Woman in bed: how to conceive a healthy baby?

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Woman in bed: how to conceive a healthy baby?

It only at first glance it seems that to conceive a child for a man and a woman a couple of trifles – not enough to be protected, and everything will be tip-top. But we do not need any child anyway: we want him to be healthy and, if possible, brilliant. If you decide to do this business early in the morning , I have to upset you: the likelihood that you will succeed is minimal. Doctors have proven that the second half of the day is best suited for conception, and even better after 17 hours, because at this time of day, the maximum number of active sperm in the body of a man.    

Is it necessary , in order to get pregnant, to storm the peak of love relationships several times a day? Not at all. This is one of the main misconceptions in the field of intimate life. According to medical data, couples making love every day have a fairly high percentage of conception, but it is no more than 25%, while women who have sexual relations every other day can become pregnant in 22% of cases. And the percentage of the lucky ones who pulled out a lucky ticket while having sex once a week is very small – no more than 10%.  

I think in our enlightened age there is no particular reason to explain this situation: all intimate encounters that occur outside of ovulation can be safely attributed to “blank shots” – conception will not happen due to the fact that in the bosom of a woman there will not be an egg ready to fertilize.  

In general, daily attempts reduce the likelihood of pregnancy, sometimes due to the fact that the “zinger” just do not have time to mature properly. So the most optimal rhythm for conception is four to five acts per week. In this case, the following proportion is observed: 60% of absolutely healthy sexual couples, not being protected, can conceive a child within six months, 80% within a year and 90% in a period of up to two years. So you need to sound the alarm after two years of full and regular sexual activity.

Why is it impossible to achieve 100% confidence? The fact is that about 1−2 times a year the egg itself cannot mature, and pregnancy does not occur with all efforts. “Dummies” are usually in extreme climatic conditions – cold, harsh winters, when the body throws all its strength into creating maximum comfort for a woman in the fierce cold, or in hot summers when the body overheats. So the optimal time of the year, according to doctors, is either early spring, when everything blooms and the woman is on an emotional upsurge, or golden autumn, when bright crimson colors delight the eye.  

Who is the “weak link” for conceiving a healthy child: man or woman? May the representatives of the stronger sex forgive me – most often we are. After all, not even a very large dose of alcohol – vodka, cognac or beer (recall, 100 grams for courage) significantly affects the viability of male cells. The frail, lethargic and sedentary “zinger” is unlikely to reach the ultimate goal of his journey. And besides , withstanding such a fierce attack of unfavorable factors, there is a likelihood that a “wounded fighter” can achieve the goal, and then the health of the future baby is in the ratio of “wifi-wifi”.    

So, dear ladies, make sure, if possible, that the father of your unborn child at least half a month before the upcoming conception “does not drink or smoke, and always gives flowers …” All this fully applies to you, beautiful temptress – no “Shampoo” and thin aromatic cigarettes! Instead, you need to balance your diet for at least three to four weeks so that the body receives in sufficient quantities all the necessary trace elements and vitamins. This applies to both partners, since the unborn child begins with two cells: female and male.   

Does posture affect conception? Yes and no! In the usual, classical pose, which is also called missionary (if a woman does not have a classic bend of the uterus), fertilization occurs without any problems. For those who have a bend, it is better to use the “man in back” pose. But two somewhat exotic poses – “standing woman” and “horsewoman” – reduce the probability of pregnancy, as the seminal fluid can leave the vagina before it even has time to move towards the egg.   

An acidic environment binds the “zinger” in arms and legs (this happens with many inflammatory processes in the female genital organs). Therefore, before engaging in conception, you must definitely visit a gynecologist and make sure that inflammatory processes are not observed. There is another simple way that one old midwife taught us at a medical school. The probability of conception is increased if the acidic environment of the vagina is slightly “extinguished” before using the act of love with a light soda solution. This is easiest to do with douching, but I’m afraid the current young generation is unlikely to make such “sacrifices.” At the same time, it is not worth abusing in this way – “busting” leads to a violation of the natural microflora.  

Is it possible to simulate the ideal act for conceiving a child? Let’s try. About a week and a half before the end of the next cycle in a woman, you should exclude alcohol from the diet, stop smoking and balance your diet. Further, you calmly wait for the onset of a “natural break” in the woman’s body and do not stick to her with your harassment. From the tenth day after the start of the cycle, you systematically proceed to the “siege” of the fortress. It is advisable to do this every other day and not to part; it is proved that the “guard” of the “zinger” is in the first “salvo”, then only the second and third echelons, less adapted to life, remain.  

Do I need to bring a woman to orgasm? As practice shows, this is not entirely right – because with orgasm, the cervix rises, and it is much more difficult for sperm to penetrate into it. But there is another opinion – they say, the orgasm of a woman is the highest manifestation of a woman’s love! This is most likely a fallacy. After all, the very fact that a woman is ready to conceive a child from you is the highest manifestation of her love for you.     

How to behave after a “volley” is fired? Do not jump out of bed, and in no case fly headlong into the shower. A woman is recommended for some time (about half an hour, for fidelity) to lie quietly in bed. You can turn on quiet, relaxing music, without any “boom-boom-boom”. It is also very useful for a man to spend this time next to a woman, but not turning his back, but discussing, for example, calm topics, supporting female fantasies.

Not the fact that conception will happen the first time. And therefore, gentlemen of a man, be attentive, tactful, helpful to the mother of your unborn child, and not during this “honey day”, but much more often. Say throughout pregnancy. And then the chance that the baby will be completely healthy is greatly increased. 

Is it possible to rely solely on nature in all this? Of course you can. But let’s remember how much time and painful thoughts the choice makes when buying a TV, a refrigerator, a washing machine, not to mention a car. And here we are talking about your child! Do not be lazy, and the baby will thank you in full! 

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