Month: November 2021

All that is important to know about men's health. Articles about erectile dysfunction. FAQ on the problem of impotence.

Top 10 products that increase potency

As the most ancient, famous doctor of all times and peoples said – “We are what we eat”. This suggests a conclusion – the more healthy foods, the better health. Products that increase potency are the most important factor in any man. Knowing what to add to your diet, you can forget about problems in bed, and in…
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How does ginger affect potency in men?

This unsightly-looking plant has gained popularity due to the content of a mass of valuable elements. Nature took care of men, giving them many healing agents that will relieve them of difficulties in their personal life. Among them is ginger for the potency of men, recipes for drugs from it are used by traditional healers to…
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The most effective exercises for potency

There are few men who would not be concerned with maintaining masculine strength for years to come. The sex instinct is one of the most powerful self-esteem instincts. However, he is very vulnerable.  Exercises to increase potency should be considered as a way of preventing and correcting small temporary psychogenic disorders. Erectile dysfunction in men can cause:     improper nutrition; unfavorable ecology; chronic…
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Products that have a bad effect on potency

“We are what we eat.” It follows from this phrase that our food has an impact on our health. A healthy body should function normally, and this also applies to the reproductive system.  For men, health lies in normal potency. It is not difficult to break it if you neglect proper nutrition. What foods have a bad effect on potency…
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Increased potency in men after 60

The changes that occur in men due to age affect all internal organs and their systems, including the reproductive and reproductive organs. However, men who lead an active and healthy lifestyle and feel much younger than passport data do not want to put up with such circumstances. Potency in men in their 60s and its increase…
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