Month: October 2021

All that is important to know about men's health. Articles about erectile dysfunction. FAQ on the problem of impotence.

10 most common mistakes women make in sex

Despite the fact that today the Internet is full of information about sex, there are still a number of monotonous mistakes that are repeated by almost all women. Of course, there can be many punctures in bed from both men and women, but I would like to highlight the 10 most common mistakes that the fairer…
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First time sex: 5 ways to test your readiness

Sex is one of the important and exciting events in the life of every person, but if it is the first, then you want to be as prepared as possible for it, since the whole future intimate life will largely depend on the first sex.     1. The main rule of first sex is readiness Probably the most…
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What his favorite sex position will tell you about

You can learn about a man’s character by … Probably, by various things in his daily life. But the easiest and fastest way to do this is … by his favorite position in sex. Don’t believe me? According to some body language and non-verbal communication experts, the way your partner snuggles against you or how he prefers to…
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How to achieve orgasm while giving a blowjob

Susan Crain Bakos is a sex therapist, sex journalist and author of many publications on the subject. Today she tells us how to have an orgasm while having oral sex with a guy. Here is an excerpt from her book “New Tantra”. Diversify your sex life with fellatio that will rock your sex life and your partner. Time…
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The most common myths about losing virginity

“Plucking the cherry” is what is popularly called the concept of virginity. However, you will be surprised to learn that there is really no real or even metaphorical cherry to lose. The concept of virginity is based solely on and supported by careful deception. It is one of the best-selling, most overrated, and most uneducated concepts we have…
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