How great it was to work as a doctor in some 17th century! If you didn't know why your patient was suffering, you would declare him possessed by demons and send him a floor above. But once people for some reason decided that demons did not exist, and the doctors had to find a way out of the predicament. As a result, they discovered hormones - semi-mythical substances with long names that supposedly flow through the human body and are responsible for everything that happens to him. No one has seen them, but everyone believes that they control our happiness and personal life. When something goes wrong in the body and there is no reasonable explanation for the illness, hormones are generally blamed for everything. They write off depression, aggressiveness and sexual concern. At the same time, most hormones are, in essence, small imps. Their effect on the body is negligible. But there is one that stands alone and is revered as the real hellish Satan. This is testosterone. The main male hormone, the quintessence of aggression and sex. However, no one but doctors saw him, too ...

No, of course, we believe that it exists. We believe, we believe, really. It is just a shame to think that a milligram of some kind of colorless liquid can turn a lonely gasp in an adorable macho by women, and vice versa. Therefore, we have collected a lot of scientific data to finally understand what testosterone is, why you need it, how to improve it, and whether it's true that because of it you can grow a round and strong female breast. (So that you do not suffer until the end of the article - yes, it is true. Look for answers to other questions below.)

The same eggs, only in the cut

So, testosterone. As in the case of many medical words, this term is sufficient to translate to understand its meaning. "Testosterone" comes from two words: the Latin testis - the testicle and the Greek stereo - strengthen, make stronger. And although the hormone strengthens not so much what is stated (who would need it then!), As your erection, the name as a whole is correct. Testosterone, or D4-androstenol-17-OH-3, as lovers all confuse it among themselves, is a steroid hormone responsible for the formation of male sexual characteristics and libido. It is synthesized by the testes, as well as by the adrenal glands, and just a little bit by the liver.


Pure testosterone is colorless crystals with a melting point of 155 ° C. But look at it in this form can not be anywhere. After all, to get 10 mg of the hormone, you need to castrate 100-150 people and evaporate the crystals from their testicles. And this is barbarism, even from the point of view of scientists. For scientific experiments, chemical testosterone analogues are usually used.

In the body, this hormone exists mainly in the dissolved form. He swims in the blood plasma, like droplets of fat, and does his inconspicuous work. In the male blood it is about 0.6 mcg per 100 ml. In the female - five times less. Yes, yes, in female blood. And you thought you had a monopoly on testosterone? As if not so. This hormone also flows through the girlish veins. Moreover, women even know how to produce it - for example, placenta cells. We mean not only the cavalier-like girls, with their loud bass requiring forty-sixth size sandals in the store. Any subtle schoolgirl - a factory for the production of testosterone. And there is an explanation.

The main male stimulant: all you need to know about testosterone

Have you ever wondered, why did nature even need to invent two sexes? After all, some polyps cost one - and nothing interesting to live.

It turns out that two sexes - one of the conditions of evolution. Judge for yourself if you had multiplied by budding and your offspring were an exact replica of yourself, firstly, how would you distinguish them, and secondly, how would you fight viruses and mutations? If there is something that can kill one, then it potentially threatens the entire population, because everything is the same. Another thing - two sexes. They can be crossed and see what happens. And if that - to cross further. Gene material is randomly distributed, and everything around is not similar. So, you can not be afraid of viruses - anyone can survive!

As a result, nature got an excellent defense mechanism, but the problem remained: how to divide individuals into men and women? A lot of ways have been tried, many of which still work. In some species of butterflies, the sex of an adult individual depends on the side on which the larva has hatch. If on the right, then it will develop female genital organs; if on the left, then men. And in Galapagos turtles everything is even simpler. If the temperature around the egg is high (and at the same time it will not cook in a saucepan), then a boy will be born; low - girl.

Of course, such unstable mechanisms, breaking from one accident, did not suit nature. And she invented substances that predetermine the sex of the baby - sex hormones. The amount of testosterone (m) or estradiol (g) in the embryo depends on many random factors. Here you have the mental state of the mother, the number of men in the population, and nutrition during pregnancy. "Scientists now and then clarify the list of factors and, by the way, that is why they still do not know how to predict the sex of a baby with absolute certainty."

After the doctor of biological sciences V. Geodakyan from the Severtsov Institute for the Evolutionary Problems presented this hypothesis to us, we could not help asking a counter question. If testosterone is needed only to determine sex, then why is it stored in the body of an adult? It turned out this is another insurance from nature. If one sex ever becomes extinct (or leaves together for the mother), it will be possible to turn some males into females or vice versa. Of course, this is a pretty fantastic scenario, but scientists do not exclude its possibility. In clown fish, for example, this happens all the time. And if you still remember Thailand ...

Parktronic Hormone

In fact, we do not like to indulge male chauvinism, but yes, yes, men park better than women and less often leave the shop thinking how it has managed them to buy so much of any nonsense. You'd be surprised, but testosterone is also responsible for these lovely testimonies of our superiority. But let's not get ahead.

Primary function

Anyway, testosterone is still a sex hormone. But having formed a penis in you at about the fourth month of life and having grown on chested vegetation twenty years later, he does not disappear from the body. On the contrary, it unfolds vigorous activity there. In both men and women, testosterone is responsible for shaping the "sexual response." Speaking more simply, he stinks through the blood with little or no work until you get a suitable object for sex. But as soon as this happens, testosterone begins to slow down other hormones, including adrenaline: they say, run faster to the brain, please it! Make your heart pump more blood! The very same testosterone rushes down one floor - to bring into the alert of penis tissue. Well, or at least erect the clitoris, if the drama unfolds in the female body. If the alarm is not educational and the erect penis fell, by the way, testosterone quietly disperses throughout the body, preparing to dematerialize. When arousal subsides (guess what after it), testosterone decomposes and turns into other substances with a sense of accomplishment, including dopamine and serotonin, hormones of joy.

The main male stimulant: all you need to know about testosterone

In addition, since testosterone is still a steroid, its main function is to increase muscle mass. And there's usually a vicious circle: the more a hormone, the faster the muscles grow; the faster they grow, the more hormone they need for further growth. Once this wheel is spun up - and that's it, the owners of the fitness center lured you into their networks.

Secondary functions

However, testosterone duties are not limited to sex and rocking. In his free time with erection, he forces the body to be in a state of alertness, that is, to register sources of possible danger (and in any case, with his left hand, to compress the leg of the stool). In addition, by stimulating a number of divisions in the left hemisphere of the brain, testosterone activates spatial thinking. It is an instant injection of testosterone that helps men to park the first time and immediately find the right product in the store, without being distracted by outsiders and flashy dressed promoters.

Side effects

But it still does not give you the right to look down on women. Unlike the female hormone estradiol, which has almost no side effects, testosterone is able to poison the existence of a man.

  • In - the first, perfect the man by versions hormone - at all not muscular handsome with thick head of hair. Perfect storage testosterone - this pretty fat squat being with shining with his bald head and hairy back. Excess hormone in the body forms a gorillopodobny appearance. So, before a woman realizes that the mighty power lies in you, she should like you, like, or something. And to do this with your appearance will be quite difficult.
  • In - the second, the excess hormone leads to aggression. Scientists of virgin university "Old Dominion" still in the 80 's years investigated addiction between football by tv, testosterone, aggression and homely by violence. AND have established rather curious fact. Testosterone itself is a good guy. But if his body became too much, write it was gone. The adrenal glands begin to produce the hormone anger and irritation - cortisol, so that he suppressed the excess testosterone. And he already causes aggression. As a result, your spontaneous erection may start to make you angry.
  • B - on the third to the testimony University Giessen, level testosterone closely connected with cardio - vascular diseases. After all your organism as usually produces genital hormones and s cholesterol. If this process is interrupted ahead of time (by the cunning phrase "I can't do that! We know each other too badly!"), The excess cholesterol gets into the blood. Over time, this can lead to atherosclerosis and heart disease. So that you know, men all over the world die from such misfortunes seven times more often than women.
  • Finally, sneaky hormone can to grow on you most really female bust. If a suddenly cortisol not will be handling with by their duties and at of blood will start pile up surplus sterone dough, the body will launch plan B to prevent hormonal poisoning. He just starts to turn all the extra into estradiol! As a result, your hair will fall out on your face, and your breasts will round out and begin to emit a whitish liquid - colostrum. Against the background of bald head and hairy back, believe me, it will look quite comical. Scared? Do not worry, we will now tell you how to find out if there is enough testosterone in your body. If anything, you have time to stop.

Testosterone Tests

In fact, even the most modern medical tests for hormones, in their accuracy, hardly come close to horoscopes. After all, hormones are an almost unexplored thing. The level of testosterone, for example, depends not only on the age and time of day, but even on whether your team won during the last match and whether there was a lot of fat in the pork loin you ate. Of course, these rapid tests, compiled by experts of the Institute of Experimental Endocrinology and the chemistry of hormones, all the more do not pretend to absolute certainty. However, their results, if anything, will cause you to go to the doctor.

The main male stimulant: all you need to know about testosterone

1 Bend your left palm, as shown. The position should be as natural as possible and not cause pain in the joints. Look at your fingers. Ring finger should be visually longer than the index finger. If it is shorter - most likely, you inherited a lowered testosterone background. In people with normal and inclined levels of male hormones, the ring finger in this position seems longer. Operations to increase it here, alas, will not help. Genes are not correct.

2 Mark in his chest (or armpit, if the chest is hairless) square with a side per centimeter - you can do this with some light marker. Wring out all the hair in this square, overcoming pain and humiliation. Every two hours, inspect the resulting bald patch on the subject of penetrating bristles. If the first hair appears on this site within 14 hours or earlier, then your testosterone is all right. If the hair does not appear at all - it's bad. Or you just in vain burned the place of execution with red hot tweezers. Mark another square and try again.

3 Secretly from others include some porn. Do not touch the penis. Clear your mind. Treat what is happening on the screen like a normal movie. Wait until your erection reaches its climax (or perigee - we have a bit of a hard time with astronomy).

  1. If you are under 20 years old, the response time should be no more than 4 minutes.
  2. 20–30 years old - 4-7 minutes.
  3. 30–40 years old - no more than 11 minutes.
  4. 40+ (thanks for reading us all these years) - no more than 20 minutes.

If you fit into this time frame, you can be calm for your testosterone. You still (or already), as they say, go.

Otherwise, you might be interested in the following tips. Thanks for them you can tell the dietitian A. Pospelov.

Wake up your inner monkey!

As mentioned above, the basis for testosterone is cholesterol, about which you have repeatedly heard that it is poison. Do not rush to conclusions. It turns out that cholesterol is of two kinds. One of them, low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or "bad" cholesterol, is found in fat, bigmacks, chips, and other yummy. It is really poison, as it poisons the circulatory system and clogs the smallest capillaries in the brain, complicating nervous activity.

But there is a "good" - high-density lipoprotein (HDL). He does not poison anything; moreover, it fights bad cholesterol plaques and serves as a building material for testosterone.

Therefore, attention! Tip one: lean on the nuts. In principle, for any. But special preference should be given to peanuts, almonds and pecans. These tough HDL champions, Bruce Willis among the nuts, can provide you with a lifetime supply of testosterone.

The main male stimulant: all you need to know about testosterone

If you are too lazy to raise the kitchen table to prick nuts with its leg, you can also include any unsalted fish like trout or salmon in your diet - there is also a lot of good in it. Cholesterol, we mean.

As for the other components of testosterone, the main one is zinc: the hormone consists of it by almost 20%. To pamper your body with a portion of this rare trace element, it is not enough to lick the battery or stainless-steel bucket. Need to lean on oysters. Their season is now in full swing. Especially useful oyster juice. If you can distract from the thought that it represents the urine of these small nasty mollusks, and force yourself to eat at least three to four oysters a week, the result will appear in a month.

An alternative to oysters can be blue-mold cheese, which we have repeatedly written about. Just do not go too far. Just in case, remember about spontaneous female breasts and clown fish. Yes, and good luck with your new life, soaked through with testosterone!

The first sign that a man has problems with testosterone production is when he lies down on the sofa and does not want to do anything.

We all like the strong and courageous men. But what makes a man a man, and a woman - a woman? Hormones. And the difference is major hormones between men and women on really quite small.

The difference is just single atom

If you compare the graphic formula of testosterone - the main male sex hormone, with estrogen graphic formula - the main female sex hormone, the difference between them is only one hydrogen atom and two energy connections! Almost identical molecules, and this difference is very subtle and unstable.

In the male body, as and in female, these two hormones are present at the same time, but in different quantities. It is clear that in male body more testosterone, but between testosterone and estrogen is constantly interacting. Every minute men produce about 11 million testosterone molecules, but if by for some reason, joining this hydrogen atom molecule, testosterone goes into estrogen. If there are many such transformations - a man ceases to be a man.

It is cardinally born as nor strange, first on psychological, then on emotional and intellectual levels, and only in last seen on physically when changes in secondary sex characteristics begin in side degradation. But definitely for such changes must be certain conditions.

How to protect testosterone

Till 10 years old boys and girls differ only in anatomically, genitals.

A man begins to develop with of puberty (12 years): hormonal development is going on, particular main sex hormone testosterone, and thanks to him, secondary sexual characteristics are formed: body hair starts male type of person and body, voice change, musculoskeletal and adipose tissue. Normally, testosterone controls the amount of fat, so healthy men with good testosterone levels are not prone to obesity. If the boy is overweight, this should not be treated carelessly. If after correction of nutrition and physical exertion the weight does not go away - it is necessary to turn to an endocrinologist, so as not to miss a decrease in the level or incorrect testosterone production.

By the age of 16-18, testosterone forms the masculine qualities, and the male characteristics depend on its quantity.

Testosterone is produced in the paired organ - the testes. This is the only organ of the male body, which is taken out. And this is no accident - the temperature in the testicles should normally be 3.3 degrees lower than in the whole body.


Taking care of the formation and preservation of testosterone in the male body is necessary from the very beginning, from early childhood, mothers, and then men themselves throughout their lives. After all, the quality of life depends on this hormone.

From the moment the baby is born, mothers should control the time the boy is in diapers. After all, it creates the effect of a thermo - bath, the temperature can fluctuate around 43-45 ° С, and wearing diapers 24 hours a day can cause irreparable damage to the testes and even cause infertility. And it is clear that the boy should not walk in pampers for up to two years, because a psychological one can join the physiological problem.

Take care of testosterone

The mechanism of testosterone production is quite complicated. The signal for producing testosterone comes from the command-controlled area of the brain. After complex interactions of the pituitary and hypothalamus, the testes are given a command to the testes. The well-being of one of the main sex hormones of a man depends on how well-coordinated this joint work will be.

Parents need to be alert from the early active age of the boy. After all, children are so restless! It is important to protect the child from head injuries or testicles. For any complaint of headache, dizziness, pain during urination or pain in the groin and abdomen, the child should be asked in detail if there was any injury. If there was an injury, it is necessary to urgently consult a traumatologist, a neurologist or an andrologist urologist. Testosterone has very important functions, it is responsible for:

  • stress resistance;
  • secondary sexual characteristics;
  • determines the muscle and fat mass of the body;
  • resistance to physical and psychological stress;
  • masculine strength and endurance as the ability for long hard physical work;
  • moderate to strong aggression is a biological sign of protection;
  • lack of tearfulness;
  • sexual activity;
  • a sense of male friendship and healthy ambitions.

A male lives in every man, so he will always experience and cherish the most precious thing he has: his head and potency.

What can lead to lower testosterone levels?

The reasons are many, and they are associated with different aspects of lifestyle.

Stress. A group of Austrian and Swiss scientists have proven that financial problems or outstanding loans reduce testosterone levels by 15–20% and keep them low at low levels until the full positive resolution of the financial situation. In general, any long-term stress and nerve overloads lead to a significant decrease in testosterone. It is regulated by nature from the moment of birth. During the stress period, stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline are produced in large quantities, respectively. For an organism, this is a state of war, and all its functionality during this period is at the peak of its capabilities; here, as they say, is not up to reproduction, therefore in this period testosterone levels are reduced. Only short-term jumps upwards are possible to regulate the general processes in the body.

Alcohol. The first 5 minutes, a small amount of it actually increases testosterone, but within 25 minutes testosterone returns to normal and then begins to fall sharply and steadily. In the US, scientists conducted an inhuman experiment and found out that in order to completely stop testosterone production, a man needs to drink heavily for 3 months and add 20 kg to his weight. With this state of health, secondary sexual characteristics will begin to change.

Food. Especially dangerous is love for sweets. A high blood glucose level reduces testosterone production, since insulin counteracts the main male sex hormone.

Meat produced in an industrial environment contains female sex hormones that promote weight gain in an animal or bird. Getting into the body of a man, they inhibit the production of testosterone.

The same can be said about products containing soy. It contains phytoestrogens.

You should not drink a lot of milk with high fat content. It is necessary to understand that a cow produces milk not for humans, but for feeding its calf, therefore with milk it gives it its hormones and phytoestrogens to maintain immunity.

Without options, it is necessary to exclude from the diet fast food and smoked meats.

Diseases, injuries, low physical activity. Viruses, bacteria, sexually transmitted diseases, irregular sex, head injuries, spinal column, testicles, any reduction or lack of physical activity (physical activity increases blood supply to the male pelvic organs) - all this invariably leads to a decrease in testosterone levels.

Medicines Some drugs have been proven to reduce testosterone levels, for example, drugs containing atropine, anti - ulcer drugs.

Blood pressure and vascular problems. Increasing blood pressure by 15–20 millimeters of mercury significantly reduces testosterone levels, as does atherosclerosis, ischemia. During an erection, the volume of blood passing through the penis increases 6 times, and the blood goes under pressure. In order to preserve its blood vessels, the body reduces testosterone and, accordingly, libido. Otherwise, passion can turn into a stroke, heart attack, etc. Any decrease in the blood supply of the penis during contact is a reason to check the condition of the vessels, especially the coronary ones.

Increased pulse. If the number of heartbeats is more than 80, testosterone levels decrease. A protective mechanism works to relieve tension from the heart. After all, it already works with overload, and there is no need to create additional difficulties for it.

Bilirubin. Norm - 20 µmol / liter. If its level rises to 25 and above, then there is a significant decrease in testosterone. The liver is included in this mechanism. It is the main utilizer of toxins and, in particular, regulates the level of the aromatase enzyme dangerous for men. Aromatase contributes to the attachment of one hydrogen atom to the testosterone molecule, after which it passes into estrogen. Aromatase in the body of a man should be the minimum amount.

By the way, men need to be careful with the use of grapefruits - they contribute to the increase of aromatase in the blood.

Impaired kidney function. The control indicator here is the amount of urine. If a man produces less than 1 liter of urine per day, testosterone levels are reduced by 15%. Normally, an adult man should consume at least 30 ml of pure water per 1 kilogram of weight and excrete at least 2 liters of urine per day. Not only toxins are excreted in the urine, but also excess stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline), which directly block testosterone production.

The level of testosterone can also be affected by wearing tight synthetic underwear, mobile phones in a pants pocket, and especially finding tablets and laptops on your lap.

When riding a bicycle, you need to pick up a special male anatomical saddle in order to exclude injuries of the muscles of the perineum and testicles. Testosterone levels also reduce the inhalation of harmful fumes (gasoline, phenols, tobacco, paints).

If a man lay down on the sofa

The first bell to reduce testosterone levels, as a rule, is that the man fits on the sofa and does not want to do anything. Testosterone is always active: mental, physical, sexual!

A more serious signal is weight gain, in particular the deposition of female-type fat. It was officially established that the waist of a man should not exceed 92-94 cm. This indicator is directly related to the level of testosterone. After all, visceral and abdominal fat produce the hormone leptin - one of the main enemies of testosterone. A normal level of testosterone prevents weight gain, as it contributes to its conversion into energy in the muscles, so any physical activity should be a faithful companion of the man.

Testosterone is the keeper of everything in the male body. Thanks to him, the musculoskeletal system maintains its health. Calcium is absorbed by bone tissue through testosterone. In women, this function is performed by estrogen.

How to control testosterone levels?

Blood for testosterone must be taken on an empty stomach in the morning. In the early hours is the maximum production of testosterone. Blood is taken for total testosterone and sex hormone binding globulin. They always work in pairs. Only a urologist can decipher these figures, because sometimes testosterone in the body may not be in the active phase, whatever the amount, and may not have its effectiveness.

The normal level of testosterone is 12-35 nmol / liter. The peak of its production accounts for 25-30 years. With 30 years of age in all men, testosterone levels begin to decline by 1-2% annually.

It is proved that if at 25 years the testosterone level was 35 nmol / liter, then in the normal course of life a man will have enough of this reserve for the rest of his life, and this physiological drop will not affect his activity and male strength. But if at the age of 25 the man had indicators in the region of 12 nmol / liter, it is worth keeping his lifestyle and health status under control.

If the rate at a young age is below 12 nmol / liter, this is regarded as a defect and is called hypogonadism.

Unfortunately, the statistics is such that today the male factor of infertility begins to outpace the female.

In nature, everything is in balance, and there are many factors that increase testosterone levels: from food to hobbies.

American scientists have found that a quarrel with his wife, when a man is right, increases testosterone levels by 35%, and the subsequent conciliation sex adds another 45%.

But the leader in the stable increase of testosterone and its retention at high figures of 50-55% is the purchase of a car and spare parts for it, the purchase of gadgets and sports. Each sex has its own joys.

Well, the most win-win factor that increases testosterone is to demonstrate the merits of a woman, and that she appreciates all this masculinity.

Dear ladies and mothers, in your hands man's happiness! Praise and appreciate men. A man does everything in this life for the sake of a woman; therefore, mutual care of each other will thank you with joint health, harmony and well-being.

How to increase testosterone levels in men?

Testosterone is responsible for potency, and it also stimulates the growth of muscle mass. Its low level can cause many health problems.

Testosterone is one of the most important male hormones. It is necessary to take care of its development and preservation from the very youth, continuing throughout life.

Testosterone is inherently a natural anabolic. This hormone serves as a defense against all kinds of stress. And it is important that testosterone is responsible for high-quality and healthy sex life. Its low level can cause many health problems.

The norm of testosterone for men, adopted in most laboratories, is 11-35 nmol / l.

Experts have proved that if testosterone was 35 nmol / l at the age of 25, then, subject to health care, this reserve is enough for a man for a lifetime. And if the indicator is about 12 nmol / l, then it is worth thinking about and reconsidering your lifestyle.

In adolescence (18–20 years old), a man has a normal level of hormone levels, and after 25 a gradual decrease begins. Up to 40 years, testosterone levels drop by about 1-2% annually. This is a natural process, and you should not worry about it. However, the level of an important hormone can fluctuate at a young age.

We offer you the main reasons for the decrease in testosterone levels and ways to normalize it.

Causes of Testosterone Reduction:

  1. passion for alcohol and smoking;
  2. low level of physical activity;
  3. stress;
  4. overweight;
  5. unfavorable environmental conditions;
  6. excessive medication;
  7. chronic diseases;
  8. constant lack of sleep, insomnia.

Ways to protect testosterone

1. Get rid of excess weight

Overweight men, according to statistics, have lower testosterone levels. Fat contributes to the secretion of the female hormone estrogen. Practice shows that men with a "beer belly" is inherent in a feminine figure: narrow shoulders, a wide pelvis and an enlarged chest. If your weight is more than normal by 30%, then testosterone will be produced incorrectly. The loss of extra pounds leads to the normalization of its level. And, therefore, to improve the overall condition of the body.

2. Get enough sleep

American researchers have shown that each additional hour of sleep increases testosterone levels by 12–15%. Good deep sleep has a positive effect on the body as a whole. And, of course, to testosterone levels. During sleep, the body is updated, the nervous tension disappears. At the same time in a dream increases the production of testosterone. Experts recommend to stay no later than 11 hours. Sleep should last at least 7-8 hours.

3. Give up bad habits

Smoking, alcohol and drug use dramatically reduce testosterone levels. It is known that alcohol not only harms the whole body, but also converts testosterone to estrogen. And beer, in addition to alcohol degrees, contains phytoestrogens that can cause an estrogenic effect. Also, alcohol adversely affects the endocrine system. In this case, the ovaries stop the production of male hormone. In addition, alcohol washes away the zinc, which is necessary to maintain the level of testosterone in the male body. A systematic smoking weakens the body and its male functions.

4. Do not overheat the scrotum

As experts say, to increase the level of functioning of the testes, and, consequently, the production of testosterone, they must have a temperature a few degrees below body temperature. Men are not recommended to wear underwear, tight pants, to abuse the hot tub, to keep the laptop on their knees, and also to do other things that lead to overheating of the testicles. All this prevents the production of testosterone.

5. Do not be afraid to sunbathe

The sun's rays play an important role in the functioning and rejuvenation of the human body, as well as in increasing the testosterone content. Experts have proven that the levels of vitamin D and the male hormone reach their peak during the summer months, while in winter they decrease. It has also been found that men who have an adequate vitamin D content have the highest levels of circulating testosterone. But this does not mean that you have to roast under the sun all day. The most useful sun is in the morning and in the evening. And so, as vitamin D is produced under the influence of sunlight, experts advise people with fair skin to take sunbathing every day for no more than 15 minutes. And dark people need three times more time.

6. Exercise regularly

To maintain a normal level of testosterone, you must maintain an active lifestyle. And first of all do not forget about the sport. Experts recommend doing strength exercises with dumbbells, a barbell or at the gym. With a frequency of 3 times a week. And the most effective exercises for raising testosterone levels are basic ones: squats, stretching, pulling up and parallel bars. But don't overdo it. Too frequent sports training can have a negative impact not only on the psychological state, but also on the hormonal level.

For starters, you can use the following pattern:

  1. Mandatory thorough warm-up - 3 minutes;
  2. the maximum intense pace for 30 seconds;
  3. recovery in 90 seconds;
  4. repeat 2 and 3 points 7 times.

This training lasts only 20 minutes. At the same time, 75% of the time is spent on rest and recovery. Intensive load - 4 minutes. But it gives a very effective result. And more often train in the society of beautiful women. It is the beautiful half of humanity very well testosterone raises. When dealing with her, the secretion of the male hormone is increased by 40% or more.

7. Think and act like a man

To feel like a man, you need to think like a man. To be always self-confident. Set goals and strive to fulfill them. Try to win. No wonder testosterone is called the winners hormone. Any victory, even the smallest, increases its level, proven by scientists!

8. Avoid stress

Stress takes vitality, worsens the moral and physical condition of a person. Scientists from Austria and Switzerland have proved that all kinds of stress associated with financial problems, debts, and nervous overwork at work and at home, can reduce testosterone by 15-20%. Stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline are produced in large quantities during nervous overvoltage. For the body it is a critical condition. Its entire functional potential is at the limit of its possibilities. Try to avoid such situations. Currently, there are many methods of dealing with stress. You can be helped by walks in the fresh air and trips to nature, breathing exercises, relaxing meditations. And just laugh, enjoy life.

9. Review your diet

An effective way to increase testosterone is to fundamentally revise your diet. Try to eat more often and in small quantities. Thereby you will speed up the metabolism. And the better the metabolism, the faster the fat is burned, and, consequently, the production of testosterone is improved. With all this, breakfast should be nutritious. Try to avoid the consumption of foods and beverages containing chemicals and various additives (flavor enhancers, color and smell, preservatives), as well as meat products: sausages, sausages, ham and bacon. They are the cause of low testosterone. Eat as much as possible raw, whole foods.

It is also scientifically proven that healthy fats help to increase testosterone in the blood. Use foods such as salmon, flaxseed, olive, peanut butter, nuts. As for olive oil, it perfectly helps to restore the tissues of the human body and increases the level of hormones. Enter in your diet as much as possible seafood (oysters, squid, mussels). Their effect on the male potency has long been known. It is proved that soy and products from it reduce testosterone levels.

All sorts of spices (red pepper, curry, garlic, onion, turmeric) play a huge role in increasing testosterone levels. Spices are the basis of Indian cuisine. Studies show that the level of spermatogenesis (development of spermatozoa) is much higher in Indian people than in Europeans.

Doctors strongly recommend limiting yourself in the consumption of sugar and sugary foods. They decrease testosterone levels. Also, eating sweets leads to obesity. And those extra pounds, as already mentioned, also lead to a decrease in the level of the hormone. Pasta and bakery products are also better to use as little as possible.

Zinc is necessary for the qualitative process of testosterone synthesis. Nutritionists recommend seafood and pumpkin seeds. It is also necessary to use at least 1.5-2 liters of pure water per day.

Drugs that increase testosterone

If the changes you made to your life did not help to increase testosterone levels, it is worth using medications. These are injections, tablets, patches, gels. In this case, you should contact a specialist for advice. The doctor will advise which drugs are more suitable for you.

High testosterone

However, along with low testosterone levels, men may experience the problem of an unnaturally high level of this hormone. In this case, the body may be damaged. Men may encounter pathologies such as kidney disease, baldness, prostatitis, sleep apnea, cardiovascular diseases, infertility due to high red blood cell levels. Increased testosterone levels are the same problem as their low levels. In this case, treatment is also necessary.

If you have a lower level of the male hormone, do not get upset and panic. Compliance with these recommendations will help you improve its content.