the muscle mass becomes larger, the voice breaks, secondary sexual characteristics appear – male-pattern hair growth. Spontaneous ejaculation can be conditionally divided into types according to several criteria.

By the time of occurrence:

  1. Early. Began before the age of 12. Arise due to insufficient physical activity. Energy accumulates, emotional stress increases. The result is uncontrolled ejaculation.
  2. Timely. They begin with the maturation of the boy’s reproductive system, at the age of 13-16 years. At this point, the teenager’s psyche is already ready for such sexual manifestations.
  3. Late. Come after 16 years. This can happen due to delayed sexual development. The reasons are different, these are stress, depression, excess weight, sometimes genetics.

Fat cells are able to accumulate the female sex hormone estrogen, therefore obesity affects the hormonal background of the boy. It causes a delay in the development of the reproductive system, forms a female-like figure – narrow shoulders, a large butt, hips, a full belly and a chest similar to a woman’s (gynecomastia).

By time of day:

  1. Daytime. This type is caused by arousal, which is provoked by vibrations during a trip in transport, active physical activity, the proximity of an object of desires or a sexy woman in revealing clothes, sexual fantasies, sexual arousal due to prolonged abstinence, rubbing of underwear or clothes.
  2. Nightly. Doctors call this manifestation “wet dream”. This is typical for adolescents, but it can also manifest itself in a sexually mature man, with a long period of abstinence. This can be the result of overeating at night. An overcrowded intestine puts pressure on the prostate gland, which in turn provokes ejaculation. Usually nocturnal emission is accompanied by vivid erotic dreams, the man becomes excited, and after the orgasm abruptly interrupts the fantasy.

The physiological number of emissions in a teenager is 1-2 times a week, and in an adult man – 1-2 times a month. This phenomenon takes place at the onset of regular sexual activity.

Due to the occurrence:

  1. Physiological. Daytime and nocturnal emissions that occur for natural reasons (from sexual arousal) do not cause discomfort and go away on their own or with minor medical adjustments.
  2. Pathological. This kind occurs due to various physiological and psychological problems.

Pathological emissions

This type of ejaculation causes negative feelings in a man, causing physical and psychological harm. May occur every night or day, possibly multiple times. Often accompanied by painful sensations, burning, itching.

Involuntary, regular ejaculation without sexual intercourse and arousal, arises from diseases:

  1. Inflammatory processes in the prostate gland. With this disease, spontaneous ejaculation can be accompanied by aching pain in the groin area, as well as in the anus. A concomitant effect is difficulty urinating, frequent urge to go to the toilet at night.
  2. Vesiculitis. Infectious inflammation of the genital organs. It manifests itself in frequent painful erections, increased excitability, aches in the groin and sacrum. Urination is frequent and painful, and there is blood and pus in the urine and semen.
  3. Cystitis or urethritis. Urination is accompanied by a burning sensation that persists after the process is completed. Urine contains traces of pus, blood, and light protein filaments or fibrin.
  4. Colliculitis. Inflammatory processes in the seed tubercle. Manifested in the sensation of a foreign body in the perineum. Possible lumbago radiating to the inner thighs. Interspersed with blood in the urine, the trickle of urine becomes thin. Ejaculation is painful and bloody. Possible pain during bowel movements.
  5. Deferentitis. An infectious disease of the vas deferens, can be expressed in inflammation of the testicle. It swells, hurts, the body temperature rises.
  6. Neurasthenia. Psychological signs of this disease: high fatigue, an irritated state, a problem with concentration on one thing or object.

If the inflammatory processes in the organs of the genitourinary system are not treated for a long time, then this can lead to chronic irritation of the nerves and neuritis, as well as to depletion of the center of ejaculation located in the spinal cord and impotence.

Spontaneous ejaculation (without inflammation) can be provoked by:

  • Tumors;
  • brain or spinal cord injury;
  • long constipation and accumulation of feces in the intestines, pressing on the nerve endings;
  • colitis, hemorrhoids.

Some men have a wet emission reaction to unexpected or extreme circumstances. Emotional shock, strong vibration, being at a high altitude, tickling nerves, etc. Such a reaction can be a sign of neurosis, since it provokes a decrease in the threshold of excitability.

How to stop physiological emissions

Physiological types of emissions are natural and do not harm health, if their number does not exceed normal limits. The problem is solved by regular sex life or periodic masturbation.

There are times when you need to avoid ejaculation – on the eve of a spermogram, for example. To do this, you can use one of the following methods: 

  1. Using a mild sedative.
  2. Energy sublimation options – active physical activity.
  3. Try not to drink a lot of fluids before bed to avoid bladder pressure.
  4. Wear loose underwear for sleeping.


If wet dreams occur too often, then you should consult a doctor and carry out the necessary diagnostics, regardless of whether there are additional symptoms.

The presence of inflammatory processes is easy to detect with a smear from the urethra, determination of protein in urine, general and biochemical blood tests.

If you suspect prostatitis or vesiculitis, it is necessary to do blood tests, urine tests, bacteriological studies of the prostate and seminal vesicles. You may need functional diagnostics: ultrasound, ureteroscopy.


Care must be taken with treatment with folk methods, as well as with pharmaceutical preparations, so as not to reduce potency.

Physiological emissions do not require treatment, they go away on their own with the normalization of sexual activity. If they bring discomfort, then you need to bring the day to normal, include active sports in life, stop drinking alcohol, drugs, and smoking.

You can take natural sedatives (valerian, oregano, mint, motherwort, dietary supplements), but you can not abuse it so that the libido does not disappear.

There are folk remedies to help stop wet dreams:

  • Frequent drinking of mint tea gives a sedative effect.
  • Brew hop cones in boiling water and drink one spoon at a time before going to bed.
  • Insist with boiling water and drink one spoonful before meals.

In order to cure pathological emissions, it is necessary to determine their cause. This can only be done by a doctor with the help of various tests and medical research.

General recommendations for reducing all types of pollution:

  • Avoiding tight underwear that restricts blood circulation to the penis.
  • Adjustment of the daily routine.
  • Weight loss and restriction of food intake.
  • Getting rid of bad habits.
  • Purchase of a comfortable anatomical mattress for the bed.

Often wet dreams can occur due to stress, nerve problems. To solve such problems, it is necessary to consult a medical psychologist, only he will be able to give a prescription for pharmaceutical drugs, if they are necessary. Acupuncture, massage, magnetotherapy, and electrical stimulation are good options.


Phenomena such as emissions of a non-physiological nature: very frequent, not only at night, but also in the daytime, painful – a reason to see a doctor as soon as possible. It is necessary to conduct a survey and establish the cause of such phenomena.

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