Month: April 2021

All that is important to know about men's health. Articles about erectile dysfunction. FAQ on the problem of impotence.

6 erotic games

Every stable couple in life has a moment when intimacy ceases to bring its former satisfaction. The usual sensations become boring. I would like to take a breath of “fresh air”, to feel the blood boiling in my veins from irresistible desire. Talk to your partner and invite him to diversify his sex life. Here are some options for…
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What myths about sex do women believe in?

Women love to chat and gossip. One of the most common topics of conversation is “sex”. After all, it is so interesting to learn something interesting and piquant, learn from experience and share your own. But if there is no experience, then little ideas , all kinds of myths and legends are born . Let’s figure out what is worth believing and what…
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5 reasons why women moan in bed

The sounds we make during sex have a scientific name – copulative vocalization. It turns out that women’s moans do not always signal the pleasure of a partner or the highest degree of arousal. Scientists came to this conclusion after a series of studies in which women under 45 years old were involved. The results of these works are equally…
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How sex makes us younger

You have noticed that women over 30 do not always look their age. Lonely and enslaved ladies, as a rule, lose outwardly to their peers who are sexually active. This is quite understandable by the fact that sex is an excellent means of maintaining a woman’s youth and beauty. The influence of intimate life on our health has…
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5 reasons to have sex in socks

Researchers studying intimate relationships of partners argue that socks do not interfere with sex, but on the contrary – an additional way to get an orgasm. You didn’t even know how this piece of wardrobe can improve your sex life. The next time you go to bed with your loved one, do not undress completely and completely,…
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