Month: May 2021

All that is important to know about men's health. Articles about erectile dysfunction. FAQ on the problem of impotence.

Sexual types of men

Nature has created us different and special, so it makes no sense to level everyone with the same size and try to drive us into the generally accepted framework. This is especially true of intimate relationships, where partners can be strikingly different from you in character, temperament and preferences. Therefore, it is worth knowing what type of…
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5 myths about male dignity

Men give their members names, protect them, women admire them, praise, scold and adore them, there are many rumors and speculations about them. What is it that they say about manhood is fiction, and what is the truth? We have compiled five of the most common judgments.  1. African Americans have larger penises. Male length has nothing…
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Why do women dream of rape?

Despite all their tenderness and fragility, women are not at all averse to having dirty hard sex. Almost 80% of them dream about it. But not everyone can voice their intimate fantasies, and even more so – try to realize. But this does not diminish sexual desire. Deep down, we dream of the role of the victim in the…
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10 reasons to have sex more often

Everyone knows that sexual relations are an integral part of our life. If there is no intimacy for a long time, mood swings begin, the feeling of dissatisfaction with the surrounding world increases, and the state of health worsens. Scientists have long proven that regular sexual pleasures not only have a positive effect on the emotional state…
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Female orgasm: theories and facts

For men, the female orgasm is in many ways a mystery, over which they have been fighting for more than a dozen years, trying to find magic points and positions that would guarantee one hundred percent satisfaction of the partner. But, to be honest, women themselves are in some prostration and the power of illusions, not fully understanding the…
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