Month: September 2020

All that is important to know about men's health. Articles about erectile dysfunction. FAQ on the problem of impotence.

Valacyclovir: description, indications, side effects

Valacyclovir is an antiviral drug that actively fights various types of herpes. The healing effect of the medication also includes those types of herpes that other medicines cannot cure. The drug is approved for the treatment of both adults and children. Composition and form of release A small oval tablet contains 500 mg of valacyclovir hydrochloride, which…
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15 interesting facts about male testicles

The testes in men, also called testicles , are an important part of the body. But in society it is not customary to discuss genitals, and people know much less about them than about other organs. We have collected the most interesting facts in one place! The testicles are very sensitive and soft. In ancient times, the Romans, when a…
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Tears after orgasm – should you be scared?

All people have different attitudes towards sex, so it is not surprising that different women perceive the moment of orgasm differently. Someone may scream with pleasure, while others begin to cry. Why is this happening? How to respond to such a reaction? Is it worth worrying about such tears? The tears of the weak during such a moment can…
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How I used an anal rhinestone

A shiny anal rhinestone appeared unexpectedly in my set of sex accessories. A wumbling trainer (female intimate gymnastics) said that anal toys are an express way to narrow the vagina “for the impatient”, while the exercises have not yet yielded results. I left the training with a small but significant purchase. Description of anal rhinestones. Personal impressions My butt plug…
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8 myths about anal sex

Many couples who have had an active sex life for years do not dare to try anal sex, most often women are opponents of this type of intercourse. And this is quite justified, because such an unexplored part of intimate life, like anal sex, is entangled in a web of myths, gossip and delusions. We decided to…
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