Who are the nymphomaniacs?

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Who are the nymphomaniacs?

If you are overcome by sexual desire at any time and in any place and you cannot concentrate on study, at work and even on your own relatives; if your young man gets tired in bed more than at work, and despite this, you simply cannot live without an army of lovers, you are a nympho. 

Nymphomania (Greek nymphe – bride + mania) is a pathological sex drive in women, manifested by an unbridled desire for sexual rapprochement with different partners. Nymphomania can be described as a constant sexual thirst in women.   

About one third of the stronger sex would like to see next to them not just a girl, but a nympho who is ready for sex anytime, anytime, and as much as necessary. Sexual desire, of course, is good, it’s only worthwhile to assess the extent of the troubles that may arise in this regard. You can easily dispel the beautiful myth created around the unhealthily preoccupied girls …  

I want to immediately upset the men who think that nympho “always want”, because it is simply “in the blood” of them. This is an erroneous opinion. Those people who think that a woman who has sex twenty times a day is absolutely normal and healthy, immediately give in to the hands of specialist doctors. Sex nymphomaniacs need, like a sick nose – a handkerchief: applied and forgot. At least not for long.    

After sexual intercourse, during which the nympho is able to experience one orgasm after another, but does not experience a peak of pleasure, she wants intimacy again and again. She will torment her partner almost to a swoon, but she will not receive the long-awaited discharge. 

Nymphomaniacs do not stay long with one partner. She absolutely doesn’t care how well he kisses, what kind of education he has, how expensive his costume is, how prestigious his work is. She will leave him after 5-6 so-called sexual acts. Moreover, there is a possibility that she will award him a bouquet of sexually transmitted diseases.

Loss of criticality and control is a hallmark of nymphomania. 

If a girl often changes sexual partners for reasons of financial gain or just struggles with a personal sense of inferiority, but at the same time realizes herself in her actions – everything is fine. The behavior of such a girl has nothing to do with the disease, and in general, to make diagnoses – this is the doctors’s business for us. It is not easy to determine when it comes to nymphomania, and when – just about a specific body structure, which involves a more frequent than the average statistical desire for sexual contact. If a woman “wants” a little more often than a man, this is not a reason to accuse her of nymphomania.    

Our society is not yet ready to accept nymphomania as a disease. It is very difficult for girls who went to doctors and overcame nymphomania to return to normal life, as those around them consider them ordinary lascivious women and emphasize this with their contempt in every possible way. Often, families break up during illness: not every husband is ready to understand that his wife had sex with many men, not because she is walking, but she was just sick … 

Panic about this disorder is not worth it, as nymphomania is a rather rare occurrence. According to statistics, for 2500 women, there is only one nymphomaniac girl. An interesting fact is that in countries with a hot climate nymphomaniacs are found 5-6 times more often. 

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