How to reduce the level of anxiety?

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How to reduce the level of anxiety?

Worries and worries are common to all people – each of us has hundreds of different reasons for anxiety: stressful work and study, personal relationships, health problems, an unstable situation in the world, a stream of negative news, etc.

But sometimes increased anxiety can accumulate like a snowball and significantly reduce the quality of life. You are able to help yourself when you feel that your nerves are stretched like a string.

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7 ways to reduce the level of acute anxiety.

Use all the methods or choose several suitable ones for you:

  • To speak out and discuss. Talk to a calm and understanding person who will not devalue your experiences and will not escalate the situation himself. Put your emotions into words.
  • Concentrate on breathing. In a state of anxiety, we breathe often, superficially and intermittently. Try to consciously “adjust” calm breathing – the exhalation is much longer than the inhalation. Breathe deeply and slowly for 2-3 minutes, follow the sensations.
  • Switch to a third-party activity. When anxiety “strengthens the grip”, try to distract yourself from restless thoughts for a while. Take a walk in the fresh air, actively move around. Pick up an object and carefully examine its color, feel the texture, concentrate on touching it. Put things in order or just wash your hands, dishes, your mug.
  • Write down what exactly is bothering you. Set aside 10-20 minutes for this and write everything that comes to mind. Don’t edit your text. After a while, re-read and analyze what was written, highlight the points that seemed most important.
  • Give an assessment of the danger. On a scale from 0 to 10, put a score by which you estimate the probability that your anxiety will turn into reality.
  • Take action. Strengthen your own control over the disturbing situation with the help of specific actions. Perhaps you will make a to-do list, prepare documents, make inquiries, calculate a budget or talk to an expert.
  • Set a comfortable daily routine. Anxiety and lack of sleep are almost synonymous with each other. Try to go to bed at the same time before midnight, sleep 7-8 hours. Do not drink coffee in the evening, refuse to read or watch the news before going to bed. Eat a variety of foods, include fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet, try to make meals at the same time every day.

When experiences are accumulated and a person literally does not part with a feeling of nervous tension, this is a clear sign that it is time to connect medicines to help his body in the fight against anxiety.

Taking sedatives will be even more effective if you consult with a specialist before buying them – individually selected medicinal complexes for you will give the desired result!

Help yourself and your loved ones to get rid of anxiety and nervous overstrain. It is in your power to maintain self–control and remain calm even in the most turbulent times.

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