Month: July 2021

All that is important to know about men's health. Articles about erectile dysfunction. FAQ on the problem of impotence.

Blindfolded sex: 14 ideas for blind love

Someone said a long time ago that love is blind. Today I want to take these words literally and give you 14 hot tips for blindfold sex. At the same time, you do not have to become an adherent of BDSM culture or do something out of the ordinary. Such advice is quite applicable to domestic realities. Less text, more…
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Fetish is not a diagnosis: how to fulfill your fantasies and diversify sex

We are all a bit fetishists. Stop before trying to prove to me that you are “normal” and “do not even think about anything like that.” Evaluate your preferences from the outside. For example, I am crazy about thin men with high cheekbones. If at the same time a guy has a guitar and he knows how to…
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25 positions for first sex

Recently I met with my girlfriends for a glass of wine and, as usual, gossip. Word by word, the conversation turned to sexual themes by itself. Apparently alcohol hit in the head, and we began to share the most shameful situations that we had to deal with in our intimate life. After a dozen hilarious stories about “unexpected”…
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Contraceptives: 9 modern types

World Contraception Day is celebrated on September 26. The event encourages people to be responsible in matters of their own health and family planning. It is dedicated to informing the population about existing methods of protection. On this day, gaps are filled in the issues of sex education, so that pregnancy is always desirable and…
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5 easy ways to make your sex even better

Perfection is impossible to achieve, but this fact absolutely does not prevent you from striving for it. Sex is one of those areas that can be improved infinitely. With each new day, you are able to give your loved one indescribable sensations and this does not require at all to be attached to debauchery on the scale…
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You are my duck: 10 sex positions and sex toys for the shower

Do you think you have already grown out of playing in the bathing process? Very, very vain. You just need to change your favorite toys. If you used to take rubber waterfowls with you, now replace the yellow ducklings with your partner’s pliable and excited body. Believe me, in the shower you can not only wash, but also indulge…
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