Impotence threatens men with dirty teeth

Chinese scientists from Jinan University say that men who do not brush their teeth twice a day, three times more often develop impotence.

Experts analyzed 5 studies in which more than 200 thousand male residents of China took part. Calculations showed that men with gum diseases caused by poor oral hygiene are 2.84 times more likely to suffer from erection problems.

According to scientists, gum disease increases the risk of damage to blood vessels, including those that supply blood to the penis. It's all about the C-reactive protein, which is produced by the liver and is associated with inflammation. In men with erectile dysfunction, the level of this protein is elevated, as well as in men with sore gums and teeth.

In the initial stages, an increased concentration of C-reactive protein affects the state of the oral cavity and the functions of the penis, and later it begins to be dangerous for large blood vessels, increasing the likelihood of developing cardiovascular pathologies. Men over 40 are at increased risk, although sexual dysfunction may develop at any age.


The results obtained correlate with data from a study conducted by Spanish scientists last year. According to their data, men who do not care about their teeth are twice as likely to have erectile dysfunction. Conversely, 74% of the male representatives who had problems in the bedroom had oral cavity diseases.

Detected gene associated with impotence

Scientists from the Kaiser consortium Permanente discovered a gene that increases the risk of developing erectile dysfunction in men by 30%.

The researchers analyzed the DNA and medical history of 36.7 thousand American men. They were able to identify the genetic factor affecting the development of erectile dysfunction. The conclusions reached by the scientists were confirmed during the analysis of genetic data of 222.4 thousand Britons collected during the UK Biobank study (3 thousand of them had a diagnosis of "erectile dysfunction").

The authors of the study reported that a gene was detected at the SIM1 DNA locus, which causes erectile dysfunction not directly, but by acting on the nerve pathways associated with erection. According to scientists, this is a previously unknown risk factor, and the mechanism by which influence on nerve cells occurs is unknown.

The presence of this gene on average increased the likelihood of erectile dysfunction by 25%. But in the age group from 50 to 59, the presence of this gene increased the risk of impotence by 32%. And it is at this age that men most often go to doctors for erection problems.

In mice, a similar gene leads to inability to mate, but it also affects body weight and features power supply. In humans, these additional effects have not been identified.

Scientists point out that even the popular Viagra helps today not all men suffering from impotence. Perhaps, the data obtained will allow the development of fundamentally new methods of treating such patients.


Potency: features, symptoms of disorders, treatment of problems with potency

The word "potency" in medicine is usually referred directly to male sexuality. This is not only the level of tension of the penis, but also the duration of sexual intercourse, as well as the rate of erection. Potency - the body's ability to lead a healthy sex life.

As practice and numerous medical studies show, the maximum potency in a man is most often achieved with full psychological comfort. Sometimes this improvement occurs when you change your partner, on vacation or after an event in which the man won. The potency can deteriorate not only against the background of diseases, but also after exhausting physical activity, psychological conflict, because of the frigidity of the partner or the lack of a suitable place where you can have sex.

Male potency

A healthy man can maintain the ability to conduct sexual intercourse all his life. But statistics is relentless and suggests that 50% of men from 45 to 70 years old suffer from problems associated with male power. But unfortunately, only 15-17% of all patients seek medical help.

Potency and alcohol

Bad habits often remain in the shadow when it comes to violations of male potency. A person does not always sensibly assess risks and is aware of the possible consequences. Yes, and most of the representatives of the stronger sex are still confident that alcohol contributes to the emergence of sexual desire. But it adversely affects the body, moreover, it adversely affects the synthesis of genital hormones.

With a strong alcoholic intoxication, men most often have obvious problems with sexual attraction. Increases the time of excitement, there are violations associated with the maintenance of an erection.

According to statistics, a man of 30-35 years old, constantly drinking alcoholic beverages, in 85% of cases has problems with potency. It is also worth noting that alcohol-containing beverages significantly reduce the sensitivity of nerve endings. Tactile receptors begin to function poorly. Alcohol and potency - things are not compatible. In addition, ethanol affects the quality of sperm, in particular, sperm motility.

Experts are sure that in order to maintain "male" health, it is important to reduce the use of alcoholic beverages to a minimum.

Potency problems: disorders

There is no such man over the age of 35 who has not had any potency problems at one time or another. The reasons for such problems can be many. It is necessary to single out diseases of the endocrine system, all kinds of intoxications of the body, diseases that provoke asthenia and pathologies affecting brain. Also, doctors say that the potency may decrease against the background of various genital diseases. These can be pathologies directly related to the prostate gland, testicles, seminal tubercle, etc. Vascular disorders play their important role.

The potency of a man is subject to fluctuations throughout his life. As research shows an average man:

  • 20-30 years old has 3 sexual intercourses in 7 days;
  • 30-35 years old has sex 2 times a week;
  • 60 years - up to 2-3 times within 14-15 days.

In addition, approximately 65-69% of all men aged about 60 years have sexual function. There are men with congenital features, which are characterized by the almost complete absence of sexual desire. But such cases are extremely rare.

Most often, problems with potency occur under the influence of psychogenic factors, in particular in 75-80% of men. In 13-14% of cases, experts talk about organic causes. And in 4% - the etiology is in doubt.

Potency Disorders: Options for Clinical Type

Absolutely all types of male potency disorders are divided into 2 groups.

Primary disorders of potency in men

Such potency problems are disorders that are not associated with other diseases. In this case, the violation of potency is the "heart" of the disease. In this group of violations can be identified:

  1. Sexual impotence, which appeared due to constitutional factors.
  2. Breakdowns of a sexual nature, which in the future appear on the mechanism of neurotic fixation.
  3. Due to prolonged abstinence there may be a problem with potency. This fact often provokes the appearance of neurohumoral disruptions.

Secondary disruption

In the case of the secondary group, we are talking about potency disorders as a whole syndrome of the disease, which may be associated with endocrine or, for example, the central nervous system. Also in this case, we can talk about urological pathologies.

Impotence of the pathoreflector type

Sexual impotence of the pathoreflector type is most often diagnosed in men from 19 to 29-30 years, because it is at this age that the greatest burden on sexual function occurs. There may be a problem due to:

  • Emotional stress, which developed as a result of various fears, for example, when a man is afraid of contracting venereal diseases or being caught during sexual intercourse in the wrong place. Also, strong emotional stress can be associated with fear. A man may be afraid to cause discomfort to his partner due to a size mismatch of the genitals.
  • Mistakes committed during the foreplay. We are talking about the braking of sexual centers, which may appear due to too long a preparatory period before sexual intercourse.
  • The negative impact of various external stimuli, which provoked the breakdown of sexual intercourse.
  • Incorrect assessment of your own state with fluctuations in sexual function.

Pathoreflex impotence is a kind of "neurosis of waiting for failure". Such disorders of potency do not last long, but most often they turn out to be especially significant for a man. According to statistics, 98-99% of all representatives of the stronger sex with pathoreflect impotence remember exactly the date and time when the first problems with potency appeared.

Dysregulated impotence

Such a disorder appears due to constantly occurring disorders of the physiological program of sexual intercourse. The causes of problems with potency in this case are associated with the appearance of stagnation, which negatively affect the regulation of sexual activity. Play their role and failures in the work of higher nervous activity.

Such problems with potency appear most often gradually. Temporary improvements may be observed. Dysregulated impotence is sometimes combined with ejaculation, which occurs prematurely. But the violation of libido is rarely observed, sometimes the patient, on the contrary, feels an increased need for intimate intimacy.


Due to the constant interruption of sexual intercourse in men with dysregulatory impotence, a chronic form of inflammation of the prostate gland and / or various neurohumoral disorders may appear.

Abstinence form of potency disorder

Such a problem in most cases is diagnosed in men over 50 years of age and this sexual weakness develops in two stages:

  • Stage 1 - pathological, manifested by spontaneous erection and increased libido.
  • Stage 2 - physiological. It is characterized by a decrease in erection and a decrease in libido. Premature ejaculation occurs.

The problem of potency develops primarily because of the stagnation that occurs in the prostate gland.

Permanent abstinence does not always cause poor potency. The level of the body’s ability to have sexual intercourse depends largely on the sexual constitution of a man and how old he is.

Selective impotence

Violations of potency in men may be selective. Most often, selective impotence is diagnosed in those who suffer from neurosis. This problem occurs due to inhibition of sexual function, carried out under the influence of a particular stimulus. Thus, a weak erection or even its absence is observed only in relation, for example, to a specific person or a particular situation.

With selective impotence, an erection in the morning hours (upon awakening) will remain, and sexual arousal will not be suppressed. Among the reasons that provoke the development of electoral impotence, it is worth highlighting:

  1. The indifference of the partner to intimacy.
  2. Something repulsive that may cause aversion to sexual intercourse.
  3. The oppression of conscience, for example, for perfect treason, etc.

It should be clarified that for a large number of men the above factors are not pathological. They can only provoke the development of the disease in men who are emotionally labile, asthenized and / or anxious and suspicious.

Hysterical impotence

Such a violation of potency is found in rare cases. As an example, we can note the situation when a man appears hysterical impotence against the background of family scandals. For example, a wife constantly and in a rude manner expresses her dissatisfaction after intercourse, scoffs at the size of her husband's penis or insults him. Thus, in a man, most often, sexual desire directly to his wife disappears completely, and a persistent violation of potency appears. It is also worth noting that in such a situation, an erection can be observed at night during sleep and even during the day when the wife is absent.

Violations of potency - a consequence of the development of diseases

Violation, disorder of potency, or erectile dysfunction, is expressed in the inability of a man to achieve an erection or to maintain it to the extent sufficient for full sexual intercourse. Low potency is often accompanied by premature ejaculation.

Dysfunction occurs as a result of two main factors:

  1. physiological inability, developed on the background of certain diseases;
  2. mental or psychological impairment of potency - weakened desire or complete unwillingness to engage in intimate relationships, sometimes fear, fear of "misfire".

Both mentioned factors are the primary cause of dysfunction, and without their elimination it is almost impossible to effectively solve the problem of potency violation. As you know, even a small ailment can affect the normal functioning of certain organs of the body, as well as the potency. Therefore, erectile dysfunction can be an important symptom of the disease, including serious.

Disorders of sexual function can lead to such major disorders:

  • psychogenic;
  • neurogenic;
  • arterial and venous;
  • endocrine;
  • organic, traumatic, etc.

Each of these violations has its own specifics.

Psychogenic disorders

The following factors lead to psychogenic disorders of potency:

  • Drug addiction, alcohol abuse. Both narcotic substances and alcohol, especially those "reinforced" by tranquilizers, sedatives, stimulants, antidepressants and other medications that affect brain activity, such as antihistamines, anti-spasmodic drugs and vomiting, can lead to loss of sexual function. This phenomenon is usually temporary, and after returning to a healthy lifestyle and discontinuation of drugs, male potency usually returns. Sometimes switching to another category of similar medications helps preserve sexual function and continue therapy.
  • Specific mental and psychological disorders, for example, fear of sexual inconsistency, impotence, or primitive sexual technique.
  • Depression, severe stress. These are the main reasons leading to psychogenic impairment of potency. Patients who suffer from depression, lose their ability to have fun, including sexual. This becomes a powerful obstacle to a full intimate life. Patients often lose their self-esteem, they have no hope for a good future, they are sure that they deserve such a "humiliation" and under no circumstances will they be able to change their attitude towards different aspects of life.

Patients who suffer from such serious mental illnesses as schizophrenia or manic psychosis are often dangerous to others and require medical supervision, but the behavior of such people cannot be called depressed. And depression is a depressing state, so painful that it represents a danger to the life of the patient himself, as it can lead him to suicide.


Neurogenic problems with potency can be triggered by the following pathologies and diseases:

  1. neurotransmitter dysfunction of the brain;
  2. vertebral myelodysplasia;
  3. intervertebral disc damage;
  4. multiple sclerosis;
  5. peripheral toxic neuropathies;
  6. Parkinson's disease.

Arterial and venous disorders

Arterial potency problems can be caused by:

  • hypertensive disease;
  • hyperlipidemia;
  • various heart diseases;
  • atherosclerosis of the aorta.

If the blood rushes to the penis in insufficient quantities, the body either does not increase, or it happens extremely slowly. When cholesterol is deposited on the walls of blood vessels, the blood flow is hampered, which affects the blood flow to the genital organ. Manifestations of erectile dysfunction on the background of coronary artery disease progresses with age. In most cases, the cause of sexual disorder is atherosclerosis.

As for the venous problems with male potency, these include the functional disorder of the veno - occlusive mechanism.


The term "endocrine" in the context of the causes of the male potency disorder is often associated with the word "testosterone". Meanwhile, this is not quite true: about 89-90% of cases of endocrine, that is, hormonal erectile dysfunction are triggered by diabetes. Why it happens? There is a theory that maintaining an optimal amount of sugar in the blood effectively prevents not only sexual disorder, but also other diabetic complications, such as pathologies of the kidneys or the eye.

The strictest control over the level of sugar is impossible without a strict adherence to a fairly rigid diet, without maintaining body weight in a normal state and, if necessary, daily insulin injections. It is known that the complications caused by diabetes are irreversible. Therefore, each patient must strictly follow the appropriate measures to prevent catastrophic consequences.

Other causes of endocrine problems with potency include the deficiency of certain hormones, including testosterone, which occurs due to diseases of the pituitary and / or thyroid glands. Such states not only negatively affect the potency - they significantly reduce sexual desire, and sometimes even suppress it altogether.

Endocrine disorders of male potency can also be caused by diseases such as:

  • hypogonadism;
  • sarcoidosis, in which the hypothalamus zone is involved in the pathological process;
  • prolactinoma.


Drug impairment of potency can be caused by taking pharmaceuticals, among which are antihypertensive drugs, antidepressants and similar drugs.

Some categories of antihypertensive drugs often provoke temporary potency problems. As a rule, doctors warn patients about this effect. But it is important to know that in itself the warning of a specialist may already be the cause of a psychogenic disorder of potency, therefore many men, having learned about the possible consequences of taking such drugs, will not use them. In the meantime, refusing these medicines means refusing treatment. As a result, blood pressure will rise, which is also fraught with the most serious consequences. Therefore, a patient who is prescribed these drugs should understand that:

  1. such drugs do not always adversely affect the potency, and a very small percentage of patients can feel such an unpleasant side effect;
  2. Erectile dysfunction, sometimes caused by such drugs, is temporary, and after undergoing a course of administration, potency is restored;
  3. Many antihypertensive medications never provoke disorders of potency, and therefore a competent doctor will always be able to choose an effective and safe treatment.

Organic and traumatic disorders

The cause of organic problems with potency can be:

  • cavernous fibrosis;
  • Disease Peyronie's.

Traumatic disorders of potency can be caused by:

  • post-traumatic obstruction of the arteries of the pelvic area;
  • consequences after trauma to the penis and soft tissues of the perineum;
  • surgeries performed on the pelvic organs.

Whatever the erectile dysfunction, physiological or psychological, is almost always perceived by a man as a tragedy and causes him suffering. Problems with potency, especially if they occur for a long time, leave an imprint on the mood and behavior of a man, so it is often not so easy to determine the real cause of the disorder. Since the body, organism and consciousness of a person are a single whole, physiological impairment of potency leads to psychological stress, aggravating the situation, and vice versa.

In some patients with impaired potency, an erection occurs, but it does not last long. Even in this case, a man often considers himself to be inferior, and, consequently - to constantly be in a restless, nervous, stressful state. In order not to bring the situation to such a serious one, a man should perceive this problem differently. It should not be raised to the level of irreparable tragedy. If it is difficult to keep an erection, you just need to work to eliminate the root causes of the disorder, maintain mental calmness, balance and understand that the problem is solved. There are drugs for increasing potency in men, as well as folk remedies for potency, and there are quite a lot of them today.

Of course, age is a significant factor in the case of potency disorders. If at 30 years of age the problems with potency arise mainly for a psychological reason, then in 70-80 years the situation changes to the opposite: violations of potency are 90% physiological in nature. Nevertheless, men need to remember that the treatment of potency is practiced quite successfully.

Diagnosis of impaired potency in men

Most often, men who have impaired potency avoid visiting a doctor. They are stopped by constraint and uncertainty as to what to expect in a specialist’s office. Meanwhile, the perception of this problem as extremely intimate, which in no case should not be disclosed, not to mention the examinations, is an unserious and dangerous prejudice, which can lead to irreparable consequences.

A man should be able to sensibly assess not only his sexual health, but also the interaction with a competent doctor. For a urologist, the examination of patients and their subsequent treatment, even if we are talking about the most intimate areas of the body, is only a job, and nothing more.

If a man needs to normalize and increase his potency, he simply has to tune in that if he wants to restore and maintain male power, he should go through several necessary medical manipulations, without which it is impossible to diagnose the problem. The following methods are used to diagnose violations of potency:

Ultrasound procedure.
The method allows: to accurately and accurately assess the degree of blood flow in the cavernous body of the penis; determine the degree of venous bleeding. Thanks to ultrasound, the doctor can detect vascular atherosclerosis, detect scarring, calcification. With the help of ultrasound diagnostics, it is possible to see if the blood vessels are dilated, and also to measure the blood pressure index in the vessels of the penis. At the same time, the results of the research conducted during and without erection are necessarily compared.

The test of innervation of the penis.
The so-called bulbocavernous reflex is tested, which allows finding out the level of nerve functionality of the male sexual organ. The procedure is as follows: the doctor presses the head of the penis, and normally it should instantly provoke a contraction of the anus. During testing, the latency of the indicated reflex is measured, and at the same time the anal sphincter contractility is monitored (it can be palpated). The innervation test can be supplemented with other special manipulations, allowing to check the functionality of the nerve.

Ways by which an erection is recorded at night.
One of these methods is to attach special sensors to the penis, which record the number of erections (in healthy members of the stronger sex during the night, mainly in the paradoxical sleep phase, an erection occurs up to 5-6 times).

Innervation, as well as the degree of sensitivity of the penis is assessed using vibration. If the organ's sensitivity to vibration is reduced, this may be a sign of a violation of innervation, which, in turn, is a consequence of diseases such as diabetes, age-related changes in the body, and neuropathies. When the penis is highly sensitive to vibration, it often causes premature ejaculation, which is usually observed in adolescence.

In addition to the above specific enough methods for diagnosing problems with potency, the urologist will necessarily listen to the patient, study the history and features of dysfunction, and conduct a physical examination. Inspection and analysis of complaints allows a specialist to assess the adequacy of the sexual abilities of a man. In particular, the doctor will try to establish what potency is "present" and whether there are any violations.

  1. The first signs and manifestations of erectile insufficiency are determined.
  2. Sets the degree of progression.
  3. It takes into account how pronounced the dysfunction is at the moment.
  4. The presence of an erection is determined at night and in the morning.
  5. Erectile reaction to self-stimulation of the penis and visual images of erotic content is evaluated.
  6. Established disorders of sexual desire.
  7. Evaluated orgasm and ejaculation.

As for the medical history, it should contain information about such facts as:

  • the presence of bad habits (drinking alcohol, smoking, taking drugs);
  • the presence of diseases occurring in a chronic form (arterial hypertension, diabetes, liver and / or kidney diseases, hyperlipidemia, endocrine disorders, neurological diseases);
  • permanent and temporary medication;
  • mental or psychological disorders;
  • the presence of injuries of the pelvis, injuries of the perineum, genitals;
  • surgery on the pelvic or genital organs;
  • radiotherapy treatment directed to the pelvic region.

Based on the general diagnosis and having made a clear diagnosis, the doctor decides on the treatment of potency and prescribes special drugs that are effective for each case. In addition, the specialist strongly recommends that the patient exclude any negative effects on the body. It should be remembered that alcohol and potency are incompatible things. And if the male potency suffers, bad habits will only aggravate the situation.

Treatment of Patients with Potency Disorders

Violations of potency often have a physiological nature. As a rule, they arise as a result of a particular disease, and therefore without treatment of the root cause, it is almost impossible to fully restore the potency. Meanwhile, there are special drugs to increase potency, and the most effective in each case are those that are prescribed by a competent doctor after a thorough diagnosis of the condition of a particular patient. These may be potency pills or alternatives, but only a specialist should prescribe them.

Seeing a doctor is necessary to properly establish the nature of the disorder. It is impossible to exclude that its cause is psychological, since such an outcome of events occurs very often. Treatment of a violation of potency in this case will be appropriate, and only the attending physician will be able to correctly draw up this scheme.

But often in the medical field, the problem of potency is rightly considered not an independent disease, but one that accompanies another disease (for example, diabetes mellitus), being its consequence. Consequently, the potency can be increased only in the course of eliminating the main cause of the disorder. If the effect on dysfunction is narrowly or unprofessional, the effect will be short-lived or it will not be at all.

Thus, the use of special potency-enhancing drugs solves the problem only partially. Usually, a comprehensive, broad medical approach is required, designed to remove all negative factors and involve treatment of primarily major as well as concomitant diseases. In addition, the patient is recommended to adhere to good nutrition, lead a healthy lifestyle, minimize stress.

High-quality, effective treatment of potency can be carried out only if two conditions are met:

  • the patient should be treated by a competent doctor;
  • the patient must strictly comply with all appointments and recommendations of the attending specialist.

In the end, joint efforts will help achieve important positive results.

Pharmaceuticals to increase potency

The list of pharmaceutical products that are offered to solve the problem is extremely wide. At the same time, all such drugs to increase potency in men have a local, narrow effect, and to achieve the greatest effectiveness, treatment should be integrated: to combine their use with the treatment of associated diseases, such as the heart, blood vessels, and endocrine or psychological (psychological) disorders.

Among the most popular drugs to increase potency in men and improve erectile function are, first of all, such agents that accelerate blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis and promote relaxation of smooth muscles:

"Viagra" is a popular selective inhibitor. The drug consists of the active ingredient - sildenafil, whose effect on the body lasts more than 3 hours. For most adult men with dysfunction, it is recommended to take no more than 50 mg. This drug is contraindicated for women and men under 18 years of age. Also, doctors do not advise taking these pills to people who use any therapy aimed at eliminating problems with potency. Assign effective pills 60 minutes before the alleged intimate intimacy.

"Ziden" significantly improves erection and contains udenafil - the active substance, the effect of which lasts about a day. The optimal single dose for most adult men is 100 mg. The first positive result after taking the pills appears in 25-35 minutes.

"Golden Horse" - a bioactive additive, which includes extracts of plant and animal origin (ginseng, seahorse, short- sow thistle, kidney tea, silkworm leaves).

"Impaza" - a popular drug with the active ingredient - lactose monohydrate, the effect of which lasts for about 2-3 hours. Most adult patients recommended a dose of no more than 200 mg (regardless of the meal). Contraindications and side effects are described in the instructions for the drug.

"Kamagra Gold" - a means to improve potency, which may appoint a doctor. Sildenafil is the active ingredient of the drug, the effect of which lasts up to 5 hours. For most adult men, a single recommended dose should not exceed 100 mg.

"Levitra" as one of the most common drugs designed to eliminate erectile dysfunction, generally well tolerated. Side effects are rare. Vardenafil is an active substance that lasts from 8 to 10 hours. The dose of the drug is set individually and can vary from 5 to 20 mg at a time.

"Cialis" is sold not only in pharmacies. The drug contains tadalafil (active substance), the effect of which lasts up to one and a half days. For most adult men with erectile dysfunction, it is recommended to take no more than 20 mg at a time. Before use, consultation with a competent medical professional is required.

"Silagra" restores potency. The product is produced by an Indian company. This is an analogue of the popular "Viagra". Sildenafil is an active substance that lasts up to 5 hours. For most adult men, a dosage of no more than 50 mg is recommended.

"Tadasil" is designed to normalize potency. You can use the medicine only on the recommendation of a doctor, because any drug has its own contraindications and side effects. The tool is based on tadalafil, the active substance, the effect of which lasts about 20 hours. The optimal dose of a substance for most adult men is 20 mg.

All drugs designed to improve potency, have their own dosage and method of application. But such stimulants should be used with particular caution, because each remedy has its own contraindications and a list of adverse reactions.

Only the competent attending physician is entitled to prescribe such drugs. And the quality of drugs should not be forgotten. Experts strongly recommend not to buy drugs for potency from questionable sellers who work without a license and cannot provide certificates for products.

Devices to improve potency, all sorts of sensors and magnetic devices so feverishly advertised on the Internet today - is nothing more than a hoax, designed for naive and desperate consumers. There is no "magic" way to instantly and without consulting a doctor eliminate the problems with potency. Be careful.

Folk remedies to increase potency

It is extremely undesirable to use folk, alternative ways of improving potency on one’s own initiative, without first consulting with a specialist. In addition, they can not be used as the sole and main means to solve the problem. But, of course, folk remedies for potency can perfectly complement drug therapy. To avoid all sorts of potential side effects and to achieve the most effective results, folk remedies for potency should be recommended by a doctor. Their independent choice and reception are dangerous to health.

As for the range of alternative means to increase potency, it is much wider than the range of pharmaceutical products. People know many medicinal plants that have a medicinal effect on the male body and its erectile ability. The most popular are the following:

  • Tribulus is a herbaceous plant that has the property of accelerating the production of luteinizing hormone. This hormone is very important, because it helps to synthesize testosterone, so necessary for good potency.
  • Ginseng is a plant whose root supplies the body with energy, gives it strength, while simultaneously accelerating the production of endorphin and inhibiting the production of cortisol. "Disposing" of hormones in a similar way, ginseng root has a positive effect on the synthesis of testosterone.
  • Levzey is another plant with a healing root that provides blood flow to the penis.
  • Eleutherococcus is a plant that stimulates and tones the work of the sex glands. It is also used to increase and improve overall health, performance and endurance.

Proper nutrition and potency

It should be noted that some foods play an important role in improving potency. This is not surprising, since everyone knows that food has a direct relationship to our health, and the intimate as well. Nutritionists advise men in order to prevent problems with potency or to strengthen and restore it to include in their diet a sufficient number of products such as:

  1. vegetables;
  2. meat or fish.

Improve the sexual consistency of men can help foods rich in micronutrients and vitamins. It is necessary to include in the daily diet more dishes that have an activating effect. Especially it is necessary to highlight fish and a variety of seafood, including oysters, flounder and mackerel.

Meat is not in vain considered a male food product. Such food is considered high-energy, and the abundance of nutrients in meat makes it an indispensable part of nutrition, especially for problems with male potency.

Meat dishes are best cooked using steam or stewing. Eat them better with vegetables and herbs. But it is important to know that too much meat can have the opposite effect.

Fish is digested more easily than meat. It is desirable to include such products in the menu at least 2 times a week, because both phosphorus and iodine in their composition will certainly affect the maintenance of male power. Considering the sea and river fish, experts recommend to give preference to the first option, it has more nutrients.

Foods containing sufficient amounts of vitamins E, A and group B (red caviar, rye bread, buckwheat, cod liver, etc.) contribute to the increase in potency. Almost all spices contribute to the improvement of potency, because they contain essential oils. Here it is necessary to highlight fennel, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, anise and basil.

Prevention of potency problems

Preventive measures to prevent problems with potency include:

  • Healthy lifestyle, including normal sleep, balanced nutrition, sufficient physical activity, rest, etc.
  • Refusal of bad habits, including smoking.
  • Regular sex life.

Also, experts say about the timely treatment of diseases of the pelvic organs, as well as diseases associated with the nervous and endocrine systems. It is important to abandon promiscuous sex life, beware of injuries to the genitals, and minimize the frequency of acts of self-satisfaction. Play a special role and emotional relationships with a partner. Psychological comfort will certainly only positively affect the male potency.