Getting there by Train

  • If you coming into Nice by train, get off at the main Nice station
    "Gare de Nice-Ville"
  • The easiest way would be to go left out of the station up to the
    tram line and take the No. 1 Tram at Gare Thiers and go 4 stops
    up to Gorbella.

Or you can walk

  • The main train station is on
    Avenue Thiers.
  • Walk right from the station
    to the main road
    Boulevard Gambetta.
  • Turn right and continue
    walking Northwards. The
    road changes its name to
    Boulevard Cessole.
  • Ave Clement Ader &
    Le Cercle are on a road going
    off to your right.
  • It should take you approx. 30
    minutes to walk to the sauna.
    (It will probably take you a
    bit longer to walk back after
    you've finished in the sauna).

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